Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Photo Tour: Give you a running coach and a portable thermometer

On the evening of August 11, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro at the event of Lei Jun's annual speech.

The Mi Watch S1 Pro uses the same circular dial design as the Mi Watch S1. There are two buttons on the right side of the watch, the upper button is integrated with the metal crown, and the lower one is an ordinary long bar button. .

The metal crown is also made of stainless steel, with 82-tooth CNC-machined pyramid patterns on the side, and the surface has a slight friction. The watch is equipped with a Z-axis motor, which can provide feedback for rotation.

When the Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro was launched, there were skin-friendly fluororubber straps, leather straps and stainless steel metal straps.

This time, I got the version of the leather strap. The surface of the strap retains the details of the stitching, while the words "DESIGNED BY XIAOMI" are printed on the inside, and the details of xiaomi are also engraved on the buckle.

The surface of the watch is covered with sapphire glass, which Xiaomi says can reduce the chance of being scratched when the watch is reversed.

Under the glass is a 1.47-inch 480×480 flexible OLED straight screen with a screen ratio of 72.7%. The maximum brightness of the screen is 600nit, equipped with a dual-channel ambient light sensor that improves the accuracy of automatic brightness adjustment, and supports 256-level automatic brightness adjustment.

Functionally, the Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro is equipped with the latest MIUI for Watch system, which can interact with MIUI on the phone. For example, pop-up pairing, fast synchronization, reading relay and anti-duplication logic functions that improve pairing and data transmission efficiency, the watch can also control mobile phones, Xiaomi TVs, speakers, and headphones.

In terms of data measurement, Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro has added skin temperature measurement. This function can only be measured after wearing it for 10 minutes. It can sense the difference by measuring temperature changes in different time periods, so as to avoid the situation of "marathon hypothermia" during exercise.

In terms of sports data and auxiliary functions, Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro has added the training function of "running coach".

In this mode, the watch can be planned according to different needs, and courses are provided for 10 running scenarios such as fast walking, jogging, moderate running and fast running. The exercise tutorial can also be projected on the big screen, which shows that it is more suitable for users who run indoors.

In terms of price, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is priced at 1499 yuan, and it will be launched on Xiaomi's official channel on August 11.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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