Your Internet “ID Card” may be just a bunch of Emoji emoticons

Currency is a virtual concept. The reason why human beings can use a piece of paper to buy what we want, and the other party gladly accepts it, is because all of us agree with the value of currency.

You only need to spend $420,000 to buy this  Emoji, then it belongs to you alone.

A company called Yat is promoting this new story.

What is Yat?

For a while, it's hard to tell the meaning of Yat.

It is not only the name of a website, but also its product, or the concept they sell. The founder of this company created a way to use emoji as a status symbol. This emoji is called Emoji ID, or it can be called Emoji ID. Yat.

At present, they have produced 452 Emoji emoticons for users to assemble their own exclusive status symbols at will. This string of Emoji IDs can contain up to 5 emoji emojis. I believe that over time, they will gradually release this restriction.

Like the familiar QQ number, it is said that it had only 5 digits at the beginning, but now it starts with ten digits.

You can use this string of Yat, which is full of emoticons, as your exclusive domain name, and associate it with your Twitter page, personal URL, e-commerce page, Tik Tok homepage and other links.

▲ Yat page of singer Kesha

When others enter this domain name, it is equivalent to entering your space.

If you are interested, you can enter it on the Oprea browser  (This is the official Yat page of Yat). You don’t need to add the suffix. You can jump to the Yat page by clicking OK. This is the first browser that supports Emoji ID. If you can get native support for more browsers, Yat can have more practical value.

Have you been attracted by Yat?

When you start registering your Emoji ID, Yat will score and value your emoji. You can spend money to buy this string of Yat, which is the domain name it points to. The valuation is based on this emoji. Is determined by the Rhythm Score (RS).

It is worth mentioning that if you are interested in Yat with only 1 or 2 emoticons, you have to make a quote with the Yat team via email before you can trade.

For example this   Yat stands for To the moon, which is concise and concise, quite concrete and easy to enter. The RS is 93, and the final transaction price is US$200,000.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of this Yat is TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (Michael Arrington). When you enter this string of Yat in the browser, you will be redirected to the blockchain digital asset management company under his name.

another   The expression represents Cat in the hat (a work of children’s literature written by Dr. Seuss). Although the RS has the same score of 93, its popularity is far from that of today’s blaze of space travel, so in the end, only The transaction price of 30,000 US dollars is 92 cents ☕✍ (Java Script) is still low, the latter sold for 51,000 US dollars.

A string of Emoji ID can not only be used for domain names, but also can replace a string of blockchain addresses, and ultimately can be used for cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin. In short, as long as the imagination is rich enough, the uses of Yat can be unlimited.

A passport to the digital world of the future?

What is the meaning of a string of Yat, or a string of Emoji ID?

For our domestic users, Emoji is not used much. We prefer to use some animated emoticons drawn from movies, ghost and animal videos, and life scenes to communicate (dou) and stream (tu), but in foreign countries, especially For iMessage users, they like to use a string of Emoji to represent an item, an activity, or even use pure Emoji to tell a story.

▲ Picture source: Apple

This is similar to the buzzword 886 in QQ ten years ago, but now it is replaced by Emoji expressions. In situations where the text is slightly serious, using expressions instead of expressions can narrow the distance between the two parties in the conversation.

For example, when we meet a stranger for the first time and don't know how to speak, we often use an emoji to open the chatterbox.

Because this communication method has long become a consensus, the Yat team thought of turning Emoji into a universal user name and selling this idea to people who also have this idea.

The Yat team cited several examples on its official website, such as using   Instead of the nickname coffeequeen98 or    Replace [email protected].

But in my opinion, this seems to make the memory link more complicated. It is easy for me to remember coffeequeen 98. If I remember   Who it is, it is difficult to "billions".

But if the same Emoji ID is used to refer to a string of cryptocurrency wallet addresses, then the usefulness of Yat is greatly improved, and the Yat team also intends to work in this direction to broaden the areas that Yat involves.

At the beginning, I mentioned the example of currency. Now the same applies to Yat culture. As long as everyone agrees with the value behind Yat, maybe it can be circulated in the market like currency.

But at present, even on the Yat official website, trading operations are not supported. Many Emoji IDs that are traded at high prices are still blank pages. The opaque nature of its built-in attributes makes the outside world more suspicious of its value.

It reminds me of the emergence of a pet game called Cryptokitties when the cryptocurrency was popular a few years ago. Users can trade virtual kitties on the platform. The scarcer the game, the higher the value.

A cat named Dragon was sold for 600 ETH. Based on the current value of ETH, the cat is worth nearly 1.8 million U.S. dollars.

This game has also boosted the popularity of Ether, allowing more people to realize the value of ETH, and then pushing up the price of cryptocurrency.

But today, many celebrities have promoted Yat on their Twitter, such as singer Kesha, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa.

▲ Singer G-Eazy Twitter page

For the time being, I don’t know whether they came from the recognition of this popular culture, or for some interest-related purposes.

There are only a handful of current roles, but there is a lot of potential for development

To be honest, the value of Yat to me is limited to "looks pretty cool". At present, it seems that the symbolic meaning is greater than the functional meaning. What Emoji ID can do is just as a suffix for a personal page, and there is no more interesting gameplay. But it really is more convenient than hitting a long list of URLs.

So easy to spread is its advantage, so some netizens have a whim, suggest that TV stations use  As your own domain name, or use ✈ Refers to airlines, which have practical meaning, are easy to identify, and occupy the high ground of communication. Using emoticons as domain names should be able to attract spectators out of curiosity.

Maybe Yat can derive more gameplay after the spread of playful netizens. If domestic manufacturers plan to imitate, I think Doge's expression must be the most popular.

Yat recently launched the Gen One version, adding the function of Mint your Yat.

Users are able to play part of their subjective initiative, add cool animations to their Emoji ID, and even put their works on OpenSea (an NFT trading platform). Yat claims that the total value of NFT works currently on the shelves exceeds 1.5 billion US dollars.

▲ NBA Yat, image source: OpenSea

▲ They even started to make peripheral products

▲ The online press conference also released future product forms, or aggravated social attributes

The Yat website itself has an emoticon  As a sign, this gesture first came from the movie Star Trek. It is a gesture of the Vulcan people in the film. The salute is often accompanied by the phrase "Live long and prosper", blessing each other.

Let us also extend to Yat  , I am quite curious about what the future Internet will look like if Yat culture becomes mainstream.

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