Xiaomi, important update of the Themes: added ringtones | Download

xiaomi miui 12 themes ringtones

Finally Xiaomi has decided to release the update that we have long awaited for the Themes app of MIUI 12 . The theme platform is one of the most popular elements of its software, allowing its users to customize their smartphone. Unlike other manufacturers, Xiaomi’s Themes app guarantees a high degree of flexibility, being able to interact with many elements of the UI. But the real highlight is undoubtedly the community: apart from the official themes, there is a whole boundless library of themes created by users all over the world.

Xiaomi updates the Themes app and brings ringtones even outside of China

After talking about the merits, we come to the defects that afflict MIUI. For no one knows what reason, in fact, Xiaomi has decided to “castrate” the version of the Themes app that we find pre-installed in MIUI Global and the European one, especially EEA. If you have a Xiaomi, you may have noticed that on your model it is not possible to access two equally useful screens. I’m referring to the one for customizing fonts and ringtones . While on Asian ROMs they are present, on the western counterpart they are not visible by default.

Fortunately, this limit is being removed by Xiaomi. This is demonstrated by the latest update of the Themes app, which is the one that brings it to version V1.6.4.3 . With this update, in fact, the ringtones screen is introduced to everyone, even those who own a Xiaomi with ROM Global and EEA . In my case, you can see in the screenshots how the app has changed after updating a Mi 10T Pro with MIUI 12 EEA Stable. In this way it will no longer be necessary to change the region of the smartphone to unlock this feature.

Since it may not be there yet, you can download and install the manual update via the following APK file:

Download MIUI Themes v1.6.4.3-global

This is excellent news, since many more users will be able to take advantage of not only the pre-installed ringtones, but also those uploaded by other users. For example, you will be able to install the new system sounds that will be officially introduced with the next MIUI 12.5 . Nothing to do, however, for the fonts, still limited by default only to Asian ROMs.