wonderful! Apple made the iPhone 14 Pro’s slot the biggest highlight

Apple uses several press conferences every year to demonstrate Yiqijuechen’s creative and production capabilities for press conference videos, as well as its never-ending matrix of innovative products.

Watching Apple's autumn new product launch (mainly iPhone) now is a bit like watching "Mission Impossible", in which the scene shuttles through mountains, deserts, deep seas, cities and Apple Park, supplemented by wind and snow, scorching sun and car accidents, the world There is nothing more difficult than this press conference.

But swallow the wind, kiss the rain and bury the sunset without hesitation, bully the mountains and drive the sea and practice snow trails without despair. Apple explores system software and algorithms, semiconductor alchemy and carbon neutrality. We, on the other hand, take Apple products to explore the world.

The new generation of AirPods Pro, which has been updated after a thousand days, the strongest, toughest and longest-lasting Apple Watch Ultra in history debuted, replacing the mini iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Pro series that finally bid farewell to Liu Haiping. This time, Apple's autumn new product launch is full of new ideas.

iPhone 14 "big" upgrade

The biggest scam in the smartphone world is that users desperately need a small-screen flagship.

After the mini models did not sell well for two consecutive years, Apple finally cut down Ye Gonghaolong's mini iPhone, and once again practiced the rough line of big is good, good is big, and launched a 6.7-inch iPhone. The iPhone 14 Plus, of course, the benchmark iPhone 14 is still going strong.

  • good news and bad news

First of all, the bad news is that it was previously rumored that the iPhone 14 dual-opportunity will use the previous generation A15 bionic processor. Now, the rumor has come true.

The consolation is that the iPhone 14 dual-machine uses the full-blooded A15 bionic processor of the iPhone 13 Pro series.

Although it doesn't feel very good, in fact, the performance of the A15 processor is still very powerful, even stronger than the flagship processors of the Android camp. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the performance of the iPhone 14. There is no problem in dealing with large-scale games and 4K video shooting and playback.

Then there is a little good news, the battery life of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is a bit higher than the previous generation.

For reference, Apple’s official website states that the iPhone 13 can play video for up to 19 hours, the iPhone 14 has a slightly better score of 20 hours, and the iPhone 14 Plus has reached 26 hours.

  • The photo has been upgraded

So, except for an iPhone 14 Plus with a bigger battery and stronger battery life, where are their upgrades?

The first is of course the camera. After many years of dual cameras, Apple still did not think about adding another camera to the ordinary iPhone. The main camera is still 12 million pixels.

However, children only look at the number of pixels, and we mature adults naturally look at the real image quality.

The iPhone has been criticized for its average night scene shooting ability before. This time, the focus of the iPhone 14 upgrade is here: the main camera has improved the low-light shooting ability by up to 2.5 times. This is because the main camera sensor and aperture have been increased, and the amount of light entering It has increased by 49%; the ultra-wide-angle has improved the low-light shooting ability by 2 times, and added an optical engine function to assist in taking pictures.

So you still don't think it's bright enough? Then you have to use the night mode, but in the past, the exposure time of the night mode of the iPhone was too long and the filming rate was low. On the dual iPhone 14, the exposure speed of the night mode of the main camera has also been increased, up to twice as fast.

If you think it's not enough, then turn on the flash. This time Apple has also upgraded the flash, which is brighter and more evenly illuminated.

Last year, the iPhone 13 series could only shoot 1080P 30fps movie mode video, which made many ultra-high-definition video enthusiasts feel sorry. This year, Apple equipped the iPhone 14 series with 4K 24fps movie mode video shooting capability, ultra-high-definition and movie sense, the best of both worlds .

▲ The new sports shooting mode of the iPhone 14 series

Although the iPhone front camera highlights a respect for "you are beautiful", and the praise is not high, but Apple has not given up its original intention, and strives to shoot users more clearly, even in low-light environments.

