Your anger at the “18.88 million sky-high price gift” has long been calculated by others

The Weibo hot search list is refreshed every minute, and someone is always refreshing it. During the unpopular period, people around you may work together to push you to the hot search list. As long as you are lucky enough, everyone can be on the 1-minute hot search list.

But there is always something special about the topics that can stay on this list for a few hours. Either they are popular events that are concerned by the whole people, or they are blessed by celebrity fans, and there are some entries that would have been mediocre with some key words added. There can also be discussion immediately after the word.

In other words, the headline parties and stories of the past have made a comeback on the hot search.

Hot topic, is it true?

Among the hot topics on Weibo that have recently attracted attention, there are a few that are worth mentioning. Not because they're too hot, but because authenticity has been called into question.

#1888 million beauties#

#Parents bombard China Qitan#

#网红羊太狼的羊 Exposes Itself to Marry and Have Children#

If you follow the hot search terms a little bit, you will find that emotions are the most important source of traffic.

18.88 million dowry gifts, different netizens reacted differently, the refutation and sarcasm coupled with the speeches of netizens mentioning the location of the province in the topic, this entry can successfully rush to the top. Netizens from Data Group took out statistical charts of the male-female ratio of newborns in Jiangxi over the past few decades, and told fans that patriarchy would lead to such consequences; legal bloggers began to introduce the property division issues involved in bride price; many users also came forward to testify Share your own wedding gift, and say that there is no such thing as a sky-high price gift.

But all of this is based on a false fact.

This hot search term originated from Zhihu. Initially, the anonymous poster claimed that the ex-girlfriend’s father demanded a sky-high price of 18.88 million in gifts, tens of millions of real estate transfers to the woman’s name, and hundreds of relatives of the woman’s hundreds of relatives each giving 100,000 yuan in red envelopes. This request was so exaggerated that it broke through user cognition, so it was quickly discussed and rushed to the hot search.

The official account Zhihu Xiaoguanjia stated in the announcement that they have conducted a verification immediately: "It was found that the user posted content with contradictory identities. According to the "Zhihu Community Standards", the user has "made up random False or misleading backgrounds and plots, deceiving and misleading others” have caused serious consequences, and the platform has decided to permanently ban the user’s account.”

On the night when this topic was most discussed, the publisher on January 12 changed the original answer to an apology statement, acknowledging the fabricated facts. The exorbitant gifts and unreasonable demands that really sparked discussions are all fake, only the anger and mocking emotions of netizens are real.

If this hot search is only for blog attention, the other two hot searches are for real commercial interests.

"China Qitan" is highly rated and has a unique style of painting, but it is #parents bombarding China Qitan# that is more widely discussed. @动画游戏君 posted a screenshot of the source, which criticized this animation in the tone of a parent for scaring and crying children, it will become a childhood shadow of children, and educate children to be world-weary.

I have seen a lot of such entries in recent years, but many people spontaneously criticized this parent because "China Qitan" is indeed a good animation. But maybe, this is also a "parent born out of nothing"?

Weibo user @伊利达雷之怒 found out that this topic is likely to be forcibly marketed. The partner organization of @anime gamejun is displayed as Qingchuan Media, and this organization is still operating #parents bombarding China Qitan# for itself. The first hot search on the Internet and the happy news. This kind of behavior may even be the handiwork of the show, rather than "friends". It's not about throwing dirty water on yourself, it's just about gaining attention.

Also overturned is the Internet celebrity @羽太狼的羊. You may have seen her in the short video. The beautiful girl hugs the lamb and is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, the girl slaughters the sheep with a knife and a knife, and works neatly. This contrast is very attractive.

​After it became popular, the Internet celebrity revealed on the trumpet that he was engaged at the age of 18 and had a 2-year-old daughter. It's just that the man is not doing his job properly, alcoholism and domestic violence. After the accident became popular, the man's family asked her to bring goods to make money, and even blocked the account of 8 million fans. For this reason, kind-hearted netizens were outraged, and they condemned this blood-sucking and exploitative behavior for her.

