Zhiji LS6 is launched at a low price. If you want to be a high-end domestic brand, you have a problem to survive.

A year later, the "Chaozhou Tesla crash incident" has a result.

In the recent case of Tesla suing a certain self-media for reputation infringement, the court ruled that Tesla won the case. The verdict shows that according to the results of the judicial appraisal, the cause of the Tesla Chaozhou accident had nothing to do with the vehicle itself:

It can be ruled out that the possibility of accidents caused by faulty braking devices and steering devices of Tesla brand small ordinary buses can be ruled out.

But our protagonist today is not Tesla, but Chiji.

After the "Tesla Incident in Chaozhou", Zhiji CEO Liu Tao immediately stood up and criticized Tesla, saying it was "disregarding human life". The blog post was subsequently deleted.

But almost at the same time, in a video showing the high performance of his Zhiji L7, Liu Tao personally took part in the battle. In less than two minutes, he violated the rules five times on the highway, and the warm reminder in the lower right corner of the video was "Only for filming." The video is creative and was shot in an environment that ensures road safety. Please drive the vehicle in accordance with traffic laws on regular roads." This creates a unique sense of contrast.

Nearly half a month later, Liu Tao posted an apology.

▲ Don’t learn to park in the emergency lane

One of the characteristics of the Internet is that there is no daily memory, but at critical moments, dead memories will suddenly attack again. Of course, as long as one is human, there will always be unbridled speech, and when logic is lost, it is of no practical significance to look at the old almanac now.

However, comparing the goals set by Liu Tao and even Zhiji in the past and the current situation, it is not difficult to see that Zhiji is still far away from the previous high-end goal.

Bold words are in vain

Some time ago, the Zhiji LS6 was launched. The starting price of 210,000 yuan was significantly lower than the previous prices of the Zhiji L7 and LS7 models. The high-end LS6 also brings Zhiji's new "quasi-900V platform" and silicon carbide motor, which are features that the previous two models did not have.

Cheaper prices, stronger performance, and higher configurations are a bit like a sap for car owners who have spent a lot of money to buy Zhiji L7 and LS7.

In 2022, the Zhiji L7 will be launched. As a car with a price of 360,000 to 400,000 when released, and subsequent performance versions as high as 570,000, Zhiji has carried the upward vision of the SAIC brand from the beginning. Liu Tao himself is obviously very confident in Zhiji’s pricing, believing that Zhiji is anchored in the traditional BBA high-end brand market:

Users who decide to spend 400,000 yuan to buy a fuel vehicle, I think they are very helpless, to say the least, miserable.

Judging from the time, the Zhiji L7 is not weak in terms of configuration. In addition, there is another key word that runs through the Zhiji brand-driving control. In order to highlight the driving control performance, Zhiji L7 hired Williams' forward-looking engineering team with an F1 background to make adjustments, striving to retain a group of "car-loving" users with driving fun.

It is precisely because of the emphasis on driving control elements that Liu Tao personally recorded a video demonstration. Unexpectedly, he "overturned" because of violating traffic regulations.

However, the driving control label and even the video posted by the CEO did not bring the expected attention and favorability to Zhiji. In addition to being verbally criticized by netizens, sales did not increase.

According to data from the Passenger Car Association, Zhiji L7 sales were only 4,811 units in 2022, and in the past September 2023, only 29 L7 units were sold. The sluggish sales situation did not change after the release of the subsequent LS7.

There are even rumors that within Zhiji, L7 has already offered a highly discounted "employee price", focusing on selling one more unit.

According to the plan given by Liu Tao, Zhiji's sales target in 2023 is 45,000 vehicles, and by 2025, it will even reach an annual production and sales scale of 200,000 to 300,000 vehicles.

To achieve such a goal, the two “high-end” L7 and LS7 models are naturally not enough.

When consumption is tightening and products are blowing out, it is not easy to get consumers who want to buy money to pay. It is even more difficult to enter the high-end market based on price before establishing a reputation and letting the market recognize the brand value. .

▲The glass roof and half-width steering wheel brought gimmicks, but did not convert sales

So there is a model like the Zhiji LS6, which significantly lowers the price and greatly improves the configuration. After the release, Zhiji officially revealed that over 10,000 orders for the LS6 were locked up. However, in September, the sales volume of the LS6 was only more than 1,200 units. It is still unknown whether the sales can be boosted in the future.

In a sense, this also means that the high-end development of Zhiji will be temporarily put on hold.

Brands compete with each other, making it difficult to climb the tower

Similar situations are not limited to Zhiji.

Like Zhiji, Feifan Automobile also inherits SAIC's resources. Both are high-end pure electric brands of SAIC. Even in terms of composition, Feifan Automobile is more like SAIC's "biological child".

However, the price drop of Zhiji also indirectly led to the lack of clear distinction between the two brands, and Feifan itself did not have a deep enough moat. Its advantages such as AR-HUD and battery replacement were also exhausted in the constant delays. .

After the prices of Zhiji and other brands have further dropped, the competition between brands will only become more intense. This is the common dilemma of most second-tier new energy brands at present, and it is the common epitome of the vast majority of brands that want to be "high-end".

Also in the same situation are car companies such as Jihu and Lantu. Relying on sufficient sources of funds or backers, it is not easy to talk about bankruptcy, and it is not easy to talk about high-end. It just hangs a fairy spirit, swinging between sticking to high-end and cutting prices to increase volume.

But in the end, most of them will put down their dignity and return to the price war.

The reason is also very simple. "High-end" has always been in the minority . They belong to those brands that have both brand characteristics and technical strength, and can also provide a sense of superior status.

At present, if we want to build a high-end independent brand, it is obviously too "majority". The brand characteristics are not distinctive enough, the technical strength is not outstanding enough, and the sense of identity given to car owners is bland and tasteless. The only high-end thing is the price before the collapse.

But no matter how hard you try, the car will eventually be sold. If consumers don't buy it, both product price and brand value will only be hit harder.

A terrifying fact is that as intelligence revolutionizes the automotive industry, the architecture and seating processes of various brands are also following the old path of the mobile phone industry step by step.

Over the years, local mobile phone brands have been obsessed with stacking screens, stacking storage, and stacking experiences; brand executives personally took action and spared no effort to shout slogans, from social platforms to the press conference, and even had a few verbal battles. Fans were even more excited. One wave after another, but except for a few flagship models that can be regarded as entering the high-end threshold, which brand can best be regarded as "high-end" in terms of public perception?

——Still the standard version of Apple sticks to a 60Hz screen refresh rate, and the problem of "ghosting" in nighttime shooting has not been solved.

There are also great similarities in the high-end segment of independent brands. Although all kinds of configurations are fully available, and everything that should be and should not be arranged at the first time, it is difficult to compete with a brand like Tesla in terms of brand recognition or bicycle profits.

This is definitely a horror story.

Of course, there is no intention here to praise Apple or Tesla for their exquisite configuration. The generosity of independent brands in R&D, design and configuration also deserves recognition.

But what cannot be ignored is that the high-end of a brand requires not only the outstanding strength of a certain product, but also the accumulation of long-term brand reputation in years or even ten years, and high-end is derived from the continuous provision of high-quality products. Outstanding brand value.

It is somewhat difficult to aim at high-end products just by relying on a single slogan and a certain product.

But having said that, in the current Chinese market, the high-end slogans of independent brands are really just catchy slogans. After all, in such an involution market, we have already tried our best to ensure that we will not be left behind. , persisting in survival is already a kind of victory.

As for the high-end, that will happen after "most" are eliminated.

Play as an ordinary person in the cyber world.

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