Yuan Longping asked you to plant the land

After the traditional Qixi Festival, looking forward to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, few people may know that there is a "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" between these festivals. This is a very "young" festival. It was officially established in 2018. The annual autumn equinox is the holiday time.

September 22 this year is the third "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival."

As one of the contributors to farmers’ harvest, Yuan Longping was also very active before the festival. He participated in the awarding ceremony of the Medal of the Republic, entered new language teaching materials, and even appeared in a live broadcast of helping farmers, putting forward more expectations for young people. .

Yuan Longping allows young people to "farm"

I hope that more young people will engage in modern agriculture.

Modern agriculture is high-tech agriculture, not agriculture that used to face the loess and the sky. Hope that the vast number of knowledgeable young people will devote themselves to agricultural research!

In the live broadcast, Yuan Longping, who has just turned 90 this year, expressed his hope that more post-90s will join modern agriculture. He hopes that more young people will revitalize the countryside and use his agricultural research to help more farmers get rid of poverty.

The reason why more young people are invited to join current agriculture is also because modern agriculture is really short of people. The Ministry of Agriculture has always been eager for talents, and continues to release the talent support and encouragement plan for modern agriculture. In some areas, college students can even get a subsidy of up to 100,000 yuan for starting a modern agricultural enterprise for the first time.

But even so, compared with the Internet technology companies with the legendary 100-pay year-end awards, agriculture is less attractive to young people. Therefore, with many years of policy call and support, there is still very little fresh blood in modern agriculture.

In the former industrial and commercial system of scholars, farmers, and farmers, farmers are still an attractive profession.

But today, most people's impression of agriculture is the traditional image of plowing in the ground, facing the loess and back to the sky, working hard, day and night. But the other possibility of agriculture has received few followers.

Sprinkle medicine to watch the sky, raise pigs wisely, modern agriculture is not "facing the loess"

Young people don't want to work in the industry. The big reason is that the industry is hard work, low returns, and there are many dangerous factors.

▲ Work is hard. Picture from: "White Deer Plain"

One of the dangers is spraying pesticides.

When farmers spray pesticides in the field, their skin is easily contaminated by pesticides, and the pesticides are easily absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract to cause acute poisoning. But if pesticides are not sprayed, pests and diseases will entangle the hard-grown crops. Should there be no harvest of crops in one season, or will the body bear the cost of pesticide pollution in the future? Most farmers choose the latter.

This choice is tragic and helpless. The significance of the existence of modern agriculture is to make this choice of two no longer happen. Human skin is easily contaminated, so the machine can bear it. In areas where the crops are not high, use sprayers and spray trucks to spray pesticides. When encountering high-density crops such as corn and lotus roots that grow in water, use drones to spray pesticides.

▲ Agricultural drones are much larger than civil aerial drones

Its rate of return is also improving. The development of hybrid rice by Yuan Longping is the best example. Through improved breeding, the yield of rice can be increased from 300 catties per mu to 1,000 catties per mu. The output is tripled, and for those engaged in agriculture, this also means doubling the return.

There are many such opportunities in China and even the world. The American agricultural technology company "Indigo AG" is making non-GMO seed treatment products , which improve the yield and quality of crops through naturally occurring microorganisms.

Upgrading seeds, adding more microorganisms to crops, creating better conditions for crop cultivation, and increasing the rate of return is not a dream.

In pig farms, PSY (Pigs Weaned per Sow per Year) data is very important. It represents how many piglets a sow can give birth to each year. In the case of ensuring the health of the sow, of course the more the number, the better.

The average PSY data of Chinese pig farms is 10 less than that of American farms, which means that each of our sows has 10 fewer cubs than American sows . Considering that the cost of raising pigs in China is twice that of the United States, there are more opportunities for all this.

Technology companies are also fully participating in the exploration of increasing the rate of return. Ali and JD.com are using artificial intelligence technology to observe farmed poultry, reducing the cost and elimination rate of breeding, and monitoring the health of each piglet through technology.

The cows on the Moscow farm are wearing VR glasses , happily producing milk and increasing milk production.

While increasing production, costs are also decreasing. In the aspect of agricultural picking , some research teams are trying to help farmers achieve a lower cost and more efficient picking method.

The research institute of the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom has developed a raspberry picking machine Robocrop, which can pick more than 25,000 raspberries per day-far exceeding the 15,000 picking amount per worker per day in an 8-hour working system. The Belgian company Octinion also has a strawberry picking robot that recognizes a strawberry in 5 seconds, and also puts better-grown ones on top of the packaging to attract customers.

