Xpeng X9 is officially released, starting from 359,800, aiming to be the first MPV!

On the first day of 2024, it was He Xiaopeng who woke me up.

Not long ago, Lei Jun, who had consumed all the traffic on the Internet with Xiaomi SU7, came over after hearing the news. He did not want to miss the first press conference in the automotive industry in 2024. Even Li Xiang, CEO of "Friend Businessman" Li Auto, also came to show his face. .

The two of you are truly the two car company bosses with the best online sense.

Closer to home, what made several car company leaders show up, and what made me work overtime on the first day of the new year? What brings us together here on New Year’s Day? It’s Xpeng X9.

After two months of warm-up, Xpeng X9 finally revealed its price:

  • 610 long battery life Pro: 359,800 yuan
  • 702 Super Long Battery Life Pro: 379,800 yuan
  • 702 long battery life Max: 399,800 yuan
  • 640 four-wheel drive high-performance Max: 419,800 yuan

Different from the starship-like body, the interior of Xpeng X9 has removed the labels of "future" and "technology" and replaced it with "comfort" and "flexibility" . "Reshaping inner perception" is the central idea emphasized by Xpeng X9 as an MPV model.

"Let everyone become the protagonist in the car, this is what Xpeng X9 wants to do well," He Xiaopeng said.

Keywords: comfort

Space is the basis for comfort. The 3160mm wheelbase provides a wide and comfortable "bay". According to Xpeng Motors, the Xpeng X9 has the largest "in-suite area" of 7.7 square meters in its class, which is more than enough to set up a shower room, sink, toilet, etc., and even a bathtub.

Of course, the second half of the sentence was not said by He Xiaopeng. What he put in were the three rows of seats in the front, middle and rear. With 7 people seated, the Xpeng X9 can also hold camping and sports equipment, and can even accommodate a 24-inch suitcase for each person.

Xpeng X9 also has superior vertical space, and its class-leading entry and exit height of 1315mm makes entry and exit of the third row no longer difficult.

Different from business reception, Xpeng X9 is a home MPV, and the comfort and convenience of entry and exit in the third row must be considered. At the press conference, He Xiaopeng used himself as an example.

"My parents and my father-in-law and mother-in-law live in two different places. Sometimes I need to bring them all to my house, and then the whole family goes to have a meal together." At this time, a comfortable third row is particularly important, who I don’t want my family to be uncomfortable sitting in the third row.

In terms of configuration, in addition to the "luxury and comfortable family" configurations such as a large refrigerator, a large color TV, and a large sofa that are standard in the entire series, the Xpeng X9 also has a "central air conditioner" installed in the car. Its ceiling has more than 6,000 micropores for The wind outlet focuses on "warm feeling, no wind feeling", and all seats in the car avoid direct cold wind.

On the Xpeng X9, it’s hard for an unlucky child to catch a cold.

Of course, not all families have the rigid need to carry 7 people, so we have to mention another label of Xpeng X9 – flexibility.

Buy a seven-seater MPV and get a four-seater SUV as a gift.

In He Xiaopeng's view, the X9 is actually "two cars". When the third row is not needed, the third row of seats can be folded with one click and hidden into the floor, forming an oversized flat trunk.

How big is it? Generally speaking, the trunk space of a medium and large SUV is 400-500 liters, and that of a full-size SUV is 600-700 liters. The Xpeng X9 with the third row of seats folded has a trunk space of 1846 liters, which is a full-size SUV. It's more than twice the size of the SUV's trunk.

In this large flat-screen space, not to mention the bed, you can stuff 5 bicycles, 15 golf bags, and 29 suitcases inside.

Big is the last word.

When talking about the space of the Xpeng X9, He Xiaopeng seemed confident. He said that a very important reason why the Xpeng X9 can completely fold the three rows of seats into the floor is the addition of the front and rear integrated aluminum die-cast body structure.

In order to build such a huge one-piece body, Xiaopeng used the 12,000-ton integrated die-casting machine, which is currently the world's largest mass-produced tonnage. Combined with a 2,000MPa high-strength cage body, the torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reached 46,000N·m/deg, surpassing Volvo EM90, also known for its safety, has become the best in its class.

Keywords: flexible

The "flexibility" of the Xpeng X9 is not only reflected in the seat layout, but also in the narrow lanes in downtown Guangzhou.

Have you ever seen such a smart MPV?

At the Xpeng Technology Day in October, the Xpeng X9, which appeared in the public eye for the first time, demonstrated a "narrow U-turn" on a narrow stage. The moment the huge body came to a stop, the stage camera focused on on the rear wheels that can flexibly steer.

