Xiaomi responds to online rumors about car prices/Hongmeng OS may become China’s second largest mobile operating system/NetEase launches second-generation education model


✉ Huawei Yu Chengdong’s internal letter exposed: The only tomorrow is to break out

 12306 New function, buying tickets more conveniently

 Huawei and Dianchedi stop cooperation

 NetEase games launch minors mode

 Hongmeng OS may become China’s second largest mobile operating system

 Xiaomi responds to online rumors about car prices

 Faraday Future delivers 10 new cars throughout the year

 2024 AIGC Top Ten Trends in Application Layer

 NetEase Youdao launches version 2.0 of education model

 VCoder: the eyes of large language models

 CES 2024: AI decides to play the starring role

✈ Xpeng Huitian aircraft will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of the next year

☕ Starbucks China launches golden roasted concentrate

 "Baldur's Gate 3" won the best game on Steam

 Guming submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

 Author shortlisted for the Hundred Flowers Literature Award releases new work "Blue Hourglass"

 The movie "Family with Children" is scheduled to be released


Huawei Yu Chengdong’s internal letter exposed: The only tomorrow is to break out

On January 2, an internal letter from Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Managing Director, CEO of Terminal Business, and Chairman of Smart Car Solutions BU, was exposed.

Yu Chengdong said that 2024 is a critical year for native Hongmeng, and Huawei will accelerate the development of various Hongmeng native applications. In the next ten years, we will continue to adhere to the smart all-scenario strategy, increase investment in research and development, and make breakthroughs in fundamental technologies.

HarmonyOS also announced yesterday that China Mobile APP has launched the development of Harmony native applications. At present, Meituan, Qunar, Sina, DingTalk, Ant Group, Xiaohongshu, 58 Group, Bilibili, Amap, Alipay, etc. have started the development of Hongmeng native applications.

Previously, Huawei released data showing that nearly half of the top 20 mobile Internet applications in China have started the development of Hongmeng native applications.

In the internal letter, Yu Chengdong stated that Huawei will continue to increase investment in research and development, make breakthroughs in root technology, and build and apply AI capabilities through vertical integration of software, hardware, core and cloud, focusing on personal intelligence, office intelligence, travel intelligence, Four major scenarios of whole-house intelligence, serving users with king products and the ultimate experience in all scenarios.

12306 New function, buying tickets more conveniently

According to Xinhua News Agency, starting from 0:00 on January 3, the Railway 12306 mobile client has launched two new functions: "Ticket purchase requirement pre-filling" and "Train ticket sales reminder subscription". Passengers purchasing tickets through the Railway 12306 official platform will More convenient and faster.

Pre-filling of ticket purchase requirements: The train ticket pre-sale period is 15 days. After the pre-fill of ticket purchase requirements function is launched, tourists can pre-fill in the passenger, train number, seat and other information on the day when the tickets go on sale. Submit the order and complete the payment with one click to speed up the ticket purchasing process.

Train ticket sales reminder subscription: Visitors can set multiple reminders through the system in advance according to the ticket sales time in order to submit ticket purchase orders in time. The ticket sales time of each train can be checked through Railway 12306.

big company

Huawei and Dianchedi stop cooperation

Recently, there are rumors that Huawei and Dianchedi have stopped cooperating. Starting from January 2024, Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing's Wenjie and Zhijie will stop cooperating with Autohome, Dianchedi, and Yiche, and none of their stores have opened the three-car platform. Members, go to the Sanche platform to search for Wenjie models, and all its store deposit channels have been removed from the shelves.

In this regard, Huawei stated that due to the expiration of the original cooperation agreement between Hongmeng Intelligent and some platform member stores, business cooperation with member stores has been suspended until new business negotiations are reached, and other cooperative businesses are still proceeding normally.

Previously, in the winter test of the car expert, the battery life of Wenjie M7, a subsidiary of Hongmeng Zhixing, was only 31.6%, which caused friction between the two. Yu Chengdong later posted on WeChat Moments that this was "cheating." Test and mislead the public!"

Therefore, outsiders speculate that this winter test may be the trigger for the termination of cooperation between Dingchedi and Huawei.

NetEase games launch minors mode

With the official implementation of the "Regulations on the Internet Protection of Minors", NetEase Games also officially announced the launch of the latest minor protection measures.

On the basis of the anti-addiction system, a "minor mode" has been added to all its products. Currently, 34 of the first batch of pilot products have completed the deployment of this mode. "Minor Mode" provides three major protection function options: one-click content blocking, NetEase parent care platform management, and anti-cyberbullying.

