Yunjing J2 experience: Can the mopping robot with automatic water change and self-washing mop make people lazier?

In 2019, when the robot vacuum market is still competing for who has the highest suction power and who can sweep and drag together, Yunjing has produced an innovative product J1 that has suction power, mopping the floor, and self-cleaning mops. The user's pain point of "too lazy to wash the mop" is cleared, and the commanding heights of the same category can be firmly established with one product.

As a result, the concept of self-cleaning mops has launched a wave in the industry. Two years later, we can still see the market's enthusiasm for this function. So far, various manufacturers have successively launched sweeping and mopping robots that added this function.

And when I searched for the experience of the cloud whale sweeping robot, I did not expect that several bloggers would have made a wish, "It would be nice if the cloud whale could automatically get into and out of the water like a washing machine," and the cloud whale also actively expressed in the comment area " The suggestions have been collected and submitted to the R&D department immediately."

The official action is the most deadly, and now Yunjing J2 has realized this true fragrance function.

The white whale looks the same , but the new automatic water change makes people more lazy

Automatic water change, it sounds like new modules such as pipes, pumps, valves, etc. will be added. In addition to the civil transformation cases I have seen on the Internet, I thought that the volume of the previous J2 might be much larger than that of the previous generation. .

After opening the box, there is almost no change in size. The appearance continues the design of the previous generation, but there are many hidden upgrades, which will be explained in detail later.

The starting point of the first generation of Yunjing mopping robot is standing on the high point of the "self-cleaning mop". Based on this, Yunjing J2 continues to be a combination of mopping robot and base station.

In terms of appearance design, the cloud whale sweeping and dragging robot has added thinking about cleaning. We see that the robot has a narrow waist and a round shape in the front and back. The waist is narrow, which allows it to enter the restricted opening of the foot of the swivel chair. At the front, you can close the wall covered by the side brush at a 90° corner of the wall.

▲ Cleaning the foot of the swivel chair

▲ 90° corner cleaning

Of course, the tricky position of the foot of the swivel chair can also be obtained from the height of J2: 10.7cm. Generally speaking, this height allows free access to the bottom of the bed, wash basin, etc. in most families. It's just that I encountered a low bed like my master bedroom. Because of the pressure sensing of the raised radar sensor on the top, the Cloud Whale J2 will not rush in, but will only be inserted into the half of the body to clean the edge of the bed.

The base station that matches it is still the white and fat shape. Although Cloud Whale’s base station has a water tank and a higher height, its actual footprint is smaller than other similar robots. Other similar robot base stations often have a very long climbing pad, but Cloud Whale’s off-road ability is good and does not Set up this climbing mat.

For example, on the side of my sofa, I can discard the side to make room for the sweeping and dragging robot. In addition, the base station has a small footprint, which is enough to allow the robot to enter and exit the base station freely.

▲ Flexible access to the base station

What I want to look at is not the shape, but the inside of this base station. Although the biggest upgrade of Yunjing J2 is the automatic water change, considering the different adaptability of water pipe installation to families, users can choose "tank version" or "up and down water version".

Choose the water tank version, the base station is equipped with a clean water tank (blue) and a waste water tank (white). Daily cleaning needs to fill the clean water tank with water. The sweeper will moisten the mop and clean the mop by itself every time the floor is mopped. , Storage of sewage.

If you choose to install the "up and down water version", in addition to the complete set of accessories for the water tank version, you will also have an additional water and More than 10 accessories such as elbows.

It sounds like these accessories have complicated names that you don’t understand? This is not a big problem. If you are unsure whether there is a suitable place to install the "up and down water" in your home, Yunjing provides free survey and installation services for this. Two or three days after the master survey confirmed that it can be installed, I received a call from the service provider to agree on the installation time. Finally, after repeated measurements of the two positions of my kitchen and living room, I finally settled on the living room. It should be noted that at present, only 100 cities have been opened for the first batch of water and water module exploration and installation services, and other cities are still being opened.

▲ Master Yunjing surveyed the installation location

In fact, the 10m water pipe in the accessories of the water supply module is enough to connect the faucet to the base station at any location in the house. However, in actual installation, the master will suggest that the base station should be as close to the faucet and floor drain as possible.

