Xiaopeng officially enters the field of intelligent robots. Will the “robot horse” be the perfect solution for the “last mile”?

In 2008, Boston Dynamics released a test video called "Big Dog" on YouTube, and its reputation has since risen.

The running posture of the "big dog" is very similar to that of a real dog, and it is able to maintain balance after being hit.

▲ "Big Dog", picture from: Ars Technica

And today in 2021, Xiaopeng Motors, one of the new domestic car-making forces, has also entered the ranks of foot-type robot manufacturers, and released the third-generation prototype of the first intelligent robot horse, whose internal code is "Xiaobailong". ".

According to Xiaopeng Motors, the intelligent robot horse released this time has achieved technological breakthroughs in previous foot-type robots in terms of power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and intelligent interaction. The ability to interact emotionally.

Yes, you read that right, this is an intelligent robot horse that allows you to ride on it.

This "Little White Dragon" incorporates Xiaopeng's full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology, uses a vision plus lidar perception system, and has the ability to exercise autonomously, which can meet the riding needs of children.

Of course, it's not enough just to be able to ride it up, this "pony" has to be obedient.

Xiaopeng said that this intelligent robot horse has the industry-leading "multimodal interaction" capability, which combines visual, auditory and tactile interactions. Its face is also equipped with a curved display screen, with rich expressions and body language, making it more intuitive to communicate with people.

In addition to this "little horse", Xiaopeng Motors today also officially announced its intelligent robot company, Shenzhen Pengxing Intelligent Research Co., Ltd. This intelligent robot horse was created by the team.

Dong Chehui learned that the Pengxing Intelligent Team was established in 2016 and received investment from He Xiaopeng and Xiaopeng Motors in 2020, and began to develop rapidly. Currently, the company has R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Silicon Valley in the United States.

As one of the domestic teams exploring foot robots, Pengxing Intelligence has accumulated a number of patents in the fields of power modules, motion control, and interactive systems of foot robots.

Why does Xiaopeng Motors get involved in the field of intelligent robots?

In fact, whether it is the smart robot horse released today or the Xiaopeng Huitian flying car that appeared publicly some time ago, it is Xiaopeng's exploration in the new field of transportation in the future.

▲Xiaopeng Huitian Flying Car

Xiaopeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng believes that in the future, in addition to smart computers and smart phones, smart cars and smart robots will bring us a new way of life:

When our generation gets old, we can use our own robots to help us achieve a better life at that time, whether it’s cooking and laundry, chatting, companionship, or traveling together… Pengxing Intelligence will continue to promote intelligence The development of robots is expected to allow more and more people to enjoy a more convenient and better life brought by intelligent robots, and the last-mile low-speed traffic-assisted intelligent robot is the first step to realize this dream.

What's more, while exploring the future, new breakthroughs in environmental perception and intelligent control can also be used to feed back the current automatic assisted driving. Why not?

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