"Egg Party" is the first pilot product of NetEase Games. Its minor mode "Baby Egg" has been in trial operation so far. The number of accounts used has reached 1.21 million and the number of uses has reached 5.37 million. Millions of parents have joined the "NetEase Parents" program. "Care Platform" is under management.

Hongmeng OS will become China’s second largest mobile operating system this year

On January 3, the semiconductor industry observer organization Techinsights released a report predicting that from 2024, Harmony OS will replace Apple iOS and become the second largest smartphone operating system in the Chinese market.

TechInsights believes that global smartphone sales will rebound by 3% year-on-year in 2024. Among them, Huawei mobile phones will reshuffle China's smartphone operating system market in 2024, seizing the share of Apple and Android manufacturers.

Huawei's Harmony OS is expected to achieve its next goal in 2024, when Harmony OS Next, which is not compatible with Android, will be put into commercial operation. How to build an independent application ecosystem around "pure" Harmony OS will be Huawei's new challenge.

Xiaomi responds to online rumors about car prices

Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, posted on Weibo on January 3:

"I just saw a few pictures, they are so fake at first glance! This cannot be a picture made by our rice fans. Not only is the font wrong and there is no rice mark, but it is also a screenshot of the official website with the word "P" on it. Of course, you can see it from this. Everyone is very concerned about the price of Xiaomi cars. Don’t worry, if you are willing to buy a car, please wait. I will definitely break the news on time!"

Previously, at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, Lei Jun introduced all the details of the SU7 in detail, but did not announce the price information. There are different opinions on the price of Xiaomi's first car, but for the 99,000 and 14.99 that were reported online Lei Jun personally denied that this was an "impossible" price.

Faraday Future will deliver 10 FF91 2.0 vehicles throughout 2023

Faraday Future (FF) has completed the delivery of a total of 10 FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance in 2023. The most recent one was delivered to Jim Gao, the company executive in charge of FF’s intelligent Internet application service platform.

Previously, Faraday announced on August 14, 2023, that it had officially delivered the first extreme luxury FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to its first user. In the third quarter of the same year, 3 units of this model were delivered, and another 4 units were delivered in October. New car delivery.

Faraday then announced plans to deliver five new cars in November and increase deliveries to two cars per week starting in the last week of the same month. Apparently, Faraday has so far failed to deliver as planned.

Previously, FF Global CEO Matthias Aydt mentioned in a letter to all shareholders: "In the past nine years, we have invested approximately US$3 billion (approximately RMB 21.9 billion)."

 2024 AIGC Top Ten Trends in Application Layer

According to the IDC white paper, AIGC will experience three waves in 2023:

  • Large models represented by GPT emerged.
  • The rapid innovation of AIGC application layer transforms intelligence from Chat to Work.
  • AIGC continues to advance into in-depth business scenarios, open up the entire process of business digitalization, and serve the real economy.

IDC predicts that by 2025, the world's top 2000 companies will spend more than 40% of their core IT expenditures on artificial intelligence-related initiatives, resulting in double-digit growth in product and process innovation.

At the same time, IDC worked with DingTalk to write the "2024 AIGC Application Layer Ten Trends White Paper", which identified the top ten AIGC application trends through interviews with various parties and first-hand user insights.

IDC believes that AI Agent, exclusive models, super portals, multi-modality, AI native applications, AI tooling, and AI inclusiveness will all become trend keywords for AIGC applications in 2024.

New product

NetEase Youdao launches version 2.0 of the large education model "Zi Yue"

On January 3, NetEase Youdao held a press conference on large-scale education model innovation results and announced the launch of version 2.0 of the country’s first large-scale education model “Zi Yue”. It also released three major innovative applications and a smart phone developed based on the large-scale model. New hardware products:

  • AI tutor "Little P Teacher"
  • Youdao speed reading
  • Virtual oral personal trainer Hi Echo 2.0
  • Youdao AI Learning Machine X20

As the latest application of the Ziyue education model, the AI ​​tutor Xiao P has received widespread attention. At present, Teacher Xiao P has taken the lead in using Youdao AI learning machine X20. It is reported that this learning machine pioneered the "three-in-one" model, which integrates three functional forms of a learning machine, a training machine and a student-specific computer, and is also equipped with multiple large-model native applications.

