With 200 million new active users in two years, who helped ColorOS become better?

"Hu Xin, when did you get lucky?"

When walking up the stairs of the teaching building, the 19-year-old Hu Xin always thinks about this question. However, a year ago, he did not enter the university of his choice, and was trapped at home by the epidemic from time to time with nothing to do. Everything was inevitably slipping into decline.

Maybe it was lucky from the afternoon the engineer came. A few days ago, Hu Xin, or more accurately his identity "Sugar Wolf" on the ColorOS "Co-Creator Planet", reported a problem of too fast power consumption in the internal test group. He didn't expect to get a reply, but in a blink of an eye, the staff was dragged into a group chat called "Siege Lions Face to Face", and the engineer on the opposite wanted to help him troubleshoot the problem.

▲ 2021 ColorOS fan documentary

But to locate the problem, the engineer must first get the log file. It may be due to lack of familiarity with the system. Hu Xin grabbed the logs several times and still failed. However, this matter did not give up. After several discussions, the staff told him: The government will directly send an engineer to grab the log files.

All in all, the engineer has already appeared in his home. In the past, he imagined that he could use code to create various handy tools like an outdoor survival master, always telling jokes that only his colleagues could understand, and unsmiling but creative engineers suddenly slammed in front of him, making him a little unprepared for a while.

Engineers in reality and imagined are completely two types of people. Not only did he not respond indifferently with a look of redness, but he was also accidentally easy to get along with, explaining every technical detail to him while extracting the log.

Hu Xin, who thoroughly understood how to capture problem logs, began to frequently show up in the internal testing group, helping other users to capture logs, or relaying their opinions and suggestions to engineers. Perhaps because of his activeness, in August 2020, he was invited to serve as the administrator of the upgrade test project. Generally speaking, he is an intermediary between engineers and users.

In more than a year, Hu Xin and the official staff set up 18 upgraded internal testing groups to answer questions for tens of thousands of users, and helped them capture thousands of logs. The system upgrade pushed to the user end is just a common reminder message in the notification bar for users. Only Hu Xin knows how much polishing and stumbling behind each version iteration, and how many engineers and testers are like workers. Work tirelessly, day and night.

The ColorOS 11 internal beta test project only closed in April. In June, ColorOS 12 went live without stopping. Thousands of feedbacks from Hu Xin's hand made ColorOS 12 better. In October, more than 100,000 users have used the public beta of ColorOS.

▲ ColorOS 12

With the help of user co-creation, ColorOS 12 has been well received once it was released. The system experience is not only smooth, but also features innovative and easy-to-use features. Features such as smart sidebars, free floating windows, and fingerprint quick start are emerging in endlessly. Moreover, Omoji based on AI rendering technology perfectly fits the current meta-universe trend, allowing each user to create a personalized virtual "stand-in"; the free hovering function added with the launch of the folding screen phone Find N is for watching movies, Self-portraits, video calls and other aspects have broadened the application forms of folding screens.

The good reputation of users has never been born out of thin air or appeared overnight. Starting with ColorOS 1.0 in 2013, OPPO mobile phone system has become famous for its smooth interaction and attention to visual and humanized interaction design, which established ColorOS. A differentiated style that distinguishes it from other systems. However, no matter how beautiful the interface design and interaction, it can only add to the system, and the real core needs of users are fluency, privacy protection, and comfortable and convenient use. Therefore, since ColorOS 6, this generation of systems has continuously brought users’ pain points in their lives based on the user’s perspective, and has formed a series of earth-shaking changes, giving birth to the five core functions of the industry that later became famous: Borderless Design, GameBoost 2.0, Xiaobu Intelligent assistants, security guards, and ultra-clear visual effects are all innovations that lead the industry.

As of today's ColorOS 12, with the deepening of the user co-creation model, ColorOS's system perfection, as well as fluency and privacy protection experience, have basically occupied the leading position of the first echelon in China. Models such as Find X3 Pro and Reno7 Pro supported by ColorOS have also topped the "Mobile Fluency" list of third-party organizations. Good products will inevitably bring good reputation, and users are praising and approving ColorOS more and more.

▲ ColorOS helps OPPO's many mobile phones to reach the top of the new Android mobile phone smooth list released in November

Hu Xin felt an unspeakable excitement. During the entire ColorOS 12 upgrade internal test project, he found that official support personnel, engineers and testers have increasingly discussed with users. With the continuous improvement of the quality of the version, the praise rate of ColorOS has risen. He suddenly realized that it is a "sense of accomplishment" to accompany a mobile phone system to grow.

In September 2021, Hu Xin, who had passed the software engineering major of a top domestic university, recalled on the stairs in front of the teaching building that his desire to be an engineer really originated from the moment he joined the ColorOS co-creator project.

On the "ColorOS Co-Creator Planet", there are not a few young people who have found meaning and purpose; and like Hu Xin, he is committed to answering questions and feedback for other users, so that more people can use and fall in love with this system. The co-creators of have a special name:

Guardian of ColorOS.

How is a "good system" created?

