Xiaomi introduces its version of the Desktop mode in MIUI 12

xiaomi miui 12 desktop mode

Apart from Samsung and Huawei, no one else has adopted the so-called Desktop mode on their smartphones, not even Xiaomi . However, the company has made steps forward to satisfy the desire of the community, as evidenced by the introduction of the new Cross-Screen Collaboration mode in MIUI 12 .

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra receives the Cross-Screen Collaboration function, a kind of Desktop mode

If you think that Cross-Screen Collaboration is in effect a true Desktop mode from Xiaomi, you will probably be disappointed. To all intents and purposes it is a transmission of the screen which, taking place via Wi-Fi, allows you to have the functionality of the smartphone on a paired PC. Just download the dedicated app, scan the QR code that is shown and the two devices communicate.

Compared to other transmissions of this type, the Cross-Screen Collaboration function of Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 allows for deeper communication. Obviously the most obvious advantage is enjoying smartphone content on a larger screen , especially for those apps that, like TikTok, don’t have a desktop counterpart.

In addition to being able to open more than one app at the same time in multiple windows, you can take advantage of the physical keyboard , much more comfortable than the digital one on the screen. Additionally, files such as spreadsheets can be opened directly with the Excel PC app.

But it doesn’t stop there: unlike the Desktop modes, where you have a separate instance separate from the machine it runs on, here you have both at the same time. This means that it is possible to transfer files more comfortably between the two parties, without necessarily having to act via cable or with third-party apps. Just open the file manager and drag them to one side or the other, like any USB stick or external hard drive.

What is the disadvantage compared to Samsung and Huawei’s Desktop mode? Which can only be used with a PC under Wi-Fi network and not on external monitors without Microsoft OS.

Xiaomi models compatible with Cross-Screen Collaboration

For the moment, the Cross-Screen Collaboration function has only been released on Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with the latest update to MIUI China Stable. The company is testing this novelty of MIUI 12 also on other models, such as Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 Pro 5G and Redmi K20 (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro).