Xiaomi suddenly released the air-to-air charging technology, has the phone said goodbye to battery life anxiety?

In the novel "Three-Body", the protagonist Luo Ji wakes up from the "hibernation" in 185 and is surprised to find that all electronic products have infinite power in 2205. It was later discovered that it was the result of air charging and nuclear power technology.

Real life seems to be developing much faster than the world of fiction. The day before yesterday , Xiaomi officially released the air charging technology and announced that it would be the first to be implemented on Xiaomi 11 .

Is the wireless era coming?

What is the effect of air charging?

In summary, the highlights are as follows:

  1. True wireless charging
  2. The charging radius is several meters, and it can be charged mobile and charged while playing
  3. Up to 5W for a single device, and 5W charging for multiple devices at the same time
  4. Not afraid of being blocked by foreign objects (the thickness and material of the foreign objects are not specified)

The concept of air charging is not new

Let the long dull digital circle stir up discussions about the charging of small water splashes, which is actually an "old technology."

As early as 2015, Energous, a long-distance wireless charging technology start-up company, proposed the concept of "UNLEASH YOUR POWER" and released a sample of the RF-to-DC rectifier IC concept , which is expected to pass Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy consumption. The technology connects devices with 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz or 5.8 GHz power. After Bluetooth finds the device to be charged, it focuses on the radio frequency to automatically charge the device, claiming that it can be wirelessly separated by 15 feet (457.2 cm) in the future with a maximum power of 10W Recharge.

▲ The digital C bits of the year belonged to computers

A few months later, in 2016, rumors that Energous might have cooperated with Apple began to appear on the Internet, but they were not confirmed.

At the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Energous demonstrated the space charging technology WattUp. Through a specific built-in chip, it can realize the function of charging multiple devices remotely.

▲ The display that year attracted a lot of attention, and the gossip that the iPhone is about to use air charging technology is flying all over the sky

Stephen R. Rizzone, President and CEO of Energous, also said that vivo has become one of its partner companies for WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technology.

Combining various information analysis and boldly predicting that air charging is "really going to be", it may also become one of the standard features of electronic products in the future. Electronic product marketing practitioners should breathe a sigh of relief. "Marketing blowing point" finally has it.

The advantage of air charging is greater than expected

They are all wireless charging, which sounds similar. In fact, air-space wireless charging can be said to be a "dimension reduction blow" to contact wireless charging.

Take the iPhone as an example. In order to achieve contact wireless charging, a wireless charging ring must be inserted into the body of the precious iPhone. In order to ensure charging efficiency, the volume of the charging ring is generally not small, mostly at the expense of battery capacity. In the iPhone 12 generation, magnets were also added, which further took up the fuselage space.

▲ The space occupied by the wireless charging ring and the magnet ring is not small

At the same time, in order to ensure the effect of wireless charging, the design of the charging board needs to take into account issues such as volume and power consumption. Apple’s AirPower is said to be difficult to produce due to the inability to balance various design factors. The solution MagSafe given is the volume in the wireless charging board. It’s smaller, but some users still complain about slow charging, high heat generation, space occupation, and inconvenience to carry.

The huge advantage of air charging is reflected in the volume.

Energous's official website shows a variety of air-to-air charging products. Their common feature is miniaturization. Only by integrating the corresponding chip and antenna into the electronic product, the air-to-air wireless charging function can be realized.

▲ DA2210: 3mm x 3mm, DA2223: 1.69mm x 1.39mm, the thickness is less than 0.5mm. Picture from: Energous official website

In addition to the small size, the components for wireless charging in the air also have the advantages of low cost, flexibility, and waterproofness. In this way, the space in the phone can be freed up for other components, which can improve the product experience to a certain extent.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, if you want to support a large amount of computing at the same time, 5G is one of the supporting technologies, and you have to consider the endurance of the device. No matter how powerful the hardware and algorithms are, what is the use of less than half an hour of battery life? With air charging, this problem can be solved to a certain extent.

Is there radiation during air charging?

On the afternoon of the day when Xiaomi released the air-to-air charging technology, some people on Hupu raised questions about radiation.