Standing in front of this "new travel species", He Xiaopeng announced that in order to completely solve the problem of "meaty" driving of traditional MPV models. Xpeng X9 comes with rear-wheel steering as standard.

Official data shows that due to the addition of rear-wheel steering, the Xpeng X9 with a length of 5293mm and a wheelbase of 3160mm has a minimum turning diameter of only 10.8 meters. Maybe you have no idea about 10.8 meters. You can use several popular models as a reference:

  • NIO ES6: 11.2 meters
  • Tesla Model 3: 11.6 meters
  • Xpeng P7i: 11.7 meters
  • Tesla Model Y: 12.1 meters
  • BYD Han: 12.3 meters
  • Ideal L9: 12.3 meters

It can be seen that whether it is compared with full-size SUVs, medium and large SUVs, or compact cars, Xpeng X9 has obvious advantages. Even compared with its own Xpeng P7i, it is even better.

▲Comparison of turning radius between Xpeng X9 and other models

However, the X9's such flexible performance is not entirely due to the rear wheel steering. In order to leave more space for the cockpit, Xiaopeng limits the steering angle of the rear wheels to within 5°. Xiaopeng's secret is actually Front wheel – 41.5° large turning angle design.

Generally speaking, medium and large MPV/SUV will set the maximum turning angle between 33-36°. For example, the maximum turning angle of Buick GL8 is 34° and the Audi Q7 is 36°. If the maximum steering angle is too large, it will directly cause the Ackermann angle (the difference in rotation angle between the inner and outer wheels) to increase, which will not only easily aggravate the side slip and wear of the tires, but also increase the pressure on the rack, star key and motor, and also increase the pressure on the rack, star key and motor. The centering performance of the suspension system and steering gear puts forward higher requirements.

If Xiaopeng dares to put such a design on the car, it must have conducted in-depth tuning and coordination of the vehicle's sports performance engineering.

At the same time, all Xpeng X9 series are equipped with dual-chamber air suspension as standard, which can be as flexible as a car and at the same time automatically adjust the suspension softness and hardness according to road conditions, bringing a better driving experience.

He Xiaopeng also made a big deal at the scene: the intelligent air suspension is under development and will be pushed to users through OTA in the future.

There is no "painting" in Zhijia. He Xiaopeng said that the urban intelligent driving capabilities of Xpeng's XNGP intelligent assisted driving system have covered 191 new cities in addition to the original 52 cities, bringing the total number of cities covered to 243. More importantly, Xpeng users in those 191 cities will receive push notifications tomorrow (January 2).

Compared with the car companies that previously claimed that "it will be available nationwide by the end of the year" but postponed their tickets until the Spring Festival, this is the real "far ahead".

MPV, not just for commercial use

The domestic MPV market has always been very solid.

At the top are the unbeatable Toyota Alphard and Lexus LM, and below that is the perennial sales king Buick GL8. Independent brands will basically not take the initiative to challenge these models with good reputations. They may have ideas, but their strength does not allow it.

The strength referred to here is not only the hard power of the product, but also the brand power. Excellent product strength is indeed one of the factors that motivate consumers to place orders, but for users with business reception needs, it may be more important to win a good first impression through a "hands-on" brand.

But now, the situation is a little different. Families with certain spending power are beginning to pursue more extreme space. The space performance of SUV models is obviously beginning to fail to meet the car needs of the domestic middle class. At the same time, the age structure of MPV owners has become more dynamic.

Hongxin is a fresh graduate who just started working in 2023. In order to commute to get off work conveniently, he drove his family’s old Previa-an MPV that did not suit his age.

Before driving it, I thought it was an old model, relatively bulky and not very intelligent.

Hongxin, who has just entered the society, is very happy to have a car to protect him from wind and rain. However, Hongxin cannot say that he likes such an old and bulky MPV. "The third row is empty all year round, and while ensuring space in the trunk and second row, the third row is really crowded."

But the "law of true fragrance" is often unavoidable. After getting along with each other for a period of time, Hongxin, a "post-00s generation", gradually realized the benefits of MPV.

"I prefer big cars now," Hongxin said. After actually driving it, he found that the MPV was not that cumbersome to drive, and parking and commuting in the city were not as difficult as imagined. At the same time, he is very satisfied with the sense of space brought by the MPV.

As a boy, it is good to have a second space. On the road, there is a sense of security that comes with the car, like a "home".

"Stable happiness" may be the view expressed by Hongxin. For him who doesn't really need three rows of seats, the Xpeng X9 in the form of a "super large four-seat SUV" may be a better choice.

When MPVs shift from commercial vehicles to full-scenario family cars, product power will exceed brand power and become the main factor affecting users' car purchase decisions.

For emerging independent brands, this is an excellent turnaround point.

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