Without 4K and new processors, why can Nintendo’s new Switch attract players from outside the circle to pay?

Players are looking forward to it and hope that Nintendo will release the new Switch at this year's E3 face-to-face meeting, which is the legendary "performance-enhanced version," but the reality is that the old man only wants to talk about new games.

▲ The sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" announced at the meeting will be released next year

Of course, this can't blame the old Ren, after all, they did not release the hardware news in advance, everything is fan's idea.

Surprisingly, on this Tuesday night, Nintendo quietly launched a new Switch game console, but what was waiting for players was disappointed. This Switch is not the performance-enhanced version that everyone is looking forward to. It is Switch OLED.

Switch OLED with knife for sugar feeding

Nintendo has always been very sophisticated in naming the Switch. The biggest highlight of the product is the suffix part of the name, so that consumers can know the product characteristics at a glance: the mini portable model is called Switch Lite, the standard version does not add the suffix, and this new release The biggest highlight of the machine is naturally its OLED screen.

Switching to an OLED screen is a great event. The brilliant colors and high contrast of the OLED screen are unmatched by ordinary LCD screens.

The screen size of the new machine has also been upgraded from 6.2 inches to 7.0 inches, which is gratifying. It is a pity that the resolution has not been improved, it is still 1280×720 (the source of this OLED screen is different), and in TV mode, it is still the highest output 1080P picture, and what is better than nothing is the improvement of the speaker.

▲ Border comparison

In addition, the back bracket of the Switch OLED has also changed from a small one to a large one, which has more support and stability, and can adjust the angle freely, similar to the Surface Pro.

▲ Surface Pro 6

The built-in storage space of the fuselage has been increased from 32GB to 64GB, and the weight of the fuselage has also risen slightly, from 399 grams to 421 grams (the weight of the whole machine after connecting the Joy-Con handle), the battery capacity remains the same, and the battery life is not Variety.

The new LAN interface is added to the gaming dock, which enhances the network stability of the Switch when gaming in TV mode. The old Switch can also use this new dock, which can be purchased separately.

The performance enhancements and Bluetooth functions that players expected, none of them appeared on this OLED model.

This update can be said to be a first-time surprise and disappointment after a closer look, but I then think about it, the old man may be using this strategy to manage the expectations of users.

Or required by strategy, or forced by reality

If you regard Switch OLED as an iteration of the Switch standard version, everything becomes reasonable.

The update point of the OLED style can be seen as a minor repair to the old Switch machine. Its purpose is to attract some new players to the Nintendo family, rather than for the hard-core needs of the original player group .

Nintendo launched the Switch in 2017, and it has been four years since today. During the period, it has only made a slight improvement in battery life. Consumers who have not yet joined the Nintendo camp may think that the Switch’s configuration is too old, and the so-called performance Prior to the launch of the enhanced version, a small revision and iteration of the Switch in advance can boost the sales of Switch game consoles to a certain extent, which is almost similar to a special version of a smart phone with a color scheme half a year after its launch.

As of March 2021, a total of 84.59 million units of the Switch series have been sold , which has surpassed the total sales of GBA (81.5 million units). We continue to work towards the goal of Wii consoles (101 million total sales). Before reaching this goal, Naturally, there is a need to introduce more new game consoles.

Perhaps Nintendo, like our players, also hopes to launch a new game console with enhanced performance as soon as possible, but objectively encountered a small setback: the chip is tight .

Nintendo Switch uses Nvidia’s custom Tegra processor. The future enhanced version is likely to continue to use Nvidia’s products. There are even rumors that the next generation of Switch will be equipped with Nvidia’s exclusive DLSS function (Deep Learning Supersampling), in short. With this technology, you can sacrifice a little image quality in exchange for a smoother frame rate during texture rendering.

However, chip giants including Nvidia are facing the dilemma of shortage of supply. In April, Nvidia officially released a news that it is expected that demand will continue to exceed supply for most of this year.

Moreover, the custom Tegra processor used in the Switch is manufactured by TSMC. The latter's current production capacity is quite tight, and this supply and demand pressure will not slow until at least the first quarter of 2022.