In Energous's official website and Xiaomi's tweets on air charging, we did not find any explanation about air charging radiation.

Another piece of information can be used as a reference. In 2017, Energous's first-generation air-to-air wireless charging transmitter WattUp Mid Field has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission, and theoretically meets the relevant requirements of radiation exposure. The radiation exposure values ​​of all are strictly controlled, and the products sold on the market theoretically meet the safety standards.

▲ A device for relieving back pain uses Energous's related technology and has been approved by the FCC . Picture from: Energous official website

However, even if the air charging technology is scientifically demonstrated on a large scale that radiation is harmless to the human body, in the foreseeable future, air charging transmitters may face the same resistance as WiFi, wired earphones, wireless earphones, and signal base stations. The curse of not going away .

For electronic equipment manufacturers, this is a marketing difficulty, especially in the early stage of the promotion of airborne wireless charging transmitters, publicizing radiation dose information and proving product safety-related work may be the top priority of marketing.

Imagine a truly wireless world

The novel "Three Body" gives a vivid description of the true wireless world:

Luo Ji pointed to the traffic in the sky and said, "Look at those speeding cars. Do they consume fuel or use batteries?" Da Shi shook his head. "It's not necessary. The oil on the earth is exhausted long ago. Those cars don't use batteries, just like that. Flying non-stop, never without electricity, something very exciting, I am planning to buy one." "This is your numbness to the miracle of technology, mankind has unlimited energy, this is nothing short of Pangu. The same big thing! Until now you have not realized what a great era this is!"

Energous believes that the future of air-to-air charging technology advertisements can be used on a large scale in homes, offices, medical clinics, factories, transportation links, and military environments. Digital products, smart wearables, smart homes, medical equipment, production machinery, automobiles and other items in the future It may be possible to achieve air charging.

▲ Wireless life. Picture from: Energous official website

Which aspects are most easily perceived? What business opportunities are there?

There are no charging ports for electronic products. In the future, don't talk about the charging head in the mobile phone box. It is likely that there will be no charging cable. The home air charging transmitter may replace the wireless charging board and become a "net celebrity product."

When I return home with my mobile phone, the mobile phone will automatically charge as soon as I put it away. The same is true when I arrive at the company the next day.

▲ The home phone is automatically charged over the air. Picture from: Xiaomi Weibo

Home sockets and sockets have basically disappeared, and air charging transmitters may be directly integrated in the decoration. Near shopping malls, parks, and office buildings, there may be as many air charging transmitters as base stations, and another trillion-level market has emerged.

New energy vehicles may completely replace fuel-fueled vehicles, because air-to-air charging transmitters are installed under the main roads, and the vehicles are charged while they are moving, and they are constantly powered.

The biggest change is the disappearance of the concept of "electricity", which may be replaced by another word. The words "electric shock" and "calling" may make young people feel more and more unfamiliar.

By the way, in the long run, shared power bank may become a sunset industry, and it will become the past that we "old people" talk about in the era of true wireless.

Charge in the air? We look good

Knowing that the air charging has reached the "available" standard, a few jokes full of joy flew out of the company group.

Neighbor upstairs: There is a pregnant woman at home, please turn off the battery for charging, thank you for your cooperation.

Neighbor downstairs: I have college entrance examination candidates at home, so please leave the battery for a while. We have to take online classes. You will be responsible for failing to pass the Tsinghua University exam.

Community property: notice, notice, there are businesses in the community garden at 5 pm on Saturdays, and you can charge for 1 hour at the site for free, with a power of 10W.

After 30: Dad, Nintendo has released a new 50W fast-charging VR brain. It can’t charge up, and a game worth 5,000 yuan is also given.

Wife: Come on! From home to your company, the charging power can only charge 50%. How to explain the extra 30%, and where did it go? !

Our generation: I think back then, it was necessary to open a hole for the mobile phone and use a charging head to drag a long cable to charge the mobile phone. Oh, by the way, have you seen a mobile phone in a virtual museum? That is the thing. In order to leave a green environment for future generations, we were afraid of ourselves when we were ruthless, so we saved the charging head.

If the above scripts really happen, it proves that the wireless era has really arrived.

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