YouTube Shorts: Green Screen feature available

It is undeniable: TikTok was the revelation app of 2020 and is still used by many users. Thanks to the pandemic and the associated lockdown, the Chinese social network has been a worldwide success, giving a hard time to the main competitors, who have had to work hard to keep up with it. YouTube, to catch up, has just released the Green Screen feature for the creators' shorts .

The green screen for YouTube shorts

Videos lasting 15 seconds, or a maximum of 1 minute – that's what users want. Whether you call them TikTok, reels or shorts , these are the contents the web feeds on now: fast and able to entertain without tiring. While the threshold of attention is lowered more and more and life becomes even more hectic, social networks respond with solutions that are more accessible to everyone.

YouTube, for its part, in the wake of the success of its rival, has introduced shorts , short videos in which you can mix content , be it videos existing on the platform or material uploaded from your smartphone. But to keep up with the times, you need to innovate and reinvent yourself continuously, which is why YouTube has introduced the green screen for shorts .

youtube shorts green screen
Credits: YouTube

The effect, which has already existed for some time on TikTok, allows you to use a video or photo as a background for your content. A real green screen , in fact, which allows you to create your own background and create even more personalized videos. To use the new feature, simply click on "Create" under any YouTube video or on the 3 dots of any short and choose the "Green Screen" option.

The feature is available today, but only for iOS : Android users will have to wait a few more months to give free rein to their creativity.

The TikTok phenomenon

TikTok began "claiming victims" in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, and has never stopped. A real phenomenon that has depopulated first among the youngest and then managed to conquer even the millennials . The Chinese social network has taken the legacy left by the vine and revived it in a fresher and more youthful format.

The platform allows you to upload short videos, from 15 to 60 seconds, easily and without having video editing skills. TikTok, in fact, offers numerous tools to create effects of all kinds and thus give life to captivating videos.

Born from the union of and Douyin, the application has gone from being a simple pastime for young people to a real goldmine for marketing , bringing out talents and multiplying job opportunities. One of the most striking cases is that of Khaby Lame, the second most followed tiktoker in the world: he too, like many, started making videos during the lockdown, and success overwhelmed him in a short time.

But what is it that makes TikTok the most feared social network by the competition? First of all is the ease of use, not only to create videos but also to watch them. One swipe up and it's already the next video : a few seconds to laugh, be moved or even learn something new. The ease with which you reach thousands of people should not be underestimated, thanks to a very performing algorithm that accurately frames the tastes of users without having to do special research.

By now it is TikTok that decides what are the trends of the web, and any video you see on YouTube or Instagram, for the Chinese social network is already old. In 2020, the platform recorded 2 billion downloads and 800 million active users, a number still growing.

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