ZTE prepares the new MyOS 11, nothing to do for HarmonyOS

zte myos 11

It certainly cannot be said that ZTE is among the most active brands in the West, but between Axon 30 Pro , S30 Pro and now MyOS 11 there is some meat in the fire. Maybe there could be a smartwatch too , but let’s focus on the software. So far the Chinese manufacturer has given birth to products led by MiFavor , a little-known interface outside China for obvious reasons of lack of capillarity. Even given the difficulties encountered with the friend / enemy Huawei, the hypothesis that ZTE and other companies could embrace HarmonyOS to untie themselves from the dependence on Google was feared.

MyOS 11 becomes the new UI manufactured by ZTE: what are the news?

But it will not be so, because ZTE has announced the debut of MyOS 11 shortly. This is the name of the new interface that will take the place of MiFavor, probably to give the software component a makeover. It will be interesting to understand how much MyOS will deviate from the current UI and if it will also be brought to nubia, a company born from the will of ZTE. We assume that it will not arrive on Red Magic, both because it is a more “western” company and because it is devoted to gaming and therefore requires an ad hoc UI.

zte myos 11

For the moment, the announcement is accompanied by generic proclamations, such as ” having overcome intrinsic thought and incorporated unrestricted creative inspiration into design”. We will see how this panegyric translates into the concrete, and it doesn’t take long to find out. The MyOS 11 should be presented to the public on March 30 , in conjunction with the ZTE S30 Pro.