WordPress, released a new update: the news

WordPress , one of the most used CMS in the world for publishing and managing online content, has released a new update. Version 5.8 , downloadable starting from July 20, has been called " Tatum " (in honor of the jazz pianist Art Tatum) and brings with it several new features, especially from the point of view of content management and personalization tools.

With this further update, WordPress becomes an even more advanced tool; those who work in the digital communication sector cannot ignore this update and, more generally, cannot fail to have a thorough knowledge of the platform. In this regard, the advice – especially for beginners – is to give up on do-it-yourself and choose a targeted training course, such as the one offered by the puntonetformazione.com portal, to learn how to use WordPress to the fullest.

Managing widgets with Gutenberg blocks on WordPress

The new version of WordPress, as you learn from the article published in the official portal blog section of the platform, “ brings the power of Gutenberg blocks to the widget area , which means that the highly customizable layout and styling options bring you closer to the WYSIWYG editing experience (acronym for What You See Is What You Get, or“ you get what you see ”).

In the technical note for developers , WordPress says that " the new editor allows users to add blocks to their widget areas using the familiar editing interface introduced with WordPress 5.0 ". This novelty, reads the note again, will offer users the ability to customize their site in many different ways, using the " rich library of blocks " while the existing and third-party widgets will continue to work and can be used together with the others.

However, the block editor can be disabled in several ways:

  • a theme author can include remove_theme_support ('widgets-block-editor');
  • a site administrator can use the new use_widgets_block_editor filter ;
  • the user can install and use the Classic Widgets plug-in.

Viewing and editing articles


Users, according to what WordPress says, will have more control over the widget area than previously; this will be possible thanks to customization options such as the “Cover and Image” block. Thanks to the Query Loop Blocks, on the other hand, it will be possible to view the articles based on a series of precise parameters. In particular, users of the new version of WordPress will have the possibility to create a portfolio characterized by a specific set of contents.

The block editor can also be used to modify the templates that contain the contents; the user will only have to activate a block theme or one that has this feature. In addition, it is possible to switch from editing articles to pages (and vice versa) without renouncing the use of the block editor, being able to choose from the twenty new ones available.

Supervision of the page structure with WordPress

In the in- depth study dedicated to the new release, the WordPress developers also illustrate a new feature, which allows you to have better overall control over the various elements of the platform: " Sometimes you need a simple landing page " – reads – " but sometimes you need something a little more solid. As blocks increase, patterns emerge and content creation becomes easier, new solutions are needed to make it easier to navigate through complex content ”. For this purpose, the List View allows you to have an overall view of all the blocks, allowing you to quickly navigate to the specific block you need.

Customization and coloring of images

Among the features implemented by the new version of WordPress there is also the one that allows you to color the images and Cover blocks using two-color filters. " The duotone ", we read on wordpress.org, " allows you to add a touch of color to the design and style of your images to integrate with your themes".

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