Xiaomi takes the Q3 2020 scene in this important market

We have now entered the final rush of this 2020 , which in terms of technology has seen the release of high-level devices and in every sector. If we look at the smartphone sector, there is a market, the Indian one, in which Xiaomi has just taken the lead in the third quarter of this year, detaching a giant like Samsung .

Xiaomi: 13.1 million smartphones shipped to India in the third quarter of 2020, vivo and Realme those with the greatest growth

xiaomi smartphone india
Credits: Canalys

Although there have been not-so-simple diatribes with India in recent months, the work of Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi , but also vivo and Realme has been really important. The first brand managed to break away from another huge Asian player, Samsung , which has always been linked to the Indian market in terms of sales. The numbers of Canalys show that in Q3 the Beijing brand shipped 13.1 million smartphones , with a growth of 9% compared to 2019 and a 25% of the market share.

Samsung instead stopped at 10.2 million devices, but still recorded a good annual growth of 7% . However, the two brands that have achieved the most important growth are vivo (third with 8.8 million ) and Realme (fourth with 8.7 million ), which obtained figures for 19 and 23% respectively .

For Xiaomi this is the second technological achievement in India in this period, after having also established itself in the smart TV market. A growth process in such a vast market can only be good for the philosophy that Lei Jun wants to implement for the brand .