With narrower bezels and stronger performance, can the greatly changed Apple Watch 7 reach more people’s wrists?

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This is a complaint made by many friends around me after staying up late to watch the WWDC Developer Conference. The update rate is not too big, the new iPadOS has not liberated the productivity of the M1 chip version of the iPad Pro, and the attractiveness of changing the phone is low.

In the Apple product lineup, there is another product that is similar to the iPad Pro, and that is the Apple Watch. Since Apple Watch 4, the subsequent generations of products have not been updated much.

What's more, the lower price of Apple Watch SE is not too far from the Apple Watch 6 in terms of core functional experience, which makes it more or less embarrassing to have a higher positioning and price, and Apple Watch users will inevitably have less willingness to change. some.

If you want to change this status quo, you must make drastic updates and adjustments to the product. Judging from the current exposure information of Bloomberg and other media, the changes in the next-generation Apple Watch have begun to take shape.

With narrower screen borders and better performance, Apple Watch 7 has changed?

The first is the change in appearance. According to a report by the well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser, Apple will use a similar design to the iPhone 12 on the Apple Watch 7, that is, it will adopt more right-angled edge designs.

Earlier, Apple analysts also said that Apple may update the appearance design of Apple Watch in 2021. The two predictions for Apple products are more than 70% accurate, and there is still a certain degree of credibility .

The shape is the most intuitive difference that people feel, and it is also one of the important ways to distinguish between the new and the old. Its boosting effect on sales has been verified by products such as iPhone 12, which may be one of the reasons why Apple changed its design.

In addition, Bloomberg, which also has a high rate of prediction accuracy, recently released a report on the next-generation Apple Watch. It stated that the Apple Watch released this year will cause major changes in both the appearance and the inside.

In terms of screen, the next generation of Apple Watch will adopt a narrower screen frame, which means that the screen size may increase. The previous 4th generation has also reduced the screen frame as a major change.

▲Comparison of the screen size of Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 3

At the same time, Apple may use new screen technology to reduce the gap between the display and the glass cover, but the overall watch will be thicker. Next is the heavyweight, Bloomberg said that Apple Watch 7 will use a faster chip.

At present, the S6 chip used in the sixth generation is based on the two small cores of the A13. The A13 is manufactured based on the 7nm process. Now Apple has used 5nm for both the M1 chip on the Mac and the latest A14 chip process. , The next-generation S7 chip, the same 5nm process seems to be the natural choice.

More advanced processes can often improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and reduce battery life pressure. The new Mac equipped with the M1 chip is the best case. Of course, whether the battery life can be improved depends on the implementation of Apple's product planning, and an increased screen often means an increase in energy consumption. It is not easy to say whether the battery life will increase or decrease under one increase and one decrease.

Battery life is now one of the biggest experience pain points of Apple Watch. It is really troublesome to charge a day as a portable device, and functions like sleep monitoring conflict with people's habit of charging at night.

Another change is the feature update of Ultra Wideband Technology (UWB). As early as Apple Watch 6, Apple installed the U1 chip, but there have been few applications for related functions.

According to the characteristics of UWB technology near field communication, the new update is likely to interact with more smart devices. There are also related functions in the new system watchOS 8. Apple Watch will become a smart home butler, not only can manage smart home devices, but also similar Remind to lock the door, automatically turn on the lights and other functions.

▲Remind you that the door is not locked

Finally, there are changes in health functions. Although functions such as blood oxygen detection and electrocardiogram have become one of the core differences between the highest-positioned Apple Watch 6 and other models, the changes in this aspect of the next-generation Apple Watch are still unclear.

Bloomberg said that the temperature test at this year’s meeting may have to wait until next year. As for the non-invasive blood oxygen test that can measure blood glucose levels without blood sampling, it takes longer for commercial use. For diabetic patients, blood glucose testing at any time is important for the condition. It is very meaningful for monitoring.

The next-generation Apple Watch SE and outdoor version will also be released next year.

The popularity of Apple Watch

Today’s Apple Watch has already proven its value, and market data is the best proof. According to a report by Counterpoint Research , the first quarter of 2021, global smartwatch shipments in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 35% year-on-year, while Apple Watch’s Occupies nearly one-third of the market share.

It is foreseeable that manufacturers, including Apple, will still promote the popularization of smart watches, but this cannot be solved quickly by polishing products alone.

As a product that focuses on the sports and health market, the barriers to use and learning of smart watches are much higher than those of mobile phones. I once asked a friend who has been using Apple Watch to assist in fitness for many years. I can’t help but sigh while opening up a new world. The matter of exercise depends not only on personal wishes, but also on the use of tools.

