Zuckerberg wearing Meta’s new headset: “Pick up” virtual pets and exercise with virtual trainers

Although Meta's path to the metaverse did not go as smoothly as imagined, and the lost funds exceeded 10 billion US dollars, the company's "reality laboratory" Reality Labs, which conducts AR/VR technology research, may also close some projects, recruitment plans also slowed down.

However, poor progress does not mean that nothing has been achieved. Meta recently opened its first brick-and-mortar store, the Meta Store, and new headsets have been revealed.

▲Meta Store, picture from: Meta

The high-end headset that Meta will launch soon, called "Project Cambria," and the current demo of the experience, "The World Beyond," using the device, was created using the Presence Platform, a platform built by Meta.

▲ Picture from: Instagram

The platform was also built to help developers better build mixed reality experiences that blend physical and virtual worlds. Therefore, one of the keywords of "Project Cambria" is "mixed reality".

▲ Picture from: Instagram

It can also be seen from the demo scene that through this high-end headset, you can get a variety of virtual and real experiences: you can touch and play with virtual creatures; you can interact with users who also wear this headset. Play chess "face-to-face" remotely on a virtual chessboard; you can also follow a virtual coach to exercise.

▲ Picture from: Meta Quest

Not only that, after wearing "Project Cambria", you can sit on a virtual desk and go to a real book to write; you can even use a real keyboard to read and even read text through the mixed reality created in the headset. Process work.

Some Meta employees believe that "Project Cambria" can be called a "face laptop", and it is also said to have similar specifications to Chromebooks.

▲ Picture from: Meta Quest

Although the specific parameters and performance are not yet fully known, compared to Meta's current similar device, the Quest 2, the applicable scene of this high-end headset is not only a "cloud game station" that can be used to play games, It is also a "cloud workstation" that can be used for office work.

▲ Picture from: Meta Quest

In fact, the mixed reality experience built by the Presence Platform will also be available on the Quest 2, and The World Beyond will soon be available on the Quest through the App Lab. But on "Project Cambria", you can get a better picture and experience.

"Project Cambria"'s more advanced hardware specifications allow for higher fidelity, plus a higher-resolution image sensor and full-color pass-through signal transmission, allowing you to see a "better world" from the headset.

▲The information announced by Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth on Twitter, the picture comes from: Twitter

However, the product has not been officially launched yet, and it is not known whether the actual experience can really be as good as the demo, but it is certain that "Project Cambria" can provide a better mixed reality experience than Quest 2, and the price is relatively low. will be higher.

▲ Picture from: Instagram

Plus, this headset is just one of several VR headsets Meta plans to launch in the coming years. Will Meta's devices better connect the real and virtual worlds in the future? What other possibilities could the Metaverse realize? Just waiting for the answer it gives in time.

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