Yu Chengdong said that the M7 “beyond a million-dollar luxury car”, He Xiaopeng just wanted to throw shoes at him

No one would have thought that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May 28 would become the first and only large-scale auto show in the first half of this year.

As an auto show with a stronger sales meaning, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show is naturally inferior to the four major auto shows "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Rong". It did not even set up a separate media day this year, taking advantage of the people's desire for consumption. The point has not yet fallen, and one more day of selling is a day.

Under the epidemic, the Beijing Auto Show has been postponed for two consecutive sessions. Auto manufacturers and media, who have been suppressed for half a year, have turned their attention to Shenzhen, and flocked to the Greater Bay Area from all over the country.

This year's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show has attracted nearly 100 exhibiting brands, with nearly 1,000 new cars on display, of which more than 50 models were launched and exhibited for the first time.

Before leaving Shenzhen, I thought that the focus of this auto show would be the AMG EQS 53, the BYD Seal, and the BMW i7…

But when I scrapped the two front tires and spent 7.5 hours from Guangzhou to Shenzhen (yes, it was such a bad luck), I realized that the biggest attraction of this auto show is not the car, but Yu Chengdong's "mouth" , and He Xiaopeng's "shoes".

Yu Chengdong and his "Million Dollar Car"

The name of Huawei Yu Dazui is well known to everyone, and it is his characteristic to be able to say it and dare to say it. Yu Chengdong also responded to this nickname in the early years: "I really didn't brag, at most I was not humble."

At the "Stack-up Full-Stack Active Pioneer Dialogue" held during this year's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, Yu Chengdong once again surprised all four:

The era of pure fuel vehicles will surely come to an end quickly.

He believes that consumers buying fuel vehicles today are like buying feature phones when smartphones first arrived . It is due to consumption inertia and cannot prevent the demise of pure fuel vehicles.

"The advent of the smartphone era is like the advent of smart electric connected vehicles today. It is a general trend and a historical inevitability. This era will definitely accelerate." Yu Chengdong added.

As the "spokesperson" of the AITO brand, Yu Chengdong naturally wants to praise AITO.

On the past May Day, my colleagues drove Wenjie M5, M7, and BBA cars to the west of Sichuan. We use it as a gas car without charging, and the fuel consumption is less than half of their (BBA), which is better than the gas car's acceleration performance and saves more than half of the fuel consumption.

During the entire symposium, Yu Chengdong's confidence in the AITO brand was beyond words. Different from the Huawei Inside mode, the models under the Huawei Smart Ecosystem are like Yu Chengdong's "pro son".

In the past, the business model of Huawei Car BU was no different from that of other parts suppliers. You pay, and I will provide the parts, which is simple and direct, saving time and worry. But Yu Chengdong believes that this model can no longer adapt to today's "new four modernizations" era, and products need to be continuously operated, upgraded, and iterated.

The entire ecosystem needs to operate continuously, and the sales model of parts and components cannot create competitive products.

Later, Huawei made the Huawei Inside model to provide full-stack development for car companies, but the vehicle design, control, OTA, and experience design were all completed by the car factory, and Yu Chengdong had a lot of experience with those traditional car companies. Opinion.

He said that many traditional car companies may have some changes in their leadership thinking, but the people who actually implement them still haven’t jumped out of traditional thinking. It is difficult for the entire car company to change. That’s why Huawei’s smart selection model is based on HI. Huawei's terminal business team will optimize the appearance, interior, and user experience.

Simply put: use my things, you have to listen to me .

Yu Chengdong did this because Huawei suffered losses.

He mentioned in the meeting that he once drove a car made by a partner himself. After driving, " there are 10,000 alpacas running in my heart. I want to scold people. It's a fool's design. " As for which partner , Yu Chengdong did not specify.

"Times Weekly" quoted a self-proclaimed supplier of M5 accessories from Celis and AITO as saying that when Celis and Huawei first started cooperating, Huawei still trusted Dongfeng Xiaokang. As a result, after SF5 came out, the quality control completely failed to meet Huawei's requirements. In a rage, the latter sent a team of nearly 300 people to Seris to intervene in comprehensive quality control.

▲Sales SF5

An AITO car salesman said, "The Wenjie M5 is equivalent to a major facelift of the SF5." It was precisely because Huawei was dissatisfied with the SF5 that the later Wenjie M5 was born.

In this symposium, Yu Chengdong also confirmed this, "Wenjie M5 was quickly built on the basis of SF5 in one year," and emphasized that Wenjie M5 has greatly improved the user experience, " Not only the product quality is good, but also the user reputation is very good.”

▲AITO asks the world M5

In 2014, Yu Chengdong publicly stated that "only 3 or 4 companies will survive in the global mobile phone market within 5 years", and for the future automobile market, he moved out a set of remarks similar to the previous ones:

There are many brands in the pavilion, as well as a bunch of international manufacturers, as well as some unknown (brands), most of which may disappear in the future, and only a few giants will survive.

In Yu Chengdong's view, the development of Huawei's smart selection model is an important means to avoid Huawei's "disappearance" from the automotive field.

Finally, Yu Chengdong did not forget to advertise for the upcoming Wenjie M7.

When I released the M5, it was defined by the standard of a million-dollar luxury car. Today, the M7 will be brought to you with a standard that exceeds the experience of a million-dollar luxury car.

What is the "exceeding the million-dollar luxury car experience"? Yu Chengdong described it this way:

(Wenjie M7) is the first (car) in the world that allows leaders and bosses to rest comfortably, surpassing Toyota Alpha, Lexus LM, and all luxury cars, high-end cars, and MPVs.

Unsurprisingly, it was Yu Dazui. He Xiaopeng almost couldn't hold back when he heard this.

He Xiaopeng and his "Innovative Ideas"

Finally, when I heard Lao Yu talk about the M7 surpassing the million-dollar luxury car, I also wanted to throw a shoe on it. When Lao Yu talks about the third car, I will see what adjective he uses.

Unlike Yu Chengdong, in addition to "wanting to throw shoes at Yu Chengdong", He Xiaopeng did not make any jaw-dropping remarks at the meeting, but talked about his views on industry innovation and autonomous driving .

1. "Innovation"

Focusing on automotive innovation, He Xiaopeng brought out the barrel theory: "(I) used to focus on the long board theory in the technology industry, but the barrel in the automotive field must not have short boards."

He believes that no matter how the auto industry develops, the nature of the car is difficult to change in a short period of time. The reason is that automobiles are not only a large-value consumer product, but also strongly related to the safety of consumers’ lives. When talking about innovation in the field of automobiles, we must first do a good job in the “car” part.

As a vehicle company, Xiaopeng needs to scale and commercialize differentiated inventions and differentiated ideas. In this regard, He Xiaopeng once had some misunderstandings.

When I first entered the automotive industry, I was fooled by one sentence. At that time, many people asked, "If Xiaopeng builds cars, when will they make 100,000 cars?" I naturally thought that an automobile company with an annual output of 100,000 cars would be able to form certain economies of scale. Just one of them, there are many more to come.

He Xiaopeng revealed that Xiaopeng Motors’ R&D expenses in the ecological and automotive system have reached 8 billion this year. “Another point of innovation is whether there is enough capital and patience.”

Money alone is not enough. In order to innovate, the most important thing is to have someone .

I still remember when interviewing Fang Yuliang, vice president of Ford ECDX in March this year, he said that the biggest difficulty encountered in research and development was finding people. He Xiaopeng went a step further, looking for "people from all walks of life".

"In 2017 and 2018, 60% of Xpeng Motors came from the auto industry, 30% came from the technology industry, and the other 10% came from all walks of life." He Xiaopeng believes that innovation must have a new gene , "Now We do flying cars, and only about 45% of the flying cars come from the aircraft industry.”

2. About autonomous driving

Just like talking about Tesla, you always think of Autopilot. When talking about Xiaopeng Motors, it is inevitable to mention its NGP.

How much does Xpeng Motors attach importance to autonomous driving? Its self-driving team has nearly 1,500 people—a considerable investment in a Chinese OEM.

He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng Motors is different from those autonomous driving companies that directly start from L4. He believes that from L2 to L3, and then to L4 is a gradual process .

Today, many L4 companies can shoot in a certain video, and it looks cool. In the second year, you will find that it is still the same, and in another year, it is still the same.

Different from companies that focus on autonomous driving research and development, Xiaopeng Motors is more concerned about how to make autonomous driving full-scene, " Can it be driven in cities and suburbs? Can it be faster than this city? Can it cross China to drive overseas? ? ” In addition, to achieve full-scene automatic driving, the high-precision map must be a transition, and the combination of the cloud can only be an auxiliary.

On the other hand, He Xiaopeng said that Xpeng Motors takes safety more seriously than self-driving companies.

He said that car safety is considered to the minus 5 power of 10, but this is not enough, "because the driver is uncontrollable, and road traffic is changing every day."

The longer the smart car is built, the higher the priority of safety will be raised, not only at the level of awareness and words, but also NO.1 in terms of action.

In China's traffic scene, He Xiaopeng is most afraid of two kinds of cars, the bus with an unusually fierce start, and the battery car galloping on the road – these two kinds of cars are very difficult to handle.

" If China's environment is handled well, most of the world's environment can be handled well, " He Xiaopeng said.

In addition, as an OEM, Xiaopeng Motors faces higher costs and has higher requirements for integration.

write at the end

On May 30, Musk tweeted, "It seems that few people realize that China is leading the world in renewable energy power generation and electric vehicles. No matter how you look at China, this is true."

He Xiaopeng finally retweeted the Weibo and said, "China is only at the forefront of the world in the field of electric vehicles. To lead the world, in addition to leading in technology and products, it is more important to lead and lead in the global market. It will take at least 10 years of hard work to achieve multiple wins in business.”

In fact, regardless of whether they are leading or not, companies need to keep improving and iterating. Yu Chengdong will not stop at "millions of luxury cars", and He Xiaopeng also has the dream of "changing the way people travel".

Finally, borrow a sentence from He Xiaopeng in the meeting:

I think a very important point is to emancipate the mind, let the mind fly, and at the same time be down-to-earth. In the end, there will be more new-type automobile companies and new-type transportation companies in China, and our lives will be greatly changed.

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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