Xiaopeng started the “promotional competition”, and X9 won the “first blood”

Choosing to hold the press conference on January 1, a national legal holiday, Xpeng Motors clearly has a feeling of "time waits for no one, seize the day".

A stronger signal is that with Xpeng X9 holding 30,000 pre-sale orders, He Xiaopeng announced that the production line will not have a holiday during the Spring Festival and will go all out to ensure delivery.

MEGA, which had high hopes from Ideal, announced on the same day that its launch conference will be held on March 1st and will be delivered upon release. In other words, Xpeng X9 and Ideal MEGA, which were originally regarded as competitors, will be released in November. After its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show, it failed to face direct competition. Xpeng X9 gained a 2-month head start.

The promotion competition begins, and the MPV market is like a wild area

At the beginning of the Xpeng X9 launch conference, He Xiaopeng said: Today we are launching two products, an MPV and an SUV.

The fact is that in addition to the regular MPV form, the Xpeng X9 also has a deformation function that can be folded to hide the last row, turning the Xpeng X9 into a large four-seater SUV with a huge trunk space.

This is probably a tribute to the release of the original iPhone. Jobs said, today we are going to release three revolutionary products, the iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet device. These are not three independent products, but It’s a product, and this is it: iPhone.

Imitating words may also imitate ambition.

For a long, long time, everyone's concept of MPV was limited to two cars: Buick GL8 and Toyota Alphard.

Buick GL8 has almost monopolized the general business reception market, while the legend of Toyota Alphard’s price increases continues. During this period, MPVs are almost bound to business cars due to their comfort and large space.

But in fact, what appears to be a cognitive monopoly is just another explanation for the lack of choices.

So in recent years, we have seen the sudden emergence of two domestically produced MPVs, the Denza D9 and GAC Trumpchi GM8. They are competing against the GL8 in the price range, and their sales are close, forming a trend of encirclement.

In the past December 2023, Dongfeng Motor's high-end new energy brand Lantu's monthly sales exceeded 10,000 for the first time. Among them, the monthly sales of Lantu's MPV model New Dreamer also exceeded 5,000 for the first time. This is priced at 329,900 to With a high-end model priced at RMB 599,900, Lantu is also a brand that lags far behind in terms of marketing capabilities among new forces.

▲Ideal MEGA

While the Ideal MEGA was still warming up, Li Xiang announced an exaggerated goal: a target of more than 500,000 yuan, and the sales volume of pure electric products regardless of model would be No. 1.

So, what’s happening in the MPV market?

In the first 11 months of 2023, the wholesale volume of domestic MPVs was close to 1 million, which is about one-tenth of the 10.24 million sedans in the passenger car market, and a little more than a fraction of the 11.78 million SUVs.

It looks like a relatively small piece of meat, but compared with the 837,000 MPVs in the same period of 2022, last year's growth was quite gratifying, with a growth rate of 17.4%.

The increase of more than 200,000 vehicles this year, as well as the relative lack of car model choices in this market, as well as the same appearance design, and the penetration rate of new energy models is not high, all mean that this place is equivalent to a fertile land without an owner. , waiting for heroes from all sides, whoever enters the game first will benefit.

Half a month before the official release of Xpeng X9, and when the release date was officially announced, He Xiaopeng wrote in Moments:

The new car X9 will be released on the first day of the new year. It will be rolled out for another three years and it will be good to complete the promotion competition. Brothers and sisters, power up.

After setting the tone in 2023 that oil vehicles will retreat and electric vehicles will move forward, the leaders of almost all new energy vehicle companies understood one thing in the second half of 2023:

The cost of trial and error has become high, and losses are unsustainable. Prices and volumes must be raised as soon as possible from 2024, and revenue and scale must be increased. The three-year period will determine life or death.

"Promotion Tournament" is a commonly used name in e-sports games such as "Honor of Kings". When players accumulate enough games or experience points in a certain tier, they can participate in the Promotion Tournament. If they win, they can upgrade. to a higher rank.

Although Wei Xiaoli is one of the three most popular new brands, in terms of market share, Ideal has just entered the mainstream. It is between the first-tier luxury car brand BBA and the second-tier luxury car brands Cadillac, Volvo and Lexus. Infinitely approaching BBA and entering the mainstream.

However, Xpeng and NIO have annual cumulative deliveries of 140,000 and 160,000 vehicles respectively, so they are not considered big players.

For new forces, "new" is no longer worth advocating, and "potential" is more important, which determines the subsequent "power". In this regard, Xpeng performed well in the last three quarters of 2023, with delivery volume exceeding 20,000 vehicles.

The combination of production and sales is the basis for He Xiaopeng to think that he can start the promotion competition. If the car market is like a game, then the MPV market with a small base and a large increase is just like the neutral resource area (commonly known as the jungle area) in e-sports games. Those who dare to start, the fastest, first come, first served.

Before the official start of the game, Xiaopeng also completed a wonderful BP (an e-sports term, referring to the Pick selection and Ban ban of game characters): Select X9 and ban G3.

The G3 is the earliest model of Xpeng Motors. It is positioned as a compact SUV and is priced in the 150,000 range. Although it iterated on the G3i, it sold hundreds of units per month for a long time. It was tasteless and it was a pity to leave. After all Xpeng models switched to the Fuyao 2.0 architecture, old models faced the problem of either being eliminated or upgraded. In the end, Xpeng chose to revamp the G9 and adopt the new architecture, while the G3/G3i was discontinued.

The discontinuation of production and sale of the G3 series will have little impact on sales, and will also make the product lineup more streamlined and high-end.

With the launch of X9, it has found its own position in a less competitive market: a pure electric MPV with a price of 350,000+. The best choice currently is Xpeng X9.

We can even relax the conditions. In the range of 350,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan, the product competitiveness of Xpeng X9 can be said to be far ahead, regardless of fuel, hybrid or pure electric.

The BP in the game has a great influence on the outcome, and can even become the winner.

The significance of Xpeng X9 is that, first, it can quickly occupy the market with strong product power and good price in a relatively blue ocean field, becoming a beneficiary of the incremental market. Second, after the first-generation G9 failed to hit the market of more than 300,000 yuan, the X9 series, which sells for more than 350,000 yuan, shoulders the task of elevating the Xpeng brand.

In addition, with the release and launch of Jikrypton 007 and Xiaomi SU7, Xpeng is bound to be affected in the field of pure electric cars, and the car market is already a stock competition. If I sell one more, it almost means that you will sell one less. , X9 can help Xiaopeng avoid the fiercest competition to a certain extent and compete in the MPV and SUV markets with more growth and a wider market.

Judging from external feedback, no one has any objections to Xpeng's cars selling for more than 350,000 yuan.

Say goodbye to G3 and embrace X9, just like what is sung in "Happy Breakup", say goodbye to the wrong talent and reunite with the right one. During the G3 era, the brand name Xpeng was criticized for a long time and was considered a low-end brand selling low-priced cars. In the P7 era, everyone thought everything about this car was good, but the brand was too embarrassing to mention.

Even if people from Xpeng Motors have stated their stance many times, Wang Hou Jiang Xiang Ning has the guts. Aren’t Fords, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce all named after people? They do it, why can't we do it?

Now that the three models of the Fuyao 2.0 architecture have been launched, there are no longer many people to criticize the brand name of Xpeng. The products are good, the price is right, the brand is reliable, and the colored glasses have been taken off.

X9 is both smart and workmanlike, a benchmark in the MPV market

As mentioned earlier, Xiaopeng started from G3, which has the lowest starting point, the hardest to move up, and has experienced the lowest troughs. NIO is born to be high-end, with a hole in its ideals, each of which is different, and rarely fights hand-to-hand.

The first confrontation between Xpeng X9 and Lideal MEGA at the Guangzhou Auto Show was quite dramatic.

Because Xpeng Motors is more conservative in marketing and expectation management, the X9 was not very popular at first and was almost transparent on the rim. On the contrary, the MEGA was high-profile, both in terms of appearance design and marketing actions, and became a topic. Laman.

Before and after the Guangzhou Auto Show, the two models, both positioned as pure electric MPVs, reached their peak in terms of volume. After that, the Xpeng X9 maintained its popularity well, attracting more attention than the Ideal MEGA for most of the last month.

In addition, the launch of MEGA was postponed to avoid the low sales period around the Spring Festival. Therefore, the success of the X9 launch this time is a bit "keeping up with the odds".

More importantly, the X9's steady and step-by-step approach, as well as its mediocre appearance, solid configuration, and reliable pricing, can make the X9 a benchmark in the MPV market and a pioneer in breaking out of the MPV market.

