Xiaomi makes fun of Bill Gates on social media, but the gaffe is triggered

xiaomi bill gates twitter

It is not the first time that a tech company like Xiaomi ends up making a gaffe on social media . From time to time, some social media manager tries to do marketing by exploiting a trend or an event to raise audience engagement. Unfortunately, however, these techniques do not always turn out to be spot on: let’s think about when Xiaomi had to apologize for a joke from an executive or all those times that various Android manufacturers have used an iPhone to tweet . Not to mention the numerous cases in which Huawei (but it is not the only one) has taken photos taken with reflex cameras and passed off as done with their smartphones .

Xiaomi’s Twitter account was targeted for a tweet about Bill Gates

This time Xiaomi’s slip happened on Twitter , where the British division of Xiaomi “took its cue” from the sad news of the divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates . The historic couple got married in 1994, after a long relationship of about 7 years and was distinguished by the great efforts made in the philanthropic field. Unfortunately, the two have decided to go their separate ways in the sentimental field, after a long marriage that lasted 27 years.

What did the Xiaomi UK social media manager think about doing? To draw inspiration from the news to write the following tweet:

While breaking up with your billionaire partner may not be the smartest choice, our Mi 11 fully charges in 45 minutes using 55W wired turbo charging, meaning you’re always ready to go.

xiaomi bill gates twitter

A bad taste tweet and in fact it didn’t take long before users complained in the comments about the bad choice. Despite the “gomblotti” circulating on the net about vaccines and 5G, Bill Gates is one of the most well-liked figures on the net, thanks to a positive media presence and the aforementioned philanthropic efforts. If that’s not enough, it is noted that the tweet… was sent from an iPhone , for the umpteenth time. Obviously the post was removed shortly after from the Xiaomi page, but someone managed to immortalize the gaffe in this screenshot.