According to a friend's introduction, Apple Watch can detect a number of data during exercise, and more importantly, use the data to determine whether your exercise is correct, and in which areas need to be improved.

Taking swimming as an example, in addition to common calories, Apple Watch will also give out heart rate, speed, distance and other data, which mainly use speed and heart rate to judge whether the swimming style is correct and whether swimming is effective in reducing fat.

Many people do not feel too strenuous when learning breaststroke, and at this time his posture is often inclined in the water, the posture is not considered standard, corresponding to the exercise data is slow speed and low heart rate.

When I asked my friend how to use the exercise data tracked by Apple Watch to adjust swimming style, she said:

After learning breaststroke, I swam in a lap, and my heart rate was as high as 160, but the speed reached 5 minutes per 100 meters. That means my posture is wrong and swimming is not efficient. At this point, what I have to do is adjust my breath to lower my heart rate, and then pay attention to the next lap of swimming stretching and breathing frequency.

Speaking of this, you probably already understand that it is necessary to learn to use exercise data to judge exercise status and improve exercise ability. This is also related to personal exercise experience. As an exercise aid, Apple Watch must lower the threshold for popularization.

It is not that Apple has worked hard for this. Social functions are one of them. Users can share exercise data with friends and family through iMessage and other functions, while functions like "7-day competition" support mutual PK between users through reminders and notifications. Encourage both parties to complete the corresponding amount of exercise.

This is also one of the answers many users argue about why they choose Apple Watch instead of professional sports watches. In addition to being a sports measurement tool, smart watches can also promote people to better establish healthy exercise habits through social services.

At the same time, you can judge your physical ability through exercise data. Taking running as an example, the heart rate of professional runners is different from that of ordinary people. Although everyone is within the normal heart rate range, professional runners have stronger cardiorespiratory capabilities and are calmer. The resting heart rate in the state is also lower (usually around 50 beats per minute).

Of course, sports social networking is more limited to communication in a circle, and the threshold for direct tutorials is lower. In this regard, brands such as Huawei and OPPO are obviously doing better in China. They directly have supporting related tutorial services and provide a variety of Sports mode.

The fitness sports subscription service launched by Apple has not been launched in China, and whether the tutorials match the physical fitness of the Chinese is also a question mark.

▲ Fitness+ supports follow-up training.

This part of the lack can only be filled by keep and sports content on social media, which is also one of the values ​​of their existence.

The future of smart watches

Let more people know about smart watches through sports-related content services, which is more like a horizontal product popularization, and the vertical exploration of the smart watch category is to add more categories of health data monitoring. Related functions are not only being explored by Apple, but also by manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

In addition to the non-invasive blood glucose testing mentioned above, as well as blood pressure, food intake records, etc., richer health data monitoring can not only let people understand the state of the body, but also can be used as a guide for healthy living, such as a sudden spike in blood sugar level. Food intake records can be traced back to whether it is caused by food in order to adjust the recipe.

These data can also be used as an early warning reminder of some diseases, whether you should go to the hospital for an in-depth examination. Of course, more in-depth health data is very likely to require related approvals. For example, the ECG electrocardiogram function on the Apple Watch, in addition to the FDA certification in the United States, still needs approval in the world.

With the certification of professional institutions, the accuracy of its data can also be recognized to a certain extent. In an era when personal data is increasingly valued, the privacy issues of smart watches also need to be taken seriously, especially in the future where health status can be judged through data. Smart watches, like mobile phones, are products that people use personally, which is caused by data leaks. The problem is also serious. There were earlier cases where health data was used as the basis for insurance service recommendations.

There is also a plot of excessive abuse of health data in the movie "Transcendental Hacker". The protagonist played by Johnny Depp can understand the heroine's emotions without being around by detecting the heroine's physical data.

Tracking a partner privately without permission is undoubtedly an invasion of personal privacy, and it is also easy to have a bad influence on the relationship between the partners.

On the other hand, when health data becomes more and more abundant, will it alienate our lives like the Internet? Earlier, some people paid too much attention to quantitative food calorie data when losing weight, and found that there was less and less food to eat, which instead led It has caused greater psychological anxiety and even psychological problems.

Smart watches, led by Apple Watch, use more accurate data to improve people's sports and even health experience, and at the same time make quantitative life a part of people's lifestyle. However, various news in recent years have told us that technology or tools have never been more than one side. How to make good use of tools instead of being negatively affected by tools is a problem that companies such as Apple and even ordinary users need to think about.

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