Parents often face two major problems when tutoring their children to study: first, the parents themselves do not understand the topic deeply enough; second, even if they understand the topic, it is difficult to effectively explain the knowledge points to their children.

Using AI technology to solve these problems is the original intention of the AI ​​tutor Xiao P. It is worth mentioning that in the interactive communication with the children, Teacher P will inspire the children's thinking through clever questioning and gradually lead them to explore the problems on their own, thus avoiding monotonous cramming.

We followed the press conference as soon as possible and compiled all the highlight information of "Zi Yue" 2.0

NetEase Youdao releases a major new product of education model, AI’s most profound impact on society is happening in this field

VCoder: the eyes of large language models

VCoder is a visual encoder that can help MLLM (Multimodal Large Language Model) better understand and analyze image content, and improve the model's ability to identify objects in images and understand image scenes.

It can help the model show how far an object is from the camera, more accurately understand what the object is in the picture, and even count how many people are in the picture.

The main functions of VCoder include:

  • Enhance visual perception
  • Process special types of images
  • Improving object perception tasks

VCoder was compared with open source multi-modal LLMs (such as MiniGPT-4, InstructBLIP, etc.). In the object recognition task, VCoder performed best, especially in object counting and recognition, which was better than the baseline model; in processing complex scenes VCoder demonstrates higher accuracy when it comes to object counting and recognition tasks, especially when there are many entities in the scene.

At the same time, experiments show that GPT-4V lags behind VCoder in object-level perception.

CES 2024: AI decides to play the starring role

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open in Las Vegas, USA, on January 9. Various new consumer technology products from around the world will be on display. The industry expects that more AI products will be unveiled this year.

Anshel Sag, chief analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, predicts that this year's CES will showcase industry trends through a wealth of AI products on display. He said: "Artificial intelligence will overwhelm everything."

Sag predicts that "extended reality technology" will bring more surprises, and major companies may use Apple Vision Pro as a benchmark.

According to Wall Street sources, at CES 2024, electronic devices such as cars, skateboards, headphones, cameras, and TVs will all be connected to AI technology. In addition to embedding "basic operations" such as ChatGPT-style question and answer services and voice command services, it will also There may be "more impactful" initiatives.

In addition, the industry expects that AI technology at this CES will also involve the following areas:

  • Companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD are expected to launch chips that support AI services, processing AI tasks directly locally without going through cloud servers.
  • Car companies such as Honda plan to showcase their latest electric vehicles at CES.
  • Beauty technology has become the forefront topic of CES for the first time, and French personal care company L'Oréal will deliver a keynote speech.

Xpeng Huitian aircraft will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of 2025

Xpeng Motors announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 2, 2024 that Guangdong Xiaopeng and Guangdong Huitian entered into a cooperation framework agreement: Guangdong Xiaopeng and Guangdong Huitian agreed to cooperate in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of flying cars. To cooperate, Guangdong Xiaopeng will provide R&D services, technical consulting services and sales agency services to Guangdong Huitian.

Guangdong Huitian's business is mainly engaged in the research and development of flying cars; Guangdong Xiaopeng is a subsidiary of Xpeng Motors, and its business is mainly engaged in design and technology development.

At present, flying cars mainly consist of two parts: the land body and the flying body. According to the cooperation framework agreement, Guangdong Xiaopeng will be responsible for the manufacturing of land vehicles and the final assembly of flying cars.

The flagship of Xpeng Motors' 1024 Technology Day in 2023, Xpeng Huitian's split-type flying car "Land Aircraft Carrier" was officially unveiled. This product was developed by Xpeng Ecological Enterprise Xpeng Huitian. It features an integrated land and air design and adopts a two-point The body configuration design is divided into two parts, the land body and the flying body, which can realize the functions of automatic separation and combination.

new consumption

Starbucks China launches golden roasted concentrate

Starting from January 3, Starbucks will launch a new core espresso coffee "Golden Roast Espresso" in nearly 7,000 stores in mainland China. All hand-made espresso drinks can be replaced with this espresso for free. Customers can order Customization options. This is also the first time in the 25 years since Starbucks entered the Chinese mainland market in 1999 that it has launched a second core espresso in addition to classic espresso on a large scale.

Golden Roasted Concentrate has bright citrus notes, a rounded taste, and a smooth, smooth texture. With the launch of Golden Roast Concentrate, Starbucks once again showcases its rich coffee roasting profile. The coffee in Starbucks stores has three roasting levels: light, medium and dark; the golden roasted concentrate launched this time is a light roast.

