With this kit, people with disabilities can use iPad with eye tracking

There are many people around us who face communication difficulties-children with autism who cannot speak, elderly people with stroke, patients with muscular dystrophy, and other disabled people, but they also need to communicate even more urgently. AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication), or "enhanced and alternative communication", is the way of communication that serves them.

Recently, Tobii Dynavox company based on this concept, launched the TD Pilot kit version of the iPad to help people with disabilities use the iPad through eye tracking.

According to Tobii Dynavox's official website, the TD Pilot kit version of the iPad meets Apple's performance standards. The body uses the A12Z chip version of the iPad Pro equipped with the iPadOS 15 operating system. It has three built-in TD Pilot software, namely TD Talk, TD Snap, and TD Copilot.

In general, the complete set of TD Pilot is a lightweight, durable, medically-certified voice generation device with Apple’s iPadOS assistive function . It supports tasks such as clicking or scrolling with eyes, touch, or switches. You can write sentences with only your eyes. It also activates synthesized sounds to provide people with disabilities with more communication methods and the ability to use iPad applications (social media, games, entertainment, education, etc.).

It is worth mentioning that Tobii Dynavox's eye tracking is based on more than 15 years of research and testing, covering all types of disabilities, glasses, and indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. If the eyes move outside the tracking frame, it can provide the fastest recovery time.

Next, we will introduce 3 TD Pilot software in turn.

TD Talk is a speech generation application that helps users speak visually or with their fingers (placed on the touch screen), and allows them to choose a voice that they think is more suitable for them from a large number of tones. The sound will appear very loud and clear through the speakers.

In addition, TD Talk can speed up the communication process. On the one hand, the text typed by the user will be synchronously displayed in the Partner Window on the back of the iPad, and the text can be seamlessly switched to the desired language; on the other hand, TD Talk provides common and custom phrases, such as "I need help "And "Please wait, I'm typing" to maintain a more natural speaking speed.

TD Snap can help users develop literacy skills using symbolic communication. All TD Snap page sets can be accessed by touch, eye gaze or switch, and provide clear voice output.

Communication is two-way. When people with disabilities get started with TD Snap, Pathways for Core First is a free study guide for TD Snap, which can help nurses, educators, therapists, etc. better communicate with people with disabilities. It has intuitive video examples, lesson plans, interactive goal grids, and a set of electronic and printable materials.

TD CoPilot is a companion application that can help calibrate the eye tracker, get software updates, and check battery status.

In addition to the above software, the TD Pilot kit version of the iPad is also equipped with an iPad fixed track, an iPad boot button that is convenient for people with disabilities, an iPad installation track status button, a USB-C interface, two 3.5mm switch connector interfaces, and one 3.5mm headphone jack and a 1.65/4mm 15V power adapter.

The TD Pilot kit version of the iPad is currently available for purchase on the Tobii Dynavox official website, but generally does not accept mass orders. It can only be purchased as a medical device and requires a doctor’s certificate.

The indiscriminate use of electronic equipment is a basic human right. Tobii Dynavox wrote on the official website:

Be your strength and do things you have done or never thought of. Our mission is to develop breakthrough assistive technology and communication solutions to give people with disabilities a voice.

▲ The picture and title picture in the article are from: Tobii Dynavox official website

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