Xiaomi teaches you how to build an electric car in an ideal way

how to say? I can’t drink any more celebratory wine, so I’ll go back to the factory tonight without sleeping. This year's production capacity has been exhausted, and we have been holding meetings all night to figure out a solution.

On the night when Xiaomi SU7 was released, Xiaomi Automobile executive Hu Zhengnan expressed his concern that for a car company that has just started and has extremely limited production capacity, it may not be able to handle this overwhelming wealth.

Except for Yunnan and Li Tie, the top five hot searches on Weibo on the night of the conference were all Xiaomi cars

Not only are there a lot of people watching, but there are also a lot of people buying.

This morning, Lei Jun announced at the first batch delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 that Xiaomi SU7 has received more than 100,000 copies in just a few days, and the number of locked orders has exceeded 40,000.

Then came the delivery issues. Xiaomi Auto App shows that the SU7 standard version is expected to be delivered in 13-16 weeks after the order is locked, the Pro version is expected to be delivered in 16-19 weeks, and the Max version will take 24-27 weeks to be delivered. In other words, if you place an order for SU7 Max now, you will have to wait at least half a year before you can take delivery of the car.

Xiaomi Motors has also made some moves, and there must be some results from meetings all night long.

According to China Business News , Xiaomi Motors today asked its suppliers to increase production capacity to 10,000 units per month. Among them, more cost-effective high-end models are required to focus on increasing production. "The company is making every effort to increase production capacity and speed up delivery," Xiaomi Motors responded.

It’s not just Xiaomi Auto’s Yizhuang factory that is working overtime. Xiaomi Auto’s front-line sales everywhere also experienced a nightmare weekend.

A store manager at a Xiaomi car store in Shanghai revealed the weekend schedule to The Paper. Almost all stores were crowded with customers who came to see the cars. There were long queues at the door. Some store employees admitted that the line for test drives had been as late as two or three in the morning. , saying “I have never seen so many people.”

The test drive ended at 3 a.m., I got off work at 4 a.m., got home to go to bed at 6 a.m., and started working again at 9 a.m. From the press conference to now, I can only sleep two hours a day.

When Xiaomi builds cars, the most injured person is not Ji Krypton, but Xiaomi car salespeople across the country.

Not only that, under the pressure of huge customer flow, Xiaomi Motors was also accused of being "not professional enough" in some sales, and was being reverse-educated by customers.

I don’t know if it’s because the training was not in place or because I was really confused at work.

I still remember that when MIX Alpha was first released in 2019, Xiaomi Homes across the country also received a wave of intensive customer flow, wanting to see the beauty of the surround screen. But at that time, the salesmen did not need to bring the car for a test drive. They just pulled down the rolling door at 22:00 and wiped the fingerprints on the acrylic panel.

Returning to the car industry, the last time it faced such pressure from passenger traffic was Li Auto. It can be said that the offline grand occasion when MEGA was launched was no less than that of Xiaomi. In contrast, Ideal is much more prepared than Xiaomi.

Before the Spring Festival, Li Auto organized national sales staff to conduct unified training on MEGA models in batches, including sales, delivery and after-sales personnel. The training content included comprehensive static explanations, dynamic time and competitive product analysis of MEGA models, and targeted four competitive models. The product develops a sales pitch.

This training is so strict that if you fail the assessment, you will be dismissed immediately.

Adequate training allowed Ideal to continue the high-quality service that the brand has maintained for a long time, and he could calmly face questions from multiple families in turn. But the problem is that many people only stop at the "asking" step.

Although Li Auto has not announced the specific sales volume of MEGA, according to the data released by Chedi, since the delivery started on March 11, the weekly sales volume of Li Xiang has remained at around 1,000 units, far behind Li Xiang’s previous target. The goal–

Regardless of power mode or vehicle type, the sales volume of all categories above 500,000 yuan ranks first.

After learning from the pain, Li Xiang attributed the essential reasons for MEGA’s obstacles to two points in a profound internal letter:

  • Misjudgment of the rhythm of pure electric strategy led to MEGA’s rhythm chaos
  • Excessive focus on sales and competition allows desire to outweigh value.

It was also the first time to build an electric car, but Xiaomi's situation was completely different from that of Ideal.

Technology determines height, demand determines breadth

Li Auto has a basic methodology for making products:

Focus on user value and exceed user needs.

In Li Xiang's view, exceeding user needs means returning to the essence of the product. The real user value must be to help users solve a certain problem or complete a certain task, rather than just providing a simple function.

Li Xiang gave an example in the product open class:

Before mobile phones became popular, many corded phone users would comment that they wished the cords were longer because they liked to walk around while talking on the phone. However, we all know today that if the phone company really lengthens the phone cord, even if it is increased to 10 meters, users will eventually abandon you and buy a mobile phone. Because the real need of users is not a longer phone cord, but the freedom to move around without space restrictions when making calls. Mobile phones are the fundamental solution.

Discover the real needs of users and turn other people's pain points into your own selling points – this is the methodology Li Xiang summed up after delivering 700,000 vehicles.

Within Li Auto, the starting point for all the team's work is PEA (Product Experience Assessment). Whether it is providing a service, holding a press conference, or building a product feature, it needs to be submitted for PEA review.

