Xiaopeng G9 dynamic test drive: the best SUV within 500,000 yuan, I only agree with half

Before watching Dong Chehui's evaluation of the G9, let's take a look at how the CEO of Xiaopeng Motors evaluated the G9:

If Porsche is the benchmark of the previous era, then I believe G9 will definitely be the benchmark of this era, and it is also the last generation I believe before smart cars move towards driverless cars, so I always say G9 is the best SUV within 500,000 .

We have enough confidence in the sales volume and believe that it will surpass the Q5 scale next year. We expect the G9 to achieve monthly sales of 10,000 consecutive units in the field of large five-seat luxury SUVs.

Many people may not agree with the best SUV within 500,000 yuan, but if the attribution of "best" is changed to "the best hardware technology", Dong Chehui thinks it basically matches. In addition, Xiaopeng G9 adjusted the configuration and naming after the press conference in response to the high cost of selection reported by users, simplifying the options, and some configurations became standard.

▲The test car is the 702 MAX rear-drive long-endurance version, equipped with a 5D music cockpit and XNGP assisted driving, not a retail version

Combining 800V high-voltage platform, assisted driving and intelligent cockpit, it is currently the leading product in hardware technology at the same price, but there will be some regrets, such as the lack of HUD, no sunshade, and insufficient 5D cinema film sources.

However, compared to Porsche, I think the Xiaopeng G9 still has some differences. It is still a model that is more comfortable. Compared with the P7, the driving experience of the steering wheel has been greatly improved, and the gain with speed and angle is more natural, not too light.

The Xpeng G9 adopts a combination of front double wishbone type + rear multi-link independent suspension. The mechanical suspension version retains a certain sense of road, but it will not be as clear as the Tesla Model Y. The G9 is the only model within 500,000 that uses a dual-chamber suspension, which can adjust the height and stiffness of the car, making its driving experience better than the ideal L9 and Weilai ES7.

Xiaopeng G9 is divided into two sets of power systems: two-wheel drive single motor and four-wheel drive dual motor. The two-wheel drive version uses a 230kW rear motor. According to the battery capacity, it is divided into CLTC versions with a range of 570km and 702km.

The four-wheel drive version uses a front 170kW + rear 230kW motor. The CLTC has a cruising range of 650km, a peak power of 405kW (551 horsepower), a peak torque of 717N m, and an acceleration time of 3.9s per 100 km.

Xpeng G9's own "hard power" is undeniable, and the price is competitive, but its challenges also come from "soft power", such as whether XNGP assisted driving can maintain its lead, whether consumers recognize Xiaopeng Motors' brand premium, channels Whether the after-sales service capability can keep up.

At present, the price range of Xiaopeng G9 is 309,900-469,900, and the battery life covers 570km, 650km and 702km versions. Delivery will start in October.

Qin Lihong said that the sales volume of NIO ET5 will surpass that of BMW 3 series, and He Xiaopeng also believes that the sales volume of G9 will surpass Audi Q5. What do you think?

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