Similar to the rear main camera, the light capture capability of the front camera of the iPhone 14 dual-camera has been improved by 38%, which means that you can also take a clear picture of you in the dark in the front camera, and you can never cover your beauty with night.

Another upgrade point is that the TrueDepth front camera can automatically focus, and it can be used for single or group photos without defocusing.

  • Two life-saving functions

If the most valuable upgrade features of the four models of the iPhone 14 series are the satellite SOS emergency contact (currently unavailable at the National Bank of China) and car accident detection.

The former can use satellite communication to send distress information and coordinates in places without Wi-Fi and cellular networks; the latter can detect sudden changes in speed, direction, air pressure changes in the car, and loud crashing noise, supplemented by laboratory collision data. And the real car accident data algorithm to detect whether the user has a car accident, and enable SOS emergency contact if the user does not respond.

As Apple said, they don't want users to use these two features, but sometimes, once used, it can be a lifesaver.

  • Other details to pay attention to

The screen parameters of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are the same, both are 6.1-inch OLED displays with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels, 460 ppi, and a peak brightness of 1200nits. The key point: the refresh rate is still 60Hz, and there is no high refresh rate.

The iPhone 14 Plus has a slightly different resolution at 2778 x 1284 pixels at 458 ppi.

The measurement weight of the iPhone 14 is 146.7mm×71.5mm×7.8mm, 172 grams, which is 0.15mm thicker and 1 gram lighter than the iPhone 13. It is estimated that the protective case can be used universally. In addition, the iPhone 14 Plus weighs 203 grams, which is the same weight as the iPhone 13 Pro and 33 grams lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The charging power supported by the iPhone 14 series is still 20W, and the iPhone 14 can be charged to 50% in the fastest 30 minutes. The legendary 35W fast charge did not appear.

The iPhone 14 has 5 colors of blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and red, starting at 5,999 yuan; the iPhone 14 Plus also has 5 colors, starting at 6,999 yuan.

Pre-orders are accepted at 8 p.m. on September 9, the iPhone 14 will be released on September 16, and the iPhone 14 Plus will be released on October 7.

The iPhone 14 Pro series proves that Apple's innovation is still there!

To be honest, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are somewhat of a symbolic update, and Apple's hand squeezing toothpaste is too gentle.

The real update, the real innovation, belongs to the iPhone 14 Pro series.

As a son, the iPhone 14 Pro series uses the latest A16 bionic processor, which has up to 16 billion transistors and adopts a 6-core CPU (2 performance cores + 4 energy efficiency cores) and a 5-core GPU architecture. Its neural network engine has nearly 17 trillion operations per second, which Apple calls the speed king of smartphone chips.

However, it is quite surprising that Apple did not focus too much on the A16 Bionic processor, but focused on two functions: the creative and elegant Dynamic Island (Dynamic Island), and the huge improvement in photography.

Similar to Liu Haiping, which was a good combination of software and hardware in the past, this time the iPhone 14 Pro series has innovated some product forms, turning the bangs that have existed for many years into a "pill" in the middle. At the same time, with this pill as the center, Apple has made a lot of system software adaptations in a targeted manner, so that the apparent defects have become the highlights of the interaction.

Apple calls it "Dynamic Island."

A few years ago, there was an app called "Yo", which had only one function, that is, to send a "Yo" message to the contact, and the person who received the message would receive the message push in the notification bar, showing a boring message. "Yo". At that time, many Internet analysts said that not only the medium is information, but also notification is information.

It can be said that the Smart Island function has carried forward the concept of "notification is information" in a more advanced and elegant way, bringing richer information and interaction. It mixes the status bar, widgets, notification push, and the concept of "second screen", and blurs the boundaries between the interaction between "pills" on the hardware and system software, it seems so natural, interesting and vivid.

The Smart Island feature pops up a variety of messages such as music, match scores, FaceTime calls and more in an eye-catching way, allowing users to easily interact with their iPhone on the top of the phone without having to put down what they are doing.