Nintendo had already suffered from insufficient parts production capacity at the initial stage of the Switch’s launch, which led to serious price increases by the scalpers, which also affected the first-party game sales to a certain extent.

At this year’s E3 face-to-face meeting of Nintendo, it was announced that the latest sequel of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" will be launched in 2022. If Lao Ren wants a double harvest of software and hardware, he naturally needs to wait for production capacity to pick up. When the time is right, we will launch a more powerful Switch Pro game console.

Get used to it, the old man’s upgrade strategy is always conservative

Do you think that Switch OLED is Nintendo’s first strategy of "changing screen and updating"? No, I have experienced several screen updates in the Nintendo Game Boy series, which belongs to its traditional performance.

In 1989, Yokoi Junpei released the original Game Boy. At that time, he used Sharp STN LCD screen. On this "green screen", there were only four grayscale colors, and the response speed of the screen was very slow, but the viewing angle Larger and low cost.

Because the original Game Boy sold so well, Nintendo did not rush to update iteratives. It only used the strategy of price reduction and shell replacement to keep the Game Boy selling. Until 1996, the real sequel to the Game Boy, the Game Boy Pocket, was released for sale.

In response to the problem that the previous generation product was too bulky, the Game Boy Pocket has reduced the thickness of the whole machine, and the volume is also smaller. The most important thing is that the screen is replaced with a TFT black and white LCD screen.

▲ reddit netizen isthisreallyreal magically changed the GBP red backlit version

Two years later, the Game Boy Light went on the market and added the backlight function. It became the "source of all evil" for children to play games under the covers. Back then, my ass blossomed, thanks to it.

▲ Picture source: Nintendo

Also in 1998, the Game Boy Color was born. The TFT color LCD screen was introduced for the first time, which can display 56 colors at the same time. It is quite backward to see with today's eyes, but it is amazing to imagine the transition from black and white to color.

By the way, friends can try to play the "Evoland" game, and you can feel that feeling again today.

In addition to changing the screen, Game Boy Color also has many performance improvements, including increased built-in storage space to 256KB, processor upgrades, etc., so GBC can also be regarded as the "performance enhanced version" of GBP.

Three years later, GBC is a bit outdated, and its gameplay depends entirely on the Pokemon series. Nintendo has learned from it and changed the product form of the Game Boy series and launched the Game Boy Advance series. It centers the screen, while the cross keys, AB buttons and function keys are moved. To the left and right of the screen, a shoulder button design is also added.

▲ Picture source: Nintendo

It is a pity that although a 2.9-inch TFT color LCD screen with a resolution of 240×160 is used, there is still no backlight. You need to be exposed to outside light to see the screen clearly. Remember to bring a small light when you hide in the bed. It can be said to be the "Renaissance" of that era.

For this reason, Nintendo's GBA SP launched in 2003 added a backlight, upgraded the color configuration of the screen, and also adopted a folding design.

After many years of iteration, the Game Boy has become old in front of other brand handhelds. Therefore, the last game, the Game Boy Micro, was launched in 2005, re-enacting the look of Game&Watch, and the screen brightness has been improved and it supports 5-level adjustment.

▲ Picture source: The Retro Future/YouTube channel

Later, the baton was handed over to the NDS series, and Nintendo replayed its old trick: attracting players with exclusive gameplay, gradually upgrading and extending the life of the product line , allowing the Nintendo DS series to successfully replace the GB series, becoming the best-selling game console in its history (sold worldwide) 154 million, the total sales volume of the GB series is 118 million).

Nintendo Switch is in front of the Game Boy and Nintendo Dual Screen two predecessor series. At only four years old, it is still a young guy, and the family is still to grow. This Switch OLED "Change screen and update" may become the most popular among players in the near future. Talking about capital, but as long as the new games continue and the new Switch products continue, it is only a matter of time before the sales of the Switch series surpass its predecessors.

Finally, when I saw the new phone last night, I just hope that the next Switch update will add Bluetooth functionality. TWS headset users can no longer go back in time. Handheld phones should be convenient everywhere, right?

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