Xiaomi Air2 Pro experience: buy it, this should be the strongest noise-cancelling true wireless headset within a thousand yuan

Air2 Pro, which has been following for a long time, is finally released.

In fact, I have heard about Xiaomi's headphones from various places before, and they have always revealed good news about the product. The goal of this headset is also very simple and clear. It is to go with the goal of "the strongest noise reduction true wireless headset in a thousand yuan".

In Xiaomi’s product line, although the ecological chain is very extensive, and smart home equipment is currently the best, there have been few high-end products in the mobile phone accessories section, such as after several generations of bracelets. In the last year, Xiaomi Mi Watch was launched. For example, there has been no outstanding model in earphones. Today Air2 Pro can be regarded as filling this gap.

Air2 Pro, which is priced at 699 yuan, is not too high to be honest, but lower-priced products have never received such expectations. At the same time, it also has the quality and selling points that previous products did not have.

The charging box style is tough, but the plastic feels slightly heavier

The design of Air2 Pro is relatively low-key overall, only the black version is even a little unremarkable. If there are other colors, it will be much more lively. I don’t know if other colors will be released in the future.

Perhaps it is limited by the cost. The overall texture of the charging box is slightly weaker than that of products above 1,000 yuan. Although it looks good, it does feel a little stronger than other products when it is used. The price cannot be extravagant for leather, mirror or fabric weaving.

I personally think that the reason for the stronger sense of plastic may be the use of black matte. This combination is easier to highlight the sense of plastic, and it might be better if it is replaced with a bright surface. In terms of workmanship, headphones at this price are more or less shaken, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The design style of the charging box of Air2 Pro is biased towards tough, which looks more angular. It's really different from the sleek designs recently released. I actually look like the super mini version of their 10000mAh power bank. In other words, the charging box can stand upright.

The overall volume of the charging box is not big, it can be said to be small, and the whole is relatively light, it is very easy to put in the pocket.

The charging box and the headphone body can provide a total of 20 hours of battery life when noise reduction is turned on. The battery life of the headphones is 5 hours, and the battery life will be increased to 7 hours and 28 hours with noise reduction turned off.

There is a status indicator on the front, which will be white when the charging box is fully charged. The USB-C charging port is at the bottom, so you still have to charge backwards when charging. The matching buttons are on the side with a bright design.

There is also a small lightning bolt on the back of the charging box, which means that this headset can support Qi wireless charging. Of course, using wired charging is the fastest, and it can be fully charged in an hour. It also supports fast charging function, charging for 10 minutes can listen to songs for 90 minutes.

The earphone body uses an in-ear design to ensure the best noise reduction effect. The design is a bit like the combination of AirPods and AirPods Pro. The protruding handle is longer than AirPods Pro. Overall, there are not a few new products. So like AirPods Pro.

It can be clearly seen that there is a bright patch on the outer side of the cavity. This patch is made of ceramic material. In addition to improving the texture, another function is to let you know the area of ​​touch operation and help your fingers better Good positioning.

The touch operation of Air2 Pro is relatively basic. In order to prevent the accidental touch function, the double-click design is adopted. The left ear and the right ear each have a double-click function, which can be set between the voice assistant and the control song, but it cannot control the volume and can also be complicated. The ability to operate. That is to say, you can only choose one operation among the three items: pause/previous/next.

Xiaomi's solution is the "hot word" function, which can jump to the previous or next song without waking up the voice assistant by directly saying the "hot word".

However, these functions need to be set in the Xiao Ai app. For me who are used to the earphone exclusive software, I feel very uncomfortable, because the first thing I see is not the device management panel but the Xiao Ai’s interface. Click the user avatar in the upper right corner to see the headset.

▲ The left ear has been put on for a whole night, and there is a big power difference in the ear, and it has not been fully charged after charging for a while.

Air2 Pro also supports the quick operation function of the notification bar, but it is also realized by Xiao Ai. I don’t know if I want to have a separate application, or is it integrated in the Bluetooth settings as a kind of mental hygiene?

After experiencing the Galaxy Buds Live, I feel that there is not much to say about wearing this commonly designed headset. Because there is no bean-style design, the part that enters the ear canal is not particularly deep, so it is not as easy to feel itchy as Sennheiser or Galaxy Buds.

Air2 Pro plus the default earmuffs are presented with a total of five pairs of different sizes. In terms of size, the default one should be in the middle. My ear canal is small, so I usually choose earmuffs one size smaller, but the smallest one My earmuffs are a little loose.