As Apple says, it smoothly zooms into a bold notification that reminds your favorite team that a goal has just been scored, and then quietly returns. You can see the next turn in the Maps app, control the music with touch and long press, or send a message while staring at the timer. …

In short, this is a new feature with endless potential, waiting for developers to tap.

▲ iPhone 14 Pro series real machine. Image from: Allison Johnson, The Verge

In terms of camera upgrades, the biggest perception is that the 12-megapixel main camera that has been used for many years has finally been upgraded to 48-megapixels. Of course, because of the four-in-one pixel sensor, the daily photos taken by users are still 12-megapixels.

Of course, users can also shoot 48-megapixel photos in ProRAW format, which is convenient for post-editing.

Compared with the main camera of the previous generation iPhone 13 Pro, the size of the main camera sensor of this generation of iPhone 14 Pro series has increased by 65%. At the same time, the A16 Bionic processor has also upgraded the image signal processor to cooperate with the new four-in-one pixel sensor.

Thanks to the high pixels of the main camera, the main camera (24mm focal length) of the iPhone 14 Pro series can actually undertake the task of 2x zoom (48mm focal length). Shoot (or crop in theory).

The 3x telephoto lens that was criticized on the iPhone 13 Pro has also been upgraded this time, mainly because the low-light shooting capability has been increased to a maximum of 2 times, which has a high probability to solve the previous low-light priority using the main camera crop. The problem.

Therefore, on the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple has achieved 0.5x (13mm), 1x (24mm), 2x (48mm), 3x (77mm), a total of 6x optical zoom, and the main camera, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle zoom The low-light shooting capabilities have been enhanced. The main camera and ultra-wide-angle have full-pixel focusing capabilities. In theory, the focusing speed of the iPhone 14 Pro will be faster.

Computational photography has also been upgraded here: because the A16 Bionic processor is a bit more powerful, the new optical engine allows deep fusion to start early in the image composition process, directly applied to uncompressed images, from multiple exposures The best pixel parts are selected from among them and merged into a photo with more data, which can restore brighter and vivid colors and textures even in darker light.

Similar to the iPhone 14, the flash of the Pro model has also been upgraded, and the direction is also brighter and the light is more uniform.

In addition, the movie mode has been upgraded to 4K 24fps, as well as the advancement of the front camera, the satellite SOS emergency contact function, and the car accident detection function, which are also consistent with the iPhone 14 dual machine.

  • Small details worth noting about the iPhone 14 Pro series

It may be a very big change: this time, in addition to the three colors of black, silver and gold, the new color matching is dark purple, and the previous generation of Cangling Green and Yuanfeng Blue color matching is gone.

▲ iPhone 14 Pro series real machine. Image from: Allison Johnson, The Verge

Even though the screen of the previous iPhone 13 Pro series was good enough, the iPhone 14 Pro series takes its screen quality a step further: in outdoor sunlight, the peak brightness of the Super Retina XDR display can reach 2000nits, displaying photos and HDR While video, peak brightness tops out at 1600nits, and in short, it's very, very, very bright.

Due to the ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology, the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro series will be better than that of the iPhone 14 series. The specific data is: the iPhone 14 Pro video playback can reach up to 23 hours, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max score is 29 hours .

The iPhone 14 Pro is two to three grams heavier and 0.2mm thicker than the corresponding predecessor models.

The 128GB iPhone 14 Pro series cannot shoot 4K 30fps ProRes video due to its capacity.

The previously highly requested screen Always On display function, which Apple calls the all-weather display function, is only available to the iPhone 14 Pro series, and neither the iPhone 14 nor the iPhone 13 Pro series.

The iPhone 14 Pro has 4 colors of dark purple, gold, silver, and deep space black, starting at 7,999 yuan; the iPhone 14 Pro Max also has 4 colors, starting at 8,999 yuan.

Pre-orders will be accepted at 8:00 pm on September 9, and it will be officially released on September 16.

