WPS AI Enterprise Edition released! Free switching and calling of multiple mainstream large models, as well as these AI office artifacts

After Microsoft incorporated GPT-4 into the Office suite and launched Copilot last year, many people did not expect that the fastest domestic company to follow up and come up with products would be Kingsoft Office, an old office software company with a history of more than 30 years.

Kingsoft Office launched China's first smart office application in April last year – WPS AI, a smart office assistant based on a large language model. One year later, WPS held a press conference for the first time in a long time, expanding its AI capabilities to more scenarios for organizations and enterprises, and continuing to improve the blueprint for the one-stop AI office era.

What should a one-stop AI office look like? Kingsoft Office, which fully embraces AI, gives us a sample.

Wang Dong, Vice President of Kingsoft Office, pointed out that the application of AI in enterprises mainly focuses on two aspects: first, the management of digital assets, and second, the replacement of daily repetitive and low-knowledge-density labor.

Based on this concept, Kingsoft Office launched the WPS 365 platform for organizations and enterprises at this conference, which includes the upgraded WPS Office, the newly released WPS AI Enterprise Edition and WPS collaboration.

Kingsoft Office CEO Zhang Qingyuan said that WPS 365 comprehensively covers an organization’s basic needs for daily office work, from document creation to instant messaging (IM), meetings, emails, and AI applications, marking the official upgrade of a document processing suite to a one-stop solution. AI office allows enterprise productivity to take off immediately.

Compared with the personal version, the new WPS AI Enterprise Edition focuses on building an enterprise-level brain, which consists of three core parts: AI Hub (intelligent base), AI Docs (intelligent document library) and Copilot Pro (enterprise intelligent assistant) ).

AI Hub (intelligent base) can help enterprises realize free switching of multiple large models, not only achieving true out-of-box use, but also effectively managing and scheduling the use of these models.

AI Hub (intelligent base) also provides a comprehensive auditable and traceable system to ensure cost transparency and traceability.

Wu Qingyun, vice president of Kingsoft Office, once pointed out that not all AI models can do everything well. Each model has its unique advantages, some lie in the generation of AIGC, some are good at writing formulas and codes, and some are good at writing formulas and codes. It lies in knowledge organization, analysis and understanding, etc.

Based on this insight, Kingsoft Office, which is positioned as a large model applicator, has adopted a pragmatic strategy and has reached in-depth cooperation with almost all major domestic AI large model companies, including MiniMax, Zhipu AI, SenseTime, and Wenxinyi Language, general meaning large models, etc., give full play to the strengths of each model and achieve complementary advantages.

In addition, Kingsoft Office has also launched customized fine-tuning services for large models, allowing it to better adapt to and serve the specific application needs of enterprises.

AI Docs (Intelligent Document Library) is another important component of WPS 365.

It has the ability to accurately understand multiple document formats and accurately extract document information. In order to ensure the security of corporate documents, Kingsoft Office has established a complete document permission system based on the system architecture to ensure that information does not exceed authority.

Unlike ordinary AIGC that is built on public domain knowledge, AI Docs can also use the enterprise's knowledge base to create exclusive private domain knowledge and allow users to extract information in natural language.

It is worth mentioning that these products are not at the concept stage, but are mature solutions that can be adopted by enterprises immediately.

At the press conference, Kingsoft Office demonstrated the practical application of these products through examples.

For example, enterprises ask specific questions to the WPS AI knowledge base, such as "For a company with 2,000 people to deploy a privatized one-stop office, are 3 standard servers enough?" It can not only give the correct answer, but also attach The reference sources for the answers above make managers’ decisions more scientific and reliable.

Another useful scenario for AI Docs is to help users quickly prepare reports.

Suppose the user needs to visit a financial company, AI Docs can quickly outline the report based on the information provided by the user, and generate a rich and clearly structured report to help the user gain an advantage in business negotiations.

More precisely, the goal of AI Docs is to ensure that high-quality document input can result in high-quality output, such as screening dozens of resumes through natural language processing, and even understanding questions asked by users, which is more effective than human HR.

In addition to AI Docs, Kingsoft Office also released Copilot Pro (enterprise intelligent assistant).

It uses large models trained in cooperation with SenseTime to convert user needs into Python code and further analyze and implement these needs.

For example, if managers want to know which departments in the company have higher work intensity, they only need to create an intelligent assistant, connect it to the company's own attendance API, and then make requests in the form of natural language, and the intelligent assistant can automatically complete the data analysis. and present the results.

Wang Dong also shared a formula about enterprise-level AI office at the scene: "WPS AI Enterprise Edition + Enterprise API + Enterprise Data = Enterprise Brain." These are the goals WPS is committed to achieving.

Collaboration capability is also the most distinctive label of WPS.

During the process of writing or reading a document, users can summon all people involved in the document for communication at any time with one click. When team members transfer positions or leave, they will automatically disappear from the chat history.

Not sure about the OA approval process? Users can also start group chats with one click to improve communication efficiency. In less than a day, Kingsoft Office can help users build a privatized conference system on the company intranet.

Group-level IAM control takes into account the confidentiality of information and allows users to adjust information transparency as needed. The intelligent assistant can also push various data to a personalized workbench for users to view.

Work handover is usually a formal process, but based on the system developed by Kingsoft Office, digital assets such as documents, group chats and emails of resigned employees can be summarized and handed over to managers.

In this way, managers can ask questions about these issues at any time, such as asking about the time and content of communication with customers. This method of digital asset handover also makes the handover process smoother.

According to Bi Xiaocun, senior vice president of Kingsoft Office, the entire office market in the future will be a one-stop AI office era composed of office + collaboration + AI. Perhaps every company needs to think about whether it needs to enter a process from digital transformation to intelligence. What the entire office industry needs to think about is how to help companies achieve intelligent office.

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