Xiaomi is following Huawei and Alibaba in the Top 50 of Chinese brands in the world

xiaomi top 50 best chinese brands world kantar brandz 2

Since we have the idea of ​​what the Chinese market can be and above all what Chinese brands bring to the world, we have also learned to understand who the real giants are. And in the Kantar BrandZ ranking , in the Top 50 2021 of the best Chinese brands in the world, Xiaomi has started climbing the podium occupied by Huawei , ByteDance and Alibaba .

Xiaomi approaches the podium, Huawei overtaken by ByteDance and Alibaba in the ranking of the 50 best Chinese brands in the world

xiaomi top 50 best chinese brands world kantar brandz

According to the report by Kantar BrandZ , the hierarchies between Chinese brands have dramatically changed compared to 2020. In fact, with 2,064 points , Alibaba is currently the best Chinese brand in the world, while last year it was in third place. Same fate for ByteDance , which from fourth place rises to second place with 2.049 . This all to the detriment of Huawei, which is seen de-classified from first to third place with 1.993 and followed by Xiaomi who climbs one position, overtakes Lenovo (formerly second) and reaches 1,831 points .

This is a really important milestone for Lei Jun’s brand, synonymous with a certain Global recognition in spite of the fact that right at home, in terms of sales, brands that are below it in the rankings such as OPPO, sixth and in strong growth, are ahead of it. as you can read here , but also vivo and OnePlus (internationality plays a lot here). It is also interesting to see that Honor is also present in the ranking, probably due to the push of commercial independence from Huawei.

In short, for Xiaomi the awareness of being an increasingly considered and appreciated brand has become clear and beyond mere numbers, it is relying on its proposal devoted to the quality / price ratio that has hit the mark especially in Europe, coming to compete with giants of a certain weight such as Alibaba and ByteDance , devastating with their e-commerce and multimedia services.