Apple Watch: Three at the same time, enough for Ultra

Thinking about it, in Apple's product line, it seems that only the Apple Watch has no "Pro", and it is reasonable for the "Apple Watch Pro" to appear. But Apple gave it a brand new name: Apple Watch Ultra.

  • Apple Watch Ultra: Are you an explorer?

This is an Apple Watch made for exploration, adventure, endurance sports enthusiasts and professionals, and it is the most in Apple Watch history in every way: the toughest body, the longest battery life, the most powerful features .

Apple Watch Ultra adopts a brand new to somewhat bold design, a little less the usual elegance of Apple Watch, and more rough and professional. The space-grade titanium alloy case and sapphire crystal, combined with the largest 49mm display to date and twice as bright as the previous model, make the Apple Watch Ultra the only Apple Watch that can display 6 sports indicators at the same time.

In addition to the digital crown and function buttons that are more suitable for gloved operation, Apple Watch Ultra also adds a customizable operation button on the left side, which is convenient for users to quickly set various practical functions.

Three built-in microphones, two speakers, and a wind noise noise reduction algorithm greatly improve the call quality of Apple Watch Ultra in various environments, which is outdoor and professional enough.

To meet the needs of endurance athletes, Apple Watch features precision dual-frequency for the first time  GPS, including L1 and L5 frequencies, provides highly accurate distance, pace and route data while exercising for training and competition needs.

Apple Watch Ultra finally got rid of the 18-hour "Apple Day" battery life, up to 36 hours of normal use, 2 times that of the standard model, and using new low-power settings, it can extend battery life to up to 60 hours, multi-day Wearing is no problem.

With strong hardware, software can't be left behind. Apple Watch Ultra has an exclusive "Pathfinder" dial that integrates the time display area into a compass, and provides room for up to 8 complications, as well as a more discernible night mode.

watchOS 9 completely remakes the Compass app to display more depth information and 3 unique views, including latitude and longitude, altitude, slope, and use the compass waypoint and backtracking to determine your direction of movement and approximate distance.

For marine and water sports enthusiasts, Apple and Huish Outdoors have teamed up to create the Oceanic+ app, making the Apple Watch Ultra a device comparable to a dive computer, enabling recreational scuba diving up to a depth of 40m. Of course, Apple Watch Ultra has also passed WR 100 and EN13319 certification, and the hardware fully meets the needs of sports.

For different adventure activities and groups of athletes, Apple has also brought three new straps: the trail loop, the mountain loop, and the ocean strap. From minus 20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, the Apple Watch Ultra works flawlessly.

By the way, it also has an 86 decibel siren function that can be heard up to 180 meters away.

  • Apple Watch Series 8: New temperature sensor to focus on women's health

The Apple Watch Series 8 for the public is also routinely released. Oh yes, the new features on the Apple Watch S8 are all supported by the Apple Watch Ultra.

This year, Apple Watch has set its sights on women's health.

The Apple Watch S8 has added two temperature sensors to monitor the user's body temperature in real time, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. With the help of these two sensors, Apple Watch can more accurately help female users estimate their menstrual periods and ovulation periods, and share them with medical staff.

In terms of safety, with the help of a newly designed three-axis gyroscope and acceleration sensor, the Apple Watch S8 has added a car accident detection function. Accurately calculate 4 types of car accident scenarios including frontal, side, rear-end and rollover.

If you don't respond after a 10-second countdown, Apple Watch will make an emergency call and sync the information to emergency contacts. The car accident detection will only be turned on when driving, and it runs entirely on the device side.

In terms of battery life, the Apple Watch S8 is still an ancestral 18-hour all-day operation, and can reach 36 hours after turning on the low-power mode.

In addition, the entry-level Apple Watch SE has also been updated, with the same S8 SiP chip as the Apple Watch S8 and the same appearance as the Apple Watch S4.

Summarize a few points of attention:

  • Support the latest car crash detection
  • Does not support all-weather bright screen
  • Does not support blood oxygen detection
  • Mobile ECG atrial fibrillation reminder is not supported
  • Does not support body temperature sensing
  • Does not support fast charging

If you are interested in the core functions of the Apple Watch, or if you are starting an Apple Watch for the first time, the new Apple Watch SE is still worth starting.

