“Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei” ruined the movie in three minutes

The man turned around and threw the phone on the table. After holding his head and thinking for a few seconds, he even waved his hands and slapped himself twice.

Clap, clap, clap and loud.

Three minutes ago, the man was still worrying about what video to watch for dinner. He carefully selected today's "electronic mustard" on the video website, and accidentally clicked on a short video with a very attractive cover and title.

Xiaoshuai suffers from severe insomnia, but he can’t reach the level of taking hypnotics. Facing Xiaoshuai, the doctor advised him to go to the Sanitary Episcopal Church to see those people with testicular cancer and experience that these people have their testicles removed. After giving birth to a child and being forced to divorce his wife, Xiaoshuai really didn't have insomnia anymore.

At the end of the video, he realized that the electronic voice actor was reading the movie "Fight Club" directed by David Fincher. This movie scored as high as 9.0 on Douban. He always wanted to take time to enjoy this suspenseful masterpiece. And now being spoiled by an AI dubbing, his mood is terrible.

Pay attention, the man on the screen is called Abai. Abai is an editor of a technology website. Because his face was spoiled while watching the video while eating, Abai was so angry that he couldn't eat. He decided to take revenge. He dropped his chopsticks, picked up the keyboard, and used this "AK47" to launch a few words to the world:

Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei ruined all the movies!

"Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei" who rule the world

Whoever claims must provide evidence.

Before suing the "Three Minute Movie", Abai needs to collect information and evidence about it to prove what it is, where it came from, and what harm it caused.

As usual, he typed in keywords on the search engine and pressed search, but soon, a piece of news that caught his eye made Ah Bai break out in a cold sweat.

Recently, a Tokyo court ruled that a pair of creators of short-cut short videos had to pay 500 million yen (approximately RMB 25.8 million) to 13 film production companies because their works infringed the copyright of the film. make a verdict.

Previously, Abai had also heard news about short video clips being accused of copyright infringement, but this case has indeed refreshed Abai’s cognition: first, the compensation for film infringement is so high; second, “Xiaoshuai "He Xiaomei"-style fast food commentary has spread to such a far place in Japan.

The news also mentioned that, according to the court's assessment, the two creators earned at least 7 million yen (about 360,000 yuan) in advertising revenue from these videos uploaded from the beginning of 2020 to October of the same year. And every time the creators’ quick-cut video is played, it is equivalent to causing about 200 yen in infringement damages, resulting in a total loss of more than 2 billion yen. At present, the court has only claimed part of it.

The Japanese film industry has also voiced accusations, saying that this kind of fast-cut video editing is one of the reasons for the loss of movie audiences, which has caused damage to the film economy.

According to data released by the court, the pair of creators illegally edited and uploaded more than 50 movies, which have been viewed more than 10 million times.

Although this statistic sounds high, after checking on mainstream video sites, Abai found that it is nothing compared to some "big commentators".

On TikTok, the average number of likes of popular movie commentary accounts is around 30,000. Occasionally, when encountering popular videos, the number of likes can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. If these videos are converted into views for statistics If so, the data will be quite astonishing.

Although the narration of these movie commentary videos speaks foreign languages ​​such as English, Spanish, and Thai, Ah Bai still feels the "tiktok taste" coming to his face:

AI electronic audio scripts, simple copywriting that kindergarten children can understand, and rapid editing rhythms, every element in these videos seems to be telling. They use Google to translate the commentary videos on Douyin into foreign languages, and then "Sea products" read out by AI in a foreign language.

Douyin's "Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei" have turned into "Tom and Mary" here. Their stories are still so bizarre. In the beginning, various accidents such as car accidents and murders will happen inexplicably, accompanied by surprises. With the background music and the cut-off clips, even Icelanders who are known for their aloofness will feel a stab in their hearts after watching it, and humbly type a sentence in the comment area: "Next part please!".

According to the recommendation algorithm of the short video platform, videos with high completion rate, high like rate and high comment rate can get more traffic support and recommendation weighting, and the three-minute movie commentary video can be said to thoroughly understand this set of rules up:

First use a simple sentence containing only the subject, predicate and object as the cover to "cheat" the audience in, and then put the most curious or suspenseful plot (destruction of conscience, degeneration of morality, distortion of human nature) at the beginning to attract the audience Stay and watch, and when the plot is about to reach its climax, it stops abruptly, causing the audience to comment and complain. In this way, a short video that can make the recommendation algorithm shout out is ready, and "Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei" are recommended by the algorithm promoted to the whole world.

At this time, Ah Bai's resentment towards "Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei" for dismembering the film has gradually been replaced by curiosity. He began to wonder in which "factory" these AI commentary videos were mass-produced. Curiosity drove Ah Bai White searches further.

Soon, Abai found the clues of the "factory" on a magical website – Taobao.

As the saying goes, “It is better to sell people for fish than to sell people for fish.” A Bai found that the method of monetizing revenue by sharing video advertisements is outdated, and movie commentary has entered the era of paying for knowledge. As long as you spend 39 yuan, you can You can get a full set of editing software, dubbing software, copywriting, video materials and editing methods, and help you grow into a millionaire.

With ready-made copywriting, cut materials, and error-free AI dubbing, you only need to edit and upload a little bit to continuously and stably update the movie commentary video to achieve efficient production in a pipeline.