Why can Xpeng X9 be used as a benchmark in this market?

If you look through the MPV market sales list, you will find that there is a lack of pure electric models with "good character". Hybrid and fuel vehicles are still the main ones here. The best-selling pure electric MPVs are those with avant-garde designs. , Ji Krypton 009 with an average selling price of over 500,000.

After 2023, Volkswagen has already accepted pure electrification of cars, pure electrification of SUVs, pure electrification of full-size 7-seat SUVs, and will also accept pure electrification of MPVs. However, the supply and benchmark products on the market are still too few. Use inertia to choose Buick GL8 or Toyota Sienna.

Denza D9 and Lantu Dreamer have proven that hybrid MPVs priced at 350,000+ can sell well.

Then the Xpeng X9, which has only strong product capabilities but not weak, will prove that the 350,000+ pure electric MPV will be the first hot product, and this hot product will become the benchmark for all subsequent pure electric MPV products and pricing. .

This is the public opinion that Ideal MEGA faces: when everyone feels that in the price range of 350,000-400,000 yuan, Xpeng X9 is worth the money, has no shortcomings, and has cured the difficulty of choosing for many years, it has lost its No small amount of pricing freedom.

In the mobile phone circle, Lei Jun is a good friend of He Xiaopeng and is doing something similar.

After years of painstaking development, in the critical year of 2023, Xiaomi mobile phones have achieved staged success in hitting the high-end. Xiaomi 14 series has taken the advantage of the first Snapdragon 8 Gen3, with monthly shipments expected to reach about 3 million, which is among the high-end phones. Explosive items.

Then Xiaomi 14 Pro has become the benchmark for domestic high-end machines. Whether other products are strong, whether the price is worth it, and whether the photos are good or not, you have to compare it with Xiaomi 14 Pro, because Xiaomi 14 is the average and all-rounder. Products with shortcomings.

Among pure electric MPVs, or even new energy MPVs, the Xpeng X9 will be similar to the Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro, and will be the model that is often used by friends on press conference PPTs.

At the Xpeng X9 launch conference, there were more MPV commercial scenarios than conventional thinking, but they were actually home scenarios.

This is the second important change that is taking place in the MPV market in addition to the growth rate: more and more families choose to purchase MPVs as family cars.

Just as a young couple prefers a sedan when buying a car, but will switch to an SUV with more space after having children. When the second child comes and the parents get older, a larger six-seat or seven-seat SUV model will be more suitable for their needs and have more space. MPVs that are larger and have more comfortable rear seats are more and more likely to become family cars.

This probability increase will undoubtedly increase over a long period of time, because its decisive factor is the change in population structure. This underlying logic is indestructible.

Chunjiang Plumbing Duck is a prophet, so we have also seen that when promoting domestic MPVs with a more sensitive sense of smell, they have been positioned from being purely business cars to being suitable for both business and IKEA, and now they are more inclined to be used as family cars.

This positioning shift will also affect the decision-making of car buyers. Before this, many people would not regard MPV as their first family car, but as their second family car, due to fuel consumption or space waste issues.

But the reason why the Xpeng X9 is both clever and well-crafted is that on the one hand it has solid product capabilities and does not go too far; on the other hand, because of its rear deformation function and rear wheel steering function, it can switch between four-seater and seven-seater. It can travel between MPV and SUV, and the cost of pure electric models is much lower than that of fuel MPVs. It is fully capable of becoming the first car of many families.

Xpeng X9 is not the first pure electric MPV, but it is very likely to become the first hot product among domestic pure electric MPVs and drive more and more home users to choose or purchase MPVs. Of course, X9 will also receive excessive rewards just like winning first blood in e-sports games (referring to getting the first kill in the game). This reward will help Xiaopeng achieve a higher winning rate in this promotion match.

If you look at the Xpeng X9 from a higher perspective, you will find that building and selling cars is like an e-sports game, with a "snowball" effect. The party with good momentum and advantages will more easily gain a greater advantage. This is especially true for the automobile industry that emphasizes scale. Fortunately, Xpeng’s snowball has begun to roll.

More old models have been migrated to the Fuyao 2.0 architecture, and there are more new cars, as well as a new brand with a 150,000 yuan price range in cooperation with Didi, and later models in cooperation with the Volkswagen Group. Xpeng, which has been facing headwinds for many years, looks like it will It's a tailwind.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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