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at 6,299 yuan, the Apple Watch S8 starts at 2,999 yuan, and the Apple Watch SE starts at 1,999 yuan. All are available for order at 8 a.m. on September 9th, the Apple Watch Ultra will be released on September 23rd, and the remaining two will be released on September 16th.

AirPods Pro: Noise reduction upgrade, good sound and easy to find

It has been more than 1,000 days since the release of AirPods Pro. The release of AirPods Pro (second generation) has less surprises, and more is the late meeting of "Why did you come?".

AirPods Pro (second generation) has been upgraded to the H2 chip. With the drive unit and amplifier, the sound quality has been greatly improved. It has a good experience at various volumes. In Apple's words: "The treble is crisp and pure, and the bass is deep. The sound is lively and sweet.”

In terms of noise reduction, the AirPods Pro (second generation) is twice as effective as the previous generation. The noise-cancelling microphone and rear air vents have a new arrangement, which can cancel the noise before hearing it. For better passive noise reduction, smaller XS earbuds are also provided this time, with better sound isolation.

Transparency mode has also been upgraded to adaptively reduce the intensity of loud noises such as whistles or power tools, so you can hear the sounds around you more comfortably.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) has added touch operations, you can adjust the volume by swiping up and down, you can also press and long press to pause music, answer calls, and switch transparent mode.

In terms of battery life, AirPods Pro (2nd generation) can achieve up to 6 hours of active noise reduction listening time, and up to 30 hours with the charging box. Supports charging with Apple Watch chargers, MagSafe chargers, and Qi-certified chargers.

The charging box of AirPods Pro (second generation) has also been upgraded, with its own speaker and lanyard hole, and with the search app, the charging box can make sound. With a built-in U1 chip, you can find AirPods Pro in the same way that you find AirTag.

In addition, the Bluetooth protocol has also been upgraded from Bluetooth 5.0 to Bluetooth 5.3.

AirPods Pro (second generation) is priced at 1,899 yuan, available for order at 8 p.m. on September 9, and released on September 23.

Summary: A super-forward-looking Apple

In recent years, the lack of innovation in smartphones has almost become a consensus. Although everyone has lowered their expectations, the sound of Apple's conference will still come like a tide. When was the last time someone could shout Amazing on the spot? ?

Just a few hours ago.

When the animation of the iPhone 14 Pro's "Smart Island" appeared at the Apple conference, all night colleagues in the editorial department of Ai Faner all chanted. In the circle of friends, even if they are not friends in the technology media circle, there are many voices who are amazed by this design.

This is another Apple design that is "obviously very simple, but never thought of it".

When mobile phone manufacturers are trying their best to cut off bangs and make hole-punch screens, Apple suddenly tells you: "This is not a bug, this is a feature." island".

The last time Apple had such a stunning design was probably the FaceID of the iPhone X, which changed the branded Touch ID usage habits at the time, and did not try to use the immature under-screen fingerprints.

What is even more memorable is the iPhone slide to unlock that Steve Jobs showed. This function does not seem to have any visual impact, but it deeply affects the interactive experience of the smartphone, making people instinctively addicted to this operation.

Looking back, Apple's biggest innovation has always been the innovation of human-computer interaction. From the Macintosh UI interface to the iPhone's sliding unlock and Face ID, they are all looking for the greatest common divisor between functionalism and aesthetic design. .

There is a book called How Art Made the World, which tells about the influence of art on human civilization from prehistory to the present.

And Apple's interaction design changes over the years can be said to be a story of How Interaction Design Made the World.

When digital life accounts for an increasing proportion of people's lives, when the metaverse becomes the narrative of all technology giants, the next expectation for interaction design may be placed on the AR devices that Apple has not unveiled.

Human-computer interaction will become the biggest proposition in the digital age.

Wise people do not fall in love, build a beautiful China.

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