YouTube down tonight in several countries

YouTube was reported down in several countries tonight. The problem encountered by users is the inability to upload videos. Other users have encountered noise while playing videos instead. The error concerned not only access from PC but also from smartphones and smart TVs.

Malfunction error during video playback.
Credit: YouTube. The error displayed by users was not allowing any videos to be played.

The malfunction went away within a few hours but the staff still decided to report it to users on their Twitter account. These are the words reported on Twitter:

" Our team is aware of the problems on the platform and is working on a solution"

The problem has been seen primarily in the United States and Europe. In particular, Downdetector , a site that monitors the malfunctions of the main telecommunications platforms and services, recorded that the peak of notifications occurred around 01:30. The operations developed by the YouTube team made it possible to put the system back on as early as 03:00 this night.

Trend of the malfunction problem tonight
Credit: Downdetector. The peak of reports occurred between one and two this night.
Geographic areas in which the YouTube down occurred
Credit: Downdetector. The areas affected by this YouTube malfunction have been quite vast although the problem quickly receded everywhere.

The hashtag #YouTubeDown immediately climbed to the top of the trends, as usually happens in these situations. There were also numerous comments left under the Twitter post released by the company.

No hacker appears to have participated in this malfunction. What exactly happened, whatever the cause is unknown. The error shown to users is 503, which says "There is a problem with the server [503]."

Error 503 (Service Unavailable) is used as a status code on HTTP 5xx (Server Error ) pages. It falls into the category of errors that occur when the server fails to respond correctly to a request received from a client.

The YouTube down is just the latest of events that happen with a certain cadence. It happens very often that the main Web services have to face this type of problem. What must certainly be recognized concerns the speed with which the staff managed to re-enter the problem considering the time and the amount of access.

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