If the assembly line production is a great innovation in human history, then the "Xiaoshuai and Xiaomei" style fast food movie commentary has got rid of other types of content and entered the ranks of "great".

Judging from the sales of hundreds of orders per month, I don’t know if it’s profitable to do movie commentary. At least the merchants who sell courses have first achieved the small goal of earning over 10,000 yuan a month. It is foreseeable that the track of movie commentary will soon catch up with pancakes and fried cold noodles, and become an important window for the next generation to start a business.

The "concentrated broth" boiled in three minutes, who choked?

A Bai does not reject movie commentary. As a movie lover, movie commentary can even be said to be a guiding light on his way to recognize movies.

"The Tenth Screening Room" is still Ah Bai's favorite TV program so far. He likes the sharp comments in it, and also loves to watch the humorous jokes interspersed in it. In Ah Bai's heart, there is no other program like "The Tenth Screening Room". 10 Screening Room, which strikes the right balance between professionalism and entertainment.

A movie is a product of highly concentrated images and sounds. It compresses the creator's thinking about life, imagination of an ideal world, and other information into one or two hours of screen time. Therefore, it is very difficult to miss some information when watching a movie. normal thing.

The appearance of movie commentary can help movie fans pick up these missing information, telling you the intention of To Qifeng's classic station arrangement in "Gunfire", Liu Weiqiang's overtones about Buddhism and Taoism in "Infernal Affairs", and Ang Lee in "Eating, Drinking, Men and Women". The truth of life buried in "Let you slowly go from being obsessed with the plot, to falling in love with light and shadow, to understanding the important role of every detail in promoting the development of the story, and step by step to analyze the immersive secrets of the movie.

Film commentary is a popular expression of serious film criticism. Just as film criticism can inspire film creators, film commentary also has a certain learning value for audiences. After hearing more systematic and theoretical explanations, audiences The level and ability of viewing movies can be improved.

Watching movies is something that needs to be learned the day after tomorrow, which is often overlooked by many people.

In fact, film is an art with a low threshold for viewing but a high threshold for appreciation. Unlike music, painting, sculpture and other art forms, movies have appeared as popular art from the very beginning. Popularity and entertainment are the characteristics that movies try to pursue, so everyone can understand what the actors are doing.

However, as an audio-visual art, film includes not only performances, but also audio-visual language such as composition, light and shadow effects, mirror movement, music and sound effects. After these elements are arranged and combined, they form social common sense and visual spectacle, and even a cinematic expression of some philosophical theme.

The emergence of three-minute movie commentary is like using the "two-way foil" in the three-body problem to reduce the original three-dimensional expression of the movie to a bedtime story that can be told on a piece of A4 paper.

In these three minutes, the character creation in the movie was replaced by labeled names such as "Small Handsome, Big Strong, and Big Beautiful", so that you can quickly understand the characteristics of the characters; the exquisite lens design was directly extracted, leaving only The curious pictures catch your attention; the ups and downs of the background music have also been replaced with passionate slow dance music, which stimulates you to continuously secrete adrenaline and improve your concentration.

The three-minute movie commentary is neither a movie nor a commentary. It is more like a tube of highly purified dopamine, which is "injected" into your body through the eyes, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of ingesting excess information in a short period of time. It is slowly losing the ability to empathize with the characters, losing the patience to appreciate light, shadow and music, and finally the ability to watch movies that has been cultivated with great difficulty degenerates completely.

Sitting in the dark movie theater again, it is difficult for you to wait patiently for the projector to finish the 2-hour story slowly. Whenever the plot enters the slow-paced literary part, you always have to take out your mobile phone to swipe for a while.

When the lights come on after the movie is over, it is difficult for you to find the trance feeling of returning to reality, because you can’t walk into the world of the movie, and you can’t enjoy the experience of confusing reality and fiction, self and others. The dream was declared over ahead of schedule.

From this point of view, the three-minute movie commentary is not so much an electronic mustard that helps you eat, but an electronic betel nut that makes you more and more addicted to watching, and eventually breaks your mind without knowing it.

But even betel nut, which is carcinogenic, has the effect of dispelling dampness and resisting cold. Blindly criticizing fast-food movie commentary is just staring at the content industry that should be all-encompassing with narrow elitism, which is empty and boring.

There is nothing wrong with the high-information-concentration video content itself. Compared with some film and television dramas that pour a lot of water into thin plots for the sake of length, these fast-food film and television introductions will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and trial and error costs. This is why many people still enjoy watching one movie after another even though they know that the three-minute movie commentary is not nutritious.

A three-minute movie commentary cannot destroy a real movie, just as comics cannot replace oil paintings, pop music cannot replace classical music, and Angus burgers cannot replace real Angus steak. High-quality content will always have its own fans. The three-minute movie commentary will at best make you lose the ability to appreciate high-quality content, which is very similar to betel nut-it will give the eater oral cancer, but it will not poison the entire society.

Thinking of this, Ah Bai suddenly became enlightened. He no longer felt guilty for watching a fast food commentary, and even wanted to go to the cinema to watch a real movie to reward himself.

After opening the booking software, he soon regretted it. Abai found that apart from a theatrical animation that has been released in Japan for a long time, there is not even a single movie worth watching.

Forget it, let's go to the streaming media site and finish watching "Fight Club", but soon Ah Bai fell into deep thought again.

Cut the crap.

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