In terms of verification of requirements, Ideal also has its own method, the core of which lies in the word "scenario"——

Don't just say out of thin air whether this requirement exists, but verify it in specific scenarios to see whether the scenario is real enough and whether the execution is thorough enough. Under such an orderly model, the ideal team has a more thorough understanding of user needs. The phrase "exceeding user needs" will naturally not become an empty talk.

Interestingly, Xiaomi SU7 also follows this routine.

Looking back at the 2-hour launch conference of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun did not talk about many information points. Urban pilot assisted driving, 800V ultra-fast charging, zero-to-100 acceleration in less than 3 seconds and other conventional car conferences The content was all mentioned briefly by Lei Jun. Some of the content did not even need to be explained and was directly shown through the video.

In that live broadcast, Lei Jun had only one purpose: to let everyone know the difference between Xiaomi SU7 and other models, and his comparison objects included but were not limited to fuel vehicles and Tesla Model 3.

How does the difference arise? Just like Li Auto, it turns other people's pain points into its own selling points.

Xiaomi, which has been making mobile phones for 13 years, has already accumulated a large number of brand fans. As Xiaomi starts building cars, they will also become the basic base of SU7. However, this group of users has limited knowledge of car products and markets. Lei Jun, who is new to the car industry, not only has to make a good car, but also needs to go through a series of configurations to put the word "easy to use" on his face.

——This is one of the reasons why Xiaomi Motors places its technology conference in December. Technology determines the height, and demand determines the breadth.

Xiaoju is a girl born in 1995. She planned to buy a Tesla Model 3 long-range version, but she was worried that the price would drop later, so she hesitated for a long time before making a decision. At this time, SU7 was released.

Although she herself has never bought a Xiaomi mobile phone, as a generation who grew up in the Internet wave, she has also heard about Lei Jun's "status" in the mobile phone industry. After watching the Xiaomi car press conference, Xiaoju immediately decided to buy one. SU7 Pro.

"Actually, I decided to buy it when I saw the first third of it," Xiaoju recalled. At that time, Lei Jun happened to talk about "good looks and sun protection."

In fact, whether it is an umbrella slot that is within easy reach, a bright flashlight that can be transformed into a power bank, or a parasol that allows female car owners to take off their ice sleeves, these are all Lei Jun's inspirations that touch the "heart" of users. . That night, he clarified the advantages of SU7 one by one, and used this to show his sincerity that "it's 30,000 cheaper than Model 3."

This is the genius of Lei Jun.

Pricing is not as cheap as possible. It is necessary to grasp the subtle feelings of users and be consistent with their psychological pricing.

Li Xiang has previously shared his views on how to set competitive prices. He believes that users' psychological price does not entirely depend on the cost of the product. Highly perceived functions can also make pricing more competitive.

Although the product positioning is different, in essence, as a latecomer, Xiaomi's car-making logic is very close to the ideal, or even better.

The high-profile Li Xiang, the clumsy Lei Jun

According to 36Kr Automobile reports , on the afternoon of April 3, Li Auto issued an all-staff announcement, announcing the launch of the matrix organization 2.0 upgrade and the adjustment of the organizational structure of multiple departments.

This organizational change is mainly concentrated in the Li Auto CEO office department, including Liu Jie, Vice President of Commercial Department, Fan Haoyu, Senior Vice President of Product, Liao Zehua, Vice President of Supply Department, and others. In this announcement, the department was officially renamed the "Product and Strategy Group", weakening the supply chain and commercial sales functions and focusing more on products and strategy.

Specific functions include:

  • The product line is responsible for the management of the entire life cycle of the vehicle model.
  • The product line team collects and summarizes various information from users, experts, partners, and industries, and coordinates the work accordingly, determines product definition, and coordinates the work of various departments.
  • In the product development stage, focus on cooperating with the R&D and supply teams
  • During the launch period, focus on cooperating with the sales side (including GTM, sales and service) and marketing side

This is Li Auto’s largest round of organizational changes since the end of 2022.

"This adjustment is indeed related to MEGA. After a previous internal review, the company did not think too clearly about user value and operating efficiency, and the implementation of decisions was not adequate. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain organizational flexibility through upgrades." Someone with knowledge people said.

Using the growth of the organization to support the growth of products is Li Xiang's usual method, but in fact, it is not only the organization that needs to grow, but also Li Xiang himself——

As someone who also plays social media, Li Xiang makes countless enemies, while Lei Jun makes many friends.

Different from the title of "High Speed ​​Rail" before its listing, Ideal MEGA encountered a lot of slander after its listing. Due to the heavy public opinion, Li Xiang, known as the "King of Weibo", has not posted on Weibo for a month. Many people believe that it is precisely because Li Xiang is too high-profile on social media that he has attracted the jealousy of black public relations.

Looking back at the development history of Li Auto, you will find that this company has been a "high-profile" enterprise since its birth. It only took 8 years to grow from a startup to a Fortune 500 company, becoming the first domestic company to achieve profitability. New power car companies. ,

During this period, it seems that fighting back against public opinion has become Li Xiang's habit. "Fighting back darkness with light" is his declaration of war.

In sharp contrast, Lei Jun smiled when facing public opinion, "I beg you to be merciful," and after saying that, he bowed deeply to the camera.

Some people say that Lei Jun is too honest, but as everyone knows, the only person who can see through the world is Uncle Wang from the neighborhood committee on Weibo@来了between:

People are hiding their clumsiness, try to show no mercy…

*At the request of the interviewee, "Xiaoju" is a pseudonym in the article.

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