Wombo AI app: make photos dance and sing thanks to AI

The latest deepfake-like catchphrase is called Wombo , which makes photos of friends and family (and others ) sing with the help of AI . Also known as Wombo.ai, the application presents itself as the world leader in lip sync apps, capable of animating any face and making it sing and dance different songs. The web has gone crazy for the app and has produced incredible videos, like that of Nefertiti singing “I will survive”. Not only that: Biden, Putin, Kim Jong-Un and the Mona Lisa also ended up in the whirlwind of animations, giving life to hilarious results.

Wombo AI: photos singing with AI

Upload a photo, choose the song and wait for the magic: Wombo will animate the face making it sing the chosen hit , creating an incredible result. The latest fashion that spreads on the web consists in making unlikely characters become music stars, seeing them dance and sing on the most famous pieces, both historical and of the moment.

The operation is very similar to Deep Nostalgia , the app that at the beginning of the month had made users crazy seeing old photos "come to life". Thanks to the AI, Wombo is able to recognize the features of the face and its inclination, and then animate them. However, there is a big difference between the two apps: Wombo AI does not simply insert movement in the static photo, but adapts it to the words of the chosen song, making the mouth move following the rhythm and melody (lip sync). Not only that: the face and shoulders will move to the rhythm of the music , as if the subject of the photo were dancing.

There are 14 tracks to choose from to make your photos dance. These include Smash Mouth's “All Star”, Village People's “YMCA”, James Brown's “I feel good”, and other famous songs. Many of these are the most listened to and used hits on applications like TikTok, where they have been dusted off to create video hits.

To use Wombo AI just upload a photo and choose the song to sing. Source: TN
To use Wombo AI just upload a photo and choose the song to sing. Source: TN

Using it is very simple: once downloaded from the store, click on "Let's go!" and, after providing the necessary permissions to the app, you can upload a photo or take a selfie. To get a better result, the photo must be taken from the front and must also include the shoulders, so that the subject can also dance. Then click on the lip sync button and choose the song; finally, by clicking on the button again, the application will generate the video, which can be saved or sent to your contacts.

Wombo AI: numbers and privacy

Wombo has already gained a lot of fame: about 2 million downloads have already been registered and the videos are becoming popular on Twitter and Facebook. The application is completely free, but there is the possibility to subscribe to eliminate in-app advertising and get priority for creating videos, speeding up the times.

Regarding privacy Ben-Zion Benkhin, founder of the company behind Wombo, is very clear: the material uploaded by the user is used only for the video , and deleted immediately. The photos are not uploaded to third-party servers and are deleted as soon as the user creates the video. However, the app relies on third party services both to limit the interruption of the service and to carry out analyzes on the use of Wombo. However, these providers have access to some personal information of the user, even if it has not been specified which ones.

Putin and Biden were also impressed by the fashion of Wombo AI. Source: Tom's Guide
Putin and Biden were also impressed by the fashion of Wombo AI. Source: Tom's Guide

Wombo was born out of Benkhin's passion for artificial intelligence and entertainment. “My only goal is to allow everyone to create fun content with their photos,” said the entrepreneur in an interview for The Verge . And judging by the numbers and the success, Benkhin had the right idea, taking it one step further in the world of deepfake. Nothing particularly innovative on a technological level, but certainly very fun and engaging . In addition to giving life to faces from the past or having several political figures sing, some users have used characters from video games and anime or even animals.

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