Xiaomi Mi Pad 5: large display and release date never so close

xiaomi mi pad 5 design 1

It was 2018 when we reviewed Mi Pad 4 , but since then there has never been any more realistically talked about a possible Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 . Not so much for the demerits of the company itself, but for an impoverishment of the tablet market in the Android field. Google’s OS fell short of its Apple counterpart, with iPad practically cannibalizing sales. In the course of 2020 we returned to talk about an alleged Xiaomi tablet, albeit under the Redmi brand . In the first months of 2021, however, we returned to talk insistently about the Mi Pad 5, with concept renderings, alleged specifications and even alleged prices.

Update 22/03 : after almost a month of silence, we return to talk about Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, of which info on the display and on the release date have been leaked. Find everything in the “Design and Display” and “Price and Release Date” sections.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5: everything we know to date

Design and display

xiaomi mi pad 5 design 2

To have initially rekindled the flame on the existence of a Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (or whatever name will be adopted) was the same Li Chuangqi , senior product director of Xiaomi. The company has not totally abandoned the idea of ​​producing a tablet, even if to date it is still premature to talk about a successor to Mi Pad 4 . This is also because the brand looks above all to leaflets , but nothing seems lost and someone has begun to “fantasize” about it.

In light of all this, in fact, a video of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 was made that was both realistic but also unlikely. The concept artist who created it thought of a perforated screen and a triple iPhone-style camera. All plausible characteristics, but the point is always the same: would you ever buy such a device?

After the first hypotheses, the months in which it was discussed whether or not it will be done, but especially after the release of flagship smartphones such as Xiaomi Mi 11 and Redmi K40 , a user has made a render of what could be the Mi Pad 5 , which this time looks just like the Mi 11 and the trend imposed by the company for its mobile devices.

So, via the concept that wants it similar to iPad and via to a customization which, however, even this time, may not be practicable although realistic and much more focused than the first rumors, also because it could very well be a crushed and enlarged Xiaomi Mi 11 , although the proportions are congruous.

All this hype about a product so opposed by events makes us understand how there is a strong need to have an Android tablet that can really meet the needs of users and that does not end up like the previous Mi Pads that we tell you about in this focus .

Then collecting the alleged technical data sheet that came out on Weibo, you begin to have a display resolution notice, which should have a resolution of 3200 x 1200 pixels , with LCD technology, with 144 Hz refresh rate with 480 Hz touch sampling , but without specifying the diagonal. It might be realistic, but in reality it is more likely that figures are thrown away.

xiaomi mi pad 5 specifications price release leak

What may not be a far-fetched thing, although we are still in the range of leaks, is the diagonal of the display of the Mi Pad 5, which should be 11 “ , therefore much wider than that of the predecessor. Making the right assessments, it is also normal to push the panel towards a wider diagonal for the current times, considering for example those of the iPad.


Very complex hardware chapter to decipher, because even here the news is very discordant, but we tried to clarify. First of all, the most interesting news could be the adoption of the built-in stylus also for Mi Pad 5 , which would project it in an ideal size for the work (if it ever came out) of the creators. However, the Weibo profile of Xiaomi Group itself was to give a shot to life, which stated that it is working on the matter.

xiaomi mi pad 5 stylus

After weeks of silence always on Weibo , as well as for the display , hypothetical technical specifications of this fateful Mi Pad 5 came out, which promise to be of a certain level but which must, as always when there are no reliable sources, take with the pliers.

It starts with a Snapdragon 870 on the CPU side and on the memory side instead it goes to RAM cuts from 8 to 16 GB LPDDR5 , with UFS 3.1 storage up to 1 TB , so as not to miss anything. According to some leaks also, unfortunately not confirmed, it is likely that there is also a version with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 , which is easier to be cheaper. For the battery, there would be a capacious module from 10,000 mAh rechargeable at 50W and there would be neither support for 5G, nor for Bluetooth 5.2 and there would be no lack of Wi-Fi 6, but the opposite would be illogical at this point. The fingerprint would instead be lateral.

If this were really the case, the technical data sheet would be far from discarded, because we would have a serious rival of Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs , true industry leaders in Android .


For the camera side, the leak that emerged from the Chinese social network reports a double 20 MP Sony IMX586 main sensor and a 13 MP wide-angle one. The gem would be the 5X optical zoom and the 30X electronic zoom , even if this technology, for a tablet, may be superfluous. On the other hand, no mention for the selfie camera .

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 – Price and release date

Before now, we had no news at all of a possible release of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 , which however in these hours seems to have a presentation date closer than we think. In fact, from the leaker Digital Chat Station we learn that it should be presented on March 29, 2021 , to be honest, to be honest. For the price , from the long leak on Tech Man’s Weibo, we have news of the alleged configurations, which we report below:

  • 8/128 GB 510 € (3999 yuan)
  • 8/256 GB 549 € (4299 yuan)
  • 12/512 GB 638 € (4999 yuan)
  • 16/1 TB 702 € (5499 yuan)

In short, although everything oscillates between the confirmed and the hypothetical leak, we will find out in a few days if Xiaomi will give us a new tablet after years of stop or if this will instead be replaced by the folding .