At this point, consumers can have up to 4 core espresso choices at a Starbucks, covering espresso experiences of different roasting levels from light to dark – light roasted golden roasted espresso, medium roasted Guatemala espresso, dark roasted espresso Roasted classic espresso as well as decaf espresso.

"Baldur's Gate 3" won the 2023 Steam Game of the Year

Valve officially announced the winners of the 2023 Steam Awards. The nominations and final winners of the major awards are entirely chosen by Steam players.

"Baldur's Gate 3", which won awards including TGA's Best of the Year, also won the Steam Game of the Year. The specific list of winners is as follows:

Game of the Year Award: "Baldur's Gate 3"
Outstanding Story Game Award: "Baldur's Gate 3"
Best VR Game of the Year Award: "Labyrinthine"
Pay of Love Award: "Red Dead Redemption 2"
Best Steam Deck Game: Hogwarts Legacy
Having fun alone is not as good as having fun together. Award: "Deadly Company"
Outstanding Visual Style Award: "Atomic Heart"
Most Creative Gameplay Award: "Starry Sky"
Even though my hand is disabled, I still love it. Award: "Master"
Best Soundtrack Award: "The Last of Us: Part 1"
Relaxation Award: "Dave the Diver"

Guming submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

According to Guming’s official news, on January 2, Guming Holdings Co., Ltd. submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

As of the end of 2023, Guming has more than 9,000 stores. In 2023, Guming stores sold 1.2 billion cups of ready-made drinks, and GMV (merchandise sales) exceeded 19.2 billion yuan.

According to the CIC Consulting Report, in terms of merchandise sales (GMV) and number of stores in 2023, Gu Ming is the largest popular ready-made tea shop brand in China with a price range of 10 yuan to 20 yuan, and is also the largest brand in China with a price range of 10 yuan to 20 yuan. Two major freshly made tea shop brands. Based on the number of stores as of the end of 2023, Guming is one of the top five ready-made beverage brands in the world.

The prospectus shows that in the first three quarters of 2023, Guming’s revenue was 5.571 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.9%, and its adjusted profit (non-IFRS measurement) was 1.045 billion yuan. For the full year of 2022, Guming's revenue was 5.559 billion yuan, and its adjusted profit was 788 million yuan.


Author shortlisted for the Hundred Flowers Literature Award releases new work "Blue Hourglass"

Cui Xiaorui, a shortlisted writer for the 19th Baihua Literary Award, released a new science fiction novel "Blue Hourglass". This work uses "memory" as the core element, triggering people's in-depth thinking about the future:

If human memory and consciousness can be completely uploaded, analyzed and digitized, coupled with digital simulation of algorithms and environments, can we go back to the past and live again? Furthermore, if the memory analysis is accurate enough and the deduction algorithm is powerful enough, can we deduce the future through memory?

"Blue Hourglass" is a fantasy story in the era of AIGC. This book is not only close to reality in describing the level of science and technology, but also reflects the unique spiritual world of human beings. The virtual world that people yearn for in the future is not necessarily the metaverse. It may also be another timeline described in the book that is almost the same as the real world but with fewer regrets.

Cui Xiaorui embarks on an imaginative journey about time, mathematics and life in his works based on boundary-breaking ideas, clear logic and vivid brushwork.

The movie of the American TV series "Family with Children" is scheduled to be released

The movie "All About the Family", the classic American sitcom "All About Children", has released its final trailer and it is officially announced that it will be released nationwide on January 20.

The film brings together actors such as Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Lin Yongjian, Hou Minghao, Kunlu Nayyar, Gabriel Bateman and other actors. It is directed by Jill Yoger and produced by China Television Star. It is a Sino-US co-production .

The film will continue the characteristics of the series, focusing on the daily lives of two families, telling a family-friendly story about a young man with a technological genius and his talking dog going on adventures.

"Deadpool 3" releases new stills

Ryan Reynolds' 2023 wrap-up photo reveals new stills from "Deadpool 3," which will be released in North America on July 26.

It was previously reported that Taylor Swift will play "Dazzle" in "Deadpool 3". The film's director Sean Levy responded: "No comment, you have to wait and see." In the original Marvel comics, Dizzy He is an X-Men who likes to sing.

In addition, according to the Weibo news of @阿谏是一个 Salted Fish, Wolverine will tear off his sleeves at some point in "Deadpool 3" and truly become the image in the comics.

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