Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Day: In addition to the “Super Recharge” that runs 200 kilometers in 5 minutes, there is also this million-level flying car

October 24, in addition to the Programmer's Day, is also Xiaopeng's annual Automotive Technology Day.

Last year, Xiaopeng brought high-speed NGP 3.0 and parking lot memory parking to our eyes, so what about this year?

Charge for 5 minutes and endure 200 kilometers

This is a new term that Xiaopeng brought out this year. As an indispensable part of the closed loop of the electric vehicle ecology, Xiaopeng has also taken greater steps in replenishing energy.

Xiaopeng Chairman & CEO He Xiaopeng announced the current achievements of Xiaopeng at the beginning of the event: As of September this year, Xiaopeng has built 439 branded overcharge stations and 1,648 free charging stations.

And the "super energy supplement system" proposed today is not just a simple construction of charging piles.

Xiaopeng’s super energy supplement system is divided into three directions:

1. Car end

Xiaopeng released China's first mass-produced 800V high-voltage SiC platform, which uses high-energy density and high-charging rate batteries. It can charge up to 200 kilometers in 5 minutes.

2. Pile end

In order to cooperate with the 800V platform, Xiaopeng Motors released the first mass-produced 480kW high-voltage supercharged pile of Eurosher, with a circulation capacity of more than 670A.

In addition to the fast charging speed, this charging pile has another great advantage, that is, it is light.

It adopts the charging gun liquid cooling technology and lightweight design, the cable is thin, the plugging force is small, and the lifting weight is light, even the petite woman can easily use it.

3. Station side

In addition, Xiaopeng has also self-developed energy storage charging technology to meet the charging needs of more regions through two methods: energy storage overcharge stations and mobile energy storage vehicles. He Xiaopeng claims that a single energy storage can meet the uninterrupted high-power charging needs of 30 vehicles.

Urban NGP truly becomes a reality


XPILOT 3.0 released last year has now officially landed. The biggest difference between XPILOT 3.5 and the former is that it supports urban assisted driving.

In this iteration, Xiaopeng ushered in the first centimeter-level city positioning that can be mass-produced, and upgraded the perception fusion architecture. It no longer relies on high-precision point cloud maps. Instead, it is based on vision, millimeter wave radar and laser. The radar is supplemented.

In terms of perception fusion and visual perception network upgrades, Xiaopeng added dual vision coverage to XPILOT 3.5, with 8 high-definition cameras and 4 surround view cameras, upgrading 2D detection to 3D detection, and better identifying multiple targets .

It can be seen from the demo video played on site that the Xiaopeng P5 upgraded with the urban NGP function can complete the full-scene assisted driving of the basement-city-high speed-city-basement.

Xiaopeng Auto's vice president of autonomous driving, Wu Xinzhou, said at the event that the ability to predict and plan for urban scenes played a vital role in this.

Regarding the launch time of the city's NGP, he revealed that some roads in the first batch of cities will be opened in the first half of 2022.


Do you think this event is only XPILOT 3.5? That would be wrong. Wu Xinzhou said that XPILOT 4.0 will be greatly improved at the hardware level.

Specifically, XPILOT 4.0 will use two NVIDIA Orin X chips, the computing power has reached 508TOPS, the domain controller will also be highly integrated, and an 8-megapixel front-view binocular camera will be used.

In addition, he also revealed the news of XPILOT 5.0 in a small way: try the fully redundant autopilot software and hardware architecture to evolve to autopilot.

Xmart OS 4.0

At this event, Xmart OS also ushered in an update.

Xmart OS 4.0 will take the lead in mass production of full-scenario AI vision, providing point-to-point intelligent SR restoration, and will also add a full 3D interface to build the world in the eyes of AI in a three-dimensional way.

The full-scenario voice that we are familiar with has ushered in version 2.0, which allows you to listen, think, and execute at the same time.

future? Near the future!

Intelligent Robot Horse-Little White Dragon

Some time ago, when Xiaopeng launched this robot horse, many people expressed doubts: What are the good car companies doing these things?

He Xiaopeng answered this question at the event this time, and summed it up in four words-unmanned driving.

Different from the current assisted driving of smart cars, the robot horse needs to be in place in one step and directly leap over to the "unmanned driving" state. There is no assisted driving process.

Moreover, the environment in which the robot horse is located is more complex than the road environment where the car is located, with diverse targets, and the types of objects that need to be recognized may be more than ten times that of a smart car.

In terms of interaction with users, robot horses are also much more complicated than current smart cars. Its interaction is based on multi-modal user recognition that combines face recognition, body recognition, and voiceprint recognition, and can provide timely and reasonable feedback on user behavior.

Xiaopeng said that "Xiaobailong" is only a product in the development process. By next year, there will be a product with completely different functions.

Real flying car

In addition to the "Little White Dragon", Xiaopeng Huitian also launched the fully self-developed Traveler X2, which uses a high-voltage power platform, has a multi-redundant safety design, a fully autonomous flight control system, and a full-carbon cage-type load-bearing body.

But this is not the most "exploded" product of this event. The next flying car really pushed this event to its climax.

This is Xiaopeng's sixth-generation flying car. It uses an innovatively designed arm and blade folding system that can switch between land and flying scenes.

He Xiaopeng bluntly said that the biggest difficulty at present is the lightweight of the car body. The car body weight of this flying car is only 50% of the P7.

Finally, he said that this product will be mass-produced in 2024, and the price will be controlled within 1 million yuan.


After watching the full press conference, Dong Chejun realized that Xiaopeng's goal is by no means just to be a vehicle manufacturer.

From super energy supplementation to intelligent driving, and from robotic horses to flying cars, Xiaopeng is thinking more and more, and there are more and more flags.

But we know that Xiaopeng has completed the accumulation from 0 to 1, and the next step will be an all-round explosion of this new car building force.

What will happen to 1024 next year? Look forward to it together.

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