One is to take into account the smooth water flow, but also to minimize the damage to the beauty of the home by the wiring of the water pipe.

And there are special interfaces and accessories at the connection with the base station, and the lines connecting from here are not too messy.

▲ Concealed design of the water inlet of the upper and lower water module

To be honest, if there is no external water pipe and the back interface, I really can't tell whether this is a new version or an old one. It can be seen from the figure below that even if a new water supply module is installed, the top cover of the base station can cover the entire device, which is as simple and beautiful as the "water tank version".

If conditions permit, I naturally recommend the "Up and Down Water Edition" Cloud Whale J2. After all, you don’t need to do it yourself, and the mopping experience after installation completely frees your hands, and you no longer need to manually receive water or pour water. Water out.

Starting from the automatic mopping process, to the mopping back washing during the mopping process, and the final cleaning and drying of the mop during the mopping process. During the whole process, I did my own work and did not pay attention to the real-time dynamics of J2. The only operation was to press the button before mopping. Press the start button again.

However, there is no concern about downgrading when choosing the "tank version". In addition to the different ways of entering and exiting water, Yunjing J2 has all upgrades in terms of automatic addition of cleaning fluid, suction, sensors, and mop drying. The water tank version is also equipped.

The base station has rich functions, and the cleaning ability is stronger than the previous generation

Looking closely at the Cloud Whale J2 base, I found that compared with the first generation of 2 buttons, it has increased to 4: set/return, switch, confirm/start, recall/exit, covering all operations. During operation, the circular LED screen in the middle will also display text to supplement guidance, which corresponds to the operation mode of Yunjing J2 which is more tolerant to users.

If there are middle-aged and elderly people who are not good at using mobile apps at home, they can directly control the daily cleaning through the base station buttons.

But I think most of the people who actually buy it are young people, so the way to use App should be mainstream. Cloud Whale’s App has complete functions such as first mapping, home partitioning, and restricted area setting. There are also three preset modes: regular, fast and deep for different household cleaning needs.

The more intimate setting is that the three preset modes can be further customized.

For example, custom-made regular sweeping, our living room is the main activity space for three cats, and there is a lot of garbage such as cat litter and cat hair. I will set the cleaning frequency of the living room to 2, and the suction power to strong. Where there is less garbage such as the bedroom, clean it once and set the suction to normal.

If you want to automatically clean in one step. You can try to add a timing to let it act on its own at a fixed time each week to start cleaning.

When you need to clean only a certain designated space, you can also use "Clean as you wish". You can start by choosing the space and cleaning method. The humidity and suction of the mop can also be adjusted by itself.

In the actual cleaning experience, the suction power of Yunjing J2 has been upgraded. Although the suction power of 2500pa is not the highest in the industry, I think it is just right. Because the cleaning method of Yunjing J2 uses bilateral brushes to gather debris and hair on the ground, and then inhale it after gathering. This method does not require too much suction, and the noise is controlled accordingly.

When cleaning, the conventional suction force can basically suck up the ground for long hair, cat litter and other garbage.

On short-haired carpets that are more difficult to handle, our three cats often take a nap here. There are more cat hairs attached to them, and they need to be cleaned with strong suction.

In terms of mopping, in addition to the aforementioned hands-free water change, Yunjing J2 also adds the function of automatically adding cleaning and sterilizing liquid. The official cleaning fluid is loaded upside down inside the base station, and then every time the base station is mopping the floor, the cleaning fluid will be added to the mop in a preset ratio, eliminating the need to manually add liquid before, and it will add more if you are not careful. Trouble.

When the cleaning fluid is about to run out, an icon will light up on the screen of the J2 base station to remind you to replace it.

Because Yunjing has always used a double mop to rotate and exert a downward pressure of 10N to simulate manual wiping and cleaning, it performs quite well in mopping the floor, especially the stains that are dried. Facing the dirty paw prints that have been dried for a few days, they can be wiped off after one walk with regular humidity.

The most difficult kitchen floor in most households can also remove the footprints and oil stains on the floor without having to go a second time.

