ZTE Watch GT: new mysterious smartwatch announced by the brand

zte watch gt

A very intriguing month of March regarding the ZTE universe. After the presentation of the new model of the Red Magic ally, the main brand headed by Ni Fei is ready to launch a new smartwatch , ZTE Watch GT , which could be a higher level model than the Live presented some time ago .

ZTE Watch GT: what to expect from the new smartwatch

zte watch gt 2

The rumors about this new wearable from ZTE unfortunately stop at the field of hypotheses, given that the brand has not announced any of the specifics about it. We can expect an AMOLED display , but it is unclear whether it will have a round or rectangular case like the previous Live. The trend, however, leans towards a circular solution, perhaps a version similar to the Red Magic Watch but with lifestyle options.

Like any smartwatch , it is very likely that there are monitoring of many sports activities, but also for health such as SpO2 , heart rate, sleep and blood pressure. Obviously, all this is absolutely to be confirmed and until the presentation we are still not sure.

Less doubts, but no certainty here either, on the release date, given that the official teaser talks about both the Watch GT and the ZTE S30 smartphone series, which should be presented within the next few weeks and therefore it is very likely that it will arrive in concomitance.