Xiaopeng’s two new sedans are exposed, and He Xiaopeng also wants XNGP to be driven around the world

On January 1st, New Year's Day, He Xiaopeng held a very grand press conference for the Xpeng X9, which started at 6:30 in the evening and lasted until after 10:00 in the evening.

You know, the lights-out time of the nearby Canton Tower is 11pm.

Even after the press conference, He Xiaopeng could not get off work. He was indispensable for the group interview after the conference. In front of a large number of media, he revealed a lot of news other than X9, including Xpeng's new car to be released within the year.

"There will be new cars in 2024, including brand new models and facelifted models," He Xiaopeng said. "Xiaopeng will definitely make more different cars, cars that are not currently available in the industry."

A month later, the "brand new model" he was talking about finally surfaced.

@伟jian, who has seen the actual car, gave this evaluation of Xiaopeng’s new sedan F57:

If the P7 is the pinnacle of appearance in Xpeng’s product line, then the exterior design of the F57 may represent the beginning of a new era.

Of course, F57 is just a code name, and its naming is still unknown. The currently known information is that this is a pure electric crossover based on the Fuyao architecture and supports global 800V.

▲F57 taken at Xpeng’s Guangzhou Huangpu Factory

Some media said that the positioning of F57 is lower than that of P7, but this is not actually the case. "Many (media) have misunderstood what I meant. (F57) has a higher positioning than P7." Wei Jian told Dong Auto Club that the interior space of F57 is larger than that of P7, and it is much larger. "Look at L113. Then imagine the wheelbase of this car.”

L113 refers to the distance from the front wheel axis to the brake pedal. It is one of the cores of the overall layout of the vehicle and is subject to common restrictions in terms of shape, performance, structure, space, etc. But generally speaking, under the same platform, the shorter the L113, the more space is left for the occupants.

Since the launch of the Xpeng P7, its small internal space has been criticized. The mid-term refresh P7i launched last year naturally did not solve this problem. It can only go further and further on the road of sportiness. It was launched on the P7i In addition to the driver mode and integrated thermal management system, it also has a wheel end configuration that is armed to the teeth.

That is certainly a way to go, but if you want to find a spacious and comfortable mid-to-large sedan in Xpeng's existing product lineup, you won't find it .

"Xpeng will not build another car with less space than the P7, unless it is a personalized trot." Wei Jian said.

Judging from this spy photo taken from Xpeng's Guangzhou Huangpu factory, the Xpeng F57 has a relatively slender side and a slower tail that slides down slowly, leaving enough headroom for rear passengers. Combining several spy photos of the F57 that have been leaked so far, car blogger @RamenshifuDesign made a two-dimensional manuscript.

Ramen Master Design believes that judging from the outline of the spy photos, the F57's taillights "must be through (type)", but the specific layout of each functional light is still unknown.

Although the taillight style of the F57 in the picture is quite different from that of the models currently sold by Xpeng Motors, Wei Jian said after reading the manuscript that the taillights in the manuscript are very similar to the actual car, "especially the ones that extend to the rear fenders." Sharp corners".

However, he immediately said that the F57's tail shape is not like this. "The rear of the F57 is not a conventional fastback, nor is it in the shape of a station wagon." Wei Jian said that the F57 in the current spy photos is heavily camouflaged and "is incomplete."

It is reported that Xpeng F57 will be released at the end of 2024, and Xpeng has started the production line transformation of the Zhaoqing factory in January.

According to "Xijiang Daily", the launch ceremony of the production line transformation of Xpeng's new smart new energy vehicle project was held at the Xpeng Motors Zhaoqing factory located in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. The production line is preparing for the launch of new models .

This production line transformation involves the four major workshop production lines of stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, as well as logistics equipment and facilities. The overall transformation of the project lasts about 20 days, and it is planned to complete all transformation projects before February 9.

I just happened to go home for the New Year.

Some people may have questions. If new cars are released only in the second half of the year, why do they need to change the production line at the beginning of the year? The answer is that Xiaopeng has more than just the F57 card. Before the release of this car, MONA, a product of Xiaopeng and Didi’s cooperation, is expected to be mass-produced in mid-2024.

In August last year, Xpeng Motors announced a strategic cooperation with Didi. The two parties will jointly create a new brand positioned as an entry-level brand, starting Xpeng Motors' multi-brand strategy phase. The brand's first model is an A-class smart electric car, code-named MONA, priced at around 150,000 yuan.

At that time, HiEV quoted a Didi insider as saying that MONA’s shape was “much better-looking than P5” and its style was sharper. In Didi’s eyes, MONA’s core highlights are reflected in three aspects: good-looking design, ultimate cost-effectiveness, and intelligence.


Recently, a MONA covered with camouflage was "caught" at the gate of Xpeng Motors. From the details of the light group, MONA's appearance is indeed quite elegant, and the lower part of the front face is also equipped with an active air intake grille. Considering the lower selling price, MONA does not use lidar, but it does not rule out the possibility of high-end models adopting this configuration.

At the same time, MONA’s interior can also be glimpsed through the windows. Although the center console is covered, the general layout can still be seen. It is worth noting that MONA is also equipped with a screen on the left side of the rear row.

He Xiaopeng previously revealed that MONA is a highly completed project, and Didi has invested several billion yuan in the early stage. After Xpeng and Didi reached a strategic cooperation, Xpeng acquired all R&D testing, equipment and other assets related to MONA, and some core personnel have also joined Xpeng.

However, although Didi stated in the cooperation announcement between the two parties that it will provide multi-dimensional support to Xpeng covering smart cockpits, smart driving and the shared travel market, there is a high probability that Xpeng will still support MONA’s cockpits, smart driving and electronic and electrical products. The architecture undergoes secondary development, which may be why the MONA model is still being verified today.

But no matter what, the two cars MONA and F57 launched during the year will shoulder the heavy responsibility of Xiaopeng to spread the cost of smart driving and improve vehicle profits .

On the evening of January 30, He Xiaopeng looked forward to the development goals of Xpeng Motors in 2024 at the "Xpeng Really Smart Driving, Easy to Use Nationwide" New Year launch conference.

He Xiaopeng said that Xpeng's XNGP intelligent assisted driving system's urban smart driving capabilities will achieve full coverage of the country's major urban road networks by 2024, and the next step is to achieve full end-to-end large-scale model launch.

At present, Xpeng has covered 191 new cities on the basis of the 52 cities opened in 2023, bringing the total number of cities covered to 243, covering 90% of the cities where Max version owners are located.

Currently, Xpeng's AI R&D data operations team with autonomous driving as its core has more than 3,000 people, with an annual R&D investment of up to 3.5 billion yuan. Xiaopeng has been researching smart driving for so many years, spent so much money, and raised so many people. Naturally, its goals are not limited to China.

While announcing the 2024 plan, He Xiaopeng also announced that he has officially launched the research and development of high-speed NGP for the world, and will also develop XNGP for the world in 2025.

To achieve this goal, we cannot do without a car – Xpeng G9, maybe we can also call it Volkswagen ID.9?

Xpeng Motors and Volkswagen formally reached a technical cooperation framework agreement in July last year. The first model jointly launched by the two parties is based on the improvement of the Xpeng G9. In the cooperation between the two parties, Xpeng Motors will contribute the vehicle platform, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving system, while Volkswagen will be responsible for providing the world's leading engineering and supply chain capabilities .

If nothing unexpected happens, this car will become Xpeng Motors' first global model, taking XNGP to the international stage.

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