After choosing the right earmuffs, the whole is quite stable, and the foreign body sensation is not obvious. For me, the wearing experience is no different from AirPods Pro, but I want to emphasize that the shape of each person’s ear is different, and my wearing experience is not It must be completely applicable to you.

Comprehensive noise reduction and sense of hearing, this is the best within a thousand yuan

For this headset, nine out of ten should have taken a fancy to its active noise reduction ability. On the surface, it is no weaker than AirPods Pro in terms of noise reduction depth data, although the latter has gone through several rounds of OTA After that, the noise reduction effect has been controversial, but it is still the noise reduction benchmark in the TWS headset category.

Let’s put aside the 35dB noise reduction depth parameter. Since the bird TrackAir+, I have also heard many headphones with active noise reduction effects. Most of them have noise reduction effects that are basically better than nothing, just the original background noise. It has to be a little "clean". Sony WF-1000XM3 was the first one that really had a significant noise reduction effect, and then AirPods Pro turned out. At least the initial firmware noise reduction effect I think is perfect under this size.

After putting on Air2 Pro and turning on noise reduction, one ear feels that the noise reduction effect is more pleasant than expected, and the surrounding environment sound is obviously quieter, even with the smell of AirPods Pro. However, after careful comparison, it is found that Air2 Pro still has a little background noise after turning on noise reduction, and occasionally there will be a slight current noise. I hope Xiaomi can optimize this problem.

As for the noise reduction effect, I think it is indeed very close to AirPods Pro. If AirPods Pro scores 10 points, Air2 Pro scores 9 points. There is no problem. The noise reduction effect of many low-frequency scenes is hard to distinguish, but in the human voice In terms of noise reduction, AirPods Pro is indeed better.

If you come out separately and say that such a noise reduction effect is not worth buying, I personally recommend it very much. It provides a better noise reduction price ratio under the premise that the noise reduction effect reaches a high level. Whether it's going out on the street or commuting, Air2 Pro can provide much higher than average noise reduction capabilities.

As for the ear pressure problem that some people are concerned about, I have not yet felt the ear pressure is too large, or I have not felt any ear pressure problem at all, but if you are sensitive to this point, it is best to go offline. Try it out for actual experience.

On the premise that the noise reduction effect is maintained and not adjusted down, I think it is more worthwhile to adjust its sound performance. The problem with the first ear is that the human voice is a bit behind, the separation from the instrument is not clear, and the overall sense of hearing is dull. And the equalizer that comes with the phone doesn't seem to work (the new firmware is significantly improved, see later).

Although the tuning orientation is not particularly friendly to me who like to listen to popular female voices, after listening for a while, my ears seem to adapt to the performance of Air2 Pro. Khalid's unique lazy black male voice is not bad.

When I wrote this, a classmate of Xiaomi gave me a new firmware to try, and said that the mass production version will be directly on the new firmware, the new firmware is, friends who got it, remember to see if there is any update, the improvement is great.

After the update, it feels that the frequency of noise reduction current sounds is lower, and the anti-wind noise effect is greatly optimized. In addition, the sound quality has also improved a lot, the vocals have become clearer, and the previously dull sense of hearing has been improved. Now listening to popular female voices has a very good effect. In addition, this new firmware also supports LDHC high-quality Bluetooth encoding and low-latency functions. In terms of noise reduction and sound, I have no dissatisfaction with the performance of Air2 Pro.

Buy it, not expensive

Noise reduction TWS headphones are actually a good choice, because there are only a few products on the market that do a good job in noise reduction. I recommend buying Air2 Pro directly without a brain for a thousand dollars. The overall performance is invincible within a thousand dollars.

If it is a product of more than 1,000 yuan, then AirPods Pro is still a better product overall, and many channels have very favorable prices, and benchmark products are still benchmarks. If it is a mobile phone of some other domestic brands, you can also buy your own products that are already on the market or will be released soon. I believe it will have good results.

Air2 Pro is an affordable and excellent product, but I think Air2 Pro is still a bit conservative. If the price is pushed to 1,000 yuan, or even 1,200 yuan, I believe there will be a lot of room for design and texture. With mobile phones and TVs both launching the Supreme Commemorative Edition, I expect Xiaomi's next TWS noise reduction flagship to be more "advanced."

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