▲ Dry cat paw prints

▲ Clean the kitchen

Some people think that in the normal mode, the mop makes the ground too wet, then you can also customize the mop's humidity to the "slightly dry" position, and the ground will be completely dry in a few seconds after mopping.

▲Mopping effect in slightly dry mode

Observe its direction when it cleans the ground. Similar to the path of most sweeping robots, Cloud Whale J2 will complete a circle along the edge of the space, and then start cleaning in the circle with a U-shaped route and a circle.

Such a route algorithm is not only as simple as ensuring that it walks the entire house space, but also can avoid obstacles such as chairs, trash cans, and coffee tables with flexible walking positions, and at the same time clean up the edge positions of these irregular objects.

In addition, when climbing over uneven ground, such as the 1.5cm high cat climbing frame base and 0.7cm wooden floor slats, its climbing ability has been increased to 2cm, and it can climb on the edge of the cat climbing frame to clean up, and it can also be on the threshold. The strip goes back and forth freely.

▲ Climb the cat climbing frame by yourself

After all the cleaning is completed, the cleaning of the mop is as convenient as the first generation. After being automatically returned to the warehouse, it is rotated and cleaned on the washboard at the bottom imitating the turbine of a washing machine. After cleaning, the base station will also automatically dry the mop.

▲ Comparison of mop cleaning

What kind of sweeping and dragging robot do lazy people need ?

Taking user life as the starting point and making those who are lazy in cleaning more lazy is the product thinking that Yunjing has been planted in its genes since the first generation. Compared with most similar technology products, Yunjing's improvements to sweeping robots are not only focused on suction, algorithm, and configuration parameters, but on balancing "how to pass the product's hard indicators" while "how to let users operate one step less" .

For example, a few details. On the basis of equipped with 2500pa suction power, Cloud Whale J2 will still be concerned about the noise problem in the user's life. The one-click noise reduction button in the APP makes it possible to minimize the interruption to the user during the cleaning process.

In addition, on the issue of "user-friendly cleaning", one is to first create the function of fully automatic cleaning mop, and then to achieve the automatic experience of mopping from one to the end: automatic start after timing, automatic watering, automatic adding cleaning liquid, Automatic drying of the mop.

The other is that even if each module has not yet been automatically cleaned, it is still as easy as possible for users to clean. From the structural design, every easily dirty module can be disassembled and flushed directly. For example, the sweeping module, side brush, and roller can be manually disassembled for regular cleaning and maintenance.

At the same time, there is also a demonstration of the corresponding operation steps on the mobile App side, which also saves many users who want to clean but can’t get started.

It also considers all the tools needed for cleaning and maintenance. Like the standard long-handled brush to match the base station cleaning function, to clean the bottom of the base station, a mini brush to clean the roller hair and dust box filter, and a set of side brushes and mops for replacement.

And these tools that must exist and will be used, the comprehensiveness of the equipment category can show its consideration of the details of the experience.

In terms of innovative functions that do not require water replacement, strong enough cleaning power, and a comprehensive range of accessories, Yunjing J2 is outstanding among similar products on the market. However, it is inevitable that the manual replacement of sweeping and mopping modules can avoid secondary pollution in terms of cleaning effect, but it is sacrificed in terms of cleaning efficiency.

▲ Mopping module on the left, sweeping module on the right

In addition to product hardware innovation, the door-to-door installation of Cloud Whale J2 for automatic water change is also a service innovation that weighs product upgrades and user experience. This is the reason why automatic water change sweeping robots have not been implemented in the industry for a long time.

After all, door-to-door service means the management and control of the service team, the cost of door-to-door installation, the popularity of installation cities, and so on. However, Yunjing was able to achieve installation services covering 100 cities soon after J2 was launched, which shows its sincerity and hard work in user experience.

So even if it is not perfect now, it cannot be fully automatic. In the ranks of similar products, Yunjing J2 is still a benchmark product. After all, it is truly fully automatic on mopping the floor.

Of course, we also look forward to the arrival of sweeping and dragging robots that can achieve ultimate automation in smart homes in the near future.

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