▲ Picture from: The Times

John Deere, the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has not been absent in this process. They have introduced a variety of intelligent agricultural equipment that has become a good helper for farmers. Without being restricted by complex urban roads, John Deere put the autopilot technology on the tractor. This tractor can automatically collect data, sowing and harvest.

With it, farmers can easily complete a day's work without holding the steering wheel with both hands, staying in the carriage. This kind of work intensity may make many social animals envy.

In this modern agricultural process, people have not been eliminated, but its importance in many production links has been greatly reduced. On the contrary, people play a bigger role in the optimization of seed cultivation.

Nowadays, agricultural talents need to cultivate better seeds, design better agricultural hardware, and create excellent conditions for the intelligent growth of crops.

Modern agriculture, we are different

From this perspective, modern agriculture is so beautiful. A sufficiently high degree of mechanization makes the work of farmers easier and higher returns. But this is probably not our modern agriculture. In other words, not all places in China can use such modern agricultural technology.

The non-agricultural population of the United States accounts for nearly 99% of the total population, that is, one farmer feeds 99 Americans while ensuring exports.

There are still many large-scale farms in the United States that produce agricultural products that people consume daily. Super-large-scale farms account for only 2% of the total number of farms, but they supply 50% of the agricultural products in the United States .

▲ The scale of Superman’s farm is also very large. Although it is not the largest type of farm, Superman’s adoptive father is also an automated operation. Picture from: "Superman: Man of Steel"

It can only be said that after controlling the cost of mechanized operations, large-scale planting and cultivation in the United States have also exerted their abilities. In today's planting season, American farmers can sit on the tractor for 18 hours to monitor the operation of the automatic tractor. Tractors are also a small live entertainment facility for farmers, where they can sit and watch drama, make coffee, and heat lunch .

But the working environment of domestic farmers is not so superior. Except for the plains of the Northeast and Shandong that are suitable for large-scale farming, most of the places we usually see with mountains and waters are doing precision agriculture. Another important meaning of precision agriculture is that highly mechanized operations like those in the United States are almost impossible, not as hard as before, but still harder than American farmers.

The 28th law does not apply to domestic breeding and planting industries. Zhang Tengfei, CTO of Ruihu Technology, mentioned in a speech: "China’s largest breeding company is Wen’s in Guangdong, but it only accounts for 3% of China’s breeding volume. Of the top eight in the pig industry, more than half are Our customers, but their farming volume only accounts for 7% of the industry. In China, more than 50% of pork is raised by small and medium-sized retail investors."

▲ The filming locations of the wheat fields in the film are mostly Northeast, Shandong, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia. Picture from: "Rye Fields"

The scale is small and the land type is restricted. There are still many types of agriculture in China.

This leads to almost every change in a region, high-tech equipment needs to be debugged to be better used. Rice fields in Northeast China, cotton in Xinjiang, lotus root in Hubei, wheat in Henan, and red rice terraces in Yunnan…Different geographic environments and crops have different requirements for the operation of high-tech equipment.

▲Under the beautiful scenery is wisdom based on local conditions, but not suitable for large-scale mechanized labor

Under such restricted conditions, most people engaged in modern agriculture want to work in the Northeast and Shandong. Guo Ke once reported on the story of Zhang Jiangxu, an agricultural drone "pilot" . Even though he has become a master with apprentices from an apprentice, he is still very experienced in modern agricultural "pilots" in Northeast, Shandong and Xinjiang. Very envious:

They can fly automatically, a large area, draw the route in advance, (pilot) don't need to worry, very fast. I saw them in Heilongjiang several times and flew 1,000 acres in one day.

This kind of modern agriculture that can automate the work well in the preliminary stage is the dream of farmers. Due to various reasons, we cannot follow the American path, but we can try the Japanese path.

There are also more mountains and less plains, and the conditions for agricultural planting are also poor. The solution provided by Japan for modern agriculture is small agricultural robots. Through precision agriculture, Japan finally achieved a certain degree of self-sufficiency of food.

Japan even has the world's first robot farm , which can save half of the manpower through automated agricultural production. But these modern agriculture, which is full of science and technology, not only requires a lot of financial support, but also requires scientific and technological talents to actively enter the farmland, collect demand, allocate products, and finally find the best modern agricultural plan for the farmland in each region.

▲ Rice field culture under Japanese precision agriculture

So the founder of Trotro Tractor, an African tractor service platform , is also saying : "We must make agriculture sexy."

And Yuan Longping, who has considerable status in the hearts of many Chinese, also sent invitations in due course.

Young man, farming? You can fly drones, study artificial intelligence, and watch the kind of robot farming.

Don’t sweat a lot, just take a bit of brain.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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