Xiaomi Mi Band: new details on the function to measure body temperature

xiaomi mi band temperature

Important news arrive for all owners of one of the brand’s smart bands even if – it should be specified – for the moment there is no official confirmation from the Chinese house. Despite this, some clues found in the Mi Fit source code seem to indicate that soon some Xiaomi Mi Bands will be able to measure the body temperature of users, in order to detect the presence of fever on the fly.

Update 24/10 : After seeing the first codes of the Mi Fit app showing how the temperature measurement function will be introduced, we now also have screenshots of it, showing what it will look like.

The Xiaomi Mi Band will be able to measure body temperature: here are the details of the new feature

xiaomi mi band temperature

As can be seen in the image above, the Mi Fit code reveals this important novelty, presumably coming with the next app update (or one of the next). But the most important detail concerns the compatible models: it seems that the possibility of measuring body temperature will not be an exclusive feature of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 , but it could also arrive on previous models (starting from the Mi Band 2).

xiaomi mi band temperature

This is because it is a feature that seems to take advantage of both the heart rate and the comparison with an external thermometer for the first measurement (in order to “calibrate” the device). Obviously one wonders how reliable this novelty can be, but the answer is soon said: probably the measurement of body temperature through Xiaomi Mi Band will act as a preventive measure rather than as an absolute parameter.

Despite the margin of error, it remains a more than interesting feature, especially given the particular period in which we find ourselves. Waiting for this news for the Xiaomi smartband, we remind you that Huami recently launched the new Zepp E smartwatch in Italy, already available for purchase .

After the source code, here are the screenshots of what Mi Fit will look like for measuring temperature with Mi Band | Update 24/10

xiaomi mi band temperature 3
Credits: AndroidTR

After reading the source codes of the Mi Fit app which then introduced the possibility on the Xiaomi Mi Band to measure body temperature, thanks to some screenshots we can see how the app itself will be set in the measurement section. It will be able to tell us if there is actually a fever , also allowing us to have a history of the measurements available.