Immediately afterwards, Big Big Wolf's sheep husband responded positively to domestic violence, blood-sucking and other justice on the account @羽太狼的羊, and then changed the account name to Wang Zhiao. This response to Weibo has 1.25 million likes and 520,000 shares on Douyin. Netizens were arguing endlessly under the video whether to stand for the man or the woman, and the Bazhou Self-Media Association took action:

The "domestic violence between husband and wife", "cheating broker", "high price claim" and "thousands of miles chasing love" circulating on the Internet are all hype. Harm, dissemination of content causing bad orientation, causing bad influence.

▲ My husband is now using this 800W+ account and has changed his name

In a nutshell, everything is fake, domestic violence is fake, cheating is fake, blood-sucking is fake, only heat is real.

Use hot searches to tell stories, everyone is "professional"

If you study these three recent hot searches carefully, you will find that the emotions of netizens have been manipulated.

These flow manipulators stand on the "shoulders of giants" to paint, and they paint whatever you pay attention to. The three hot searches this time are actually verified "traffic passwords", sky-high price gifts, parental protests, domestic violence and exploitation by the husband. If Weibo hot searches are an old war zone, then these topics are basically jumping into the minefield, one jump is accurate, and the popularity of the explosion is amazing.

Do you think you are used to the title party of UC body? The current network environment tells you that you still need to grow.

Unlike before, which only exaggerated the facts, this time the hot search is already fabricating the facts.

They write stories based on past experience and the emotions of netizens. You are a cartoon, the most likely to make netizens angry is the person who reports that the film and television works have been removed from the shelves for rectification. What kind of person will report? The parents are the ones who are found by the operator. So you didn’t see the specific source of #每家炮气中国奇潭#, but you can see everyone’s denunciation of reporting parents on the Internet.

A non-existent parent, a plausible screenshot, can fabricate a fact. Parents who are being scolded do not exist, but the degree of discussion has increased. Netizens have deepened the stereotype that "parents always report", and more and more dramas appear in this kind of discussion.

The online world is full of wonders, and the truth of the world depends entirely on the other party's mouth. What is popular? Look at so many female stars in ancient and modern China and abroad who have been suspected by fans of being controlled by people around them. @羽太狼的羊 is a perfect replica, and it also adds thousands of miles of chasing love, domestic violence and derailment, etc. popular elements.

▲ Internet celebrity @羊太狼的羊

It is difficult for you to verify these stories, but it is also difficult for you to make up these stories without overturning. As long as the matter is fermented enough, insightful and enthusiastic netizens will always find some violations, and then they will face accusations of overturning and lies.

From headline parties to popular searches, this is no longer attracting attention, but "creating" attention.

Attention is money, and there are always "professional" teams doing similar things. How to make a thing that is not very attractive in itself attractive, they choose to add elements to the story, whether it is true or not. Compared with the previous method of swiping data to push entries to hot searches, this method is more laborious, but it is also more effective.

A topical entry has attracted real user discussions, and it is likely to be a cost-effective business for customers who need attention. But for users, their kindness, anger, sympathy and other emotions are being exploited, which is more like a kind of deception.

▲ The topic of domestic violence always attracts attention, because netizens with empathy want to help them

And being in it, ordinary users will also know how to play this "deception" game.

Ziguangge gutter oil is because fans grasped the point of food safety, and tried to attract attention with the things that users care about, but they just took it off. The "blood coat" that once rushed to the hot search is also proof that users can play this game. Keywords such as children, corporal punishment, and asthma are paired with a photo, and it has broken through 500 million views.

▲ Ziguangge hot search that I once wanted to make

Users have become smarter, and topic operators have become more "flexible". Only Internet information is becoming more and more unbelievable.

There are also users who are "countering" hot search topics. Every time there is a title of "female driver", they will ask why they must add "female" in the comment area; People are asking why the topic must bring BMW. Could it be that BMW's automatic driving has made such rapid progress and crashed on its own?

But the user's real requirements may be too slight in the face of traffic and popularity. Even if you are criticized, exposed, or rectified, as long as popular searches can still bring in traffic, there will always be people thinking about how to create the next hot search, and they still want to arouse your emotions.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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