Since its official launch in January 2020, the "ColorOS Co-Creator Planet" project has provided more than 200,000 ColorOS co-creators with hundreds of opportunities to experience the new version and new features first, and build a relationship between users and users. Channels to exchange ideas and send feedback with engineers, and also hold many online and offline activities, so that the likes have the opportunity to participate in the process of system construction more deeply.

Among them, the 3000 core co-creating users who have invested a lot of energy perform their duties and form "combat departments" based on their personal interests and expertise.

For example, the co-creators who are the first to try out new OPPO products and help improve product performance are all honorary members of the "Interstellar Pioneer Group"; in addition, there are also "Internal Beta Groups" that participate in the entire version development and upgrade process; Assisting in the creation of internal activities and managing the order of the community "Editorial Group"; as well as the "Creation Club" and "Solution Group" that produce graphic content to disseminate the highlights of the system's functions to the outside world, and so on.

As an annual honorary title, the name of "ColorOS Pioneer" will give those members of the excellent interstellar pioneer group and internal test group who actively explore and give a large number of valuable feedback. Outstanding members of the answering team and creative agency will get the status of "Guardian of ColorOS", and Hu Xin is one of them.

It is precisely because of these enthusiastic young people that ColorOS has been able to achieve "coming from behind" and become one of the leading mobile phone systems in China.

▲ 2021 ColorOS Co-Creator Planet Ceremony

For a long time, there has indeed been such a general situation in domestic customized systems: various manufacturers and even various sub-brands have made their own systems, but in terms of the effort invested in the above, there is obviously a huge gap between the systems. Not many can be called "easy to use".

But now, on this list of "easy to use" systems, there must be the name of ColorOS. Through insight into user needs, investing in the application of many new technologies to promote innovation, and accepting a large number of user feedback to polish the experience, ColorOS has rapidly grown into a rising star in the industry. It may be more intuitive to use numbers to express its popularity: When the first "Co-Creator Planet Annual Festival" was held in early 2020, the number of ColorOS monthly active users was "only" 300 million; as of October, this number has grown. To close to 500 million, if there is any number that can grow faster in the same period, I am afraid it can only be Tesla's stock price. You know, even MIUI, which has long led the Android custom system field, took more than 10 years to reach 500 million monthly lives.

The rapid increase in the number of users and the coincidence of the establishment of "Co-Creator Planet" shows the fact that this achievement is inseparable from the contributions of many co-creators. Taking ColorOS 12 as an example, the 2137 members of the Interstellar Pioneer Group who first experienced the new system tested more than 40 versions in half a year and submitted 82,946 valid feedbacks. Every piece of feedback is reflected in the final product.

▲ Ranking of mobile UI fluency in Q1 2021

Having said that, users may not feel this. After all, users will only stop to perceive specific inconveniences when they encounter bugs or operational inconveniences; and when the problem is solved in advance, users will be immersed in a smooth experience. And the ingenuity of its ingenuity is completely unaware-in the "2021 Q1 Mobile UI Fluency Ranking" released by Master Lu, ColorOS ranked first with a score of 193.90. After the release of ColorOS 12, new models equipped with ColorOS 12, such as Find X3 Pro Photographer's Exploration Edition, Reno 7 Pro and Find N, also undoubtedly continue the excellent experience of ColorOS in terms of functionality and smoothness.

Pioneer, unlimited

In terms of actual hands-on experience, ColorOS 12's smooth experience like flowing water is obviously very pleasing. However, this "seamless connection" between ColorOS 11 and ColorOS 12 is actually not unusual. After all, fever, stuttering, and ubiquitous bugs are the daily routines of the past public beta system.

The ColorOS 12 public beta has achieved a very high degree of completion, largely due to the thousands of Star Pioneer test members who put forward nearly 40 valid feedbacks per person.

▲ 2021 ColorOS Interstellar Pioneer Group results

Who are the members of the Star Pioneer team? In fact, many of them are not professional testers, but veteran OPPO fans who "volunteer". They just gradually exercised their abilities on the test road.

For example, ID looks more like Nintendo fans’ "Plumber Mario" Yuan Chengfang, who has used OPPO phones for nine years. Since OPPO only understands the offline "green factory" period, it has many young and cutting-edge products such as Find N, Find X, Reno and so on. He likes to call himself "Yuanfang", a nickname derived from his real name. He also feels that he is more motivated like OPPO.

▲ Yuan Chengfang often participates in ColorOS offline exchange meetings

As a dual veteran member of the ColorOS Post Bar and Star Pioneer Group, Yuan Chengfang still did not give up his habit of testing during his busy graduate school period. In 6 years, from ColorOS 5.0 to ColorOS 12.0, his rich experience has made him very clear how to "force" various possible bugs, and how to explain the problems to new users in order to better understand.

With the idea of ​​"the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility", when the pressure of scientific research was the greatest, he also tested 4 mobile phones at the same time, covering everything from the A series, the Find X series and the F series for export.

Such hard work has also allowed him to get the desired result: during the ColorOS 5 period, problems such as slow charging, poor compatibility, network fluctuations, and system freezes, which were often complained about, have been improved with each iteration of the upgrade; shortcomings have become long-term problems. Board, every time the user exchange meeting, the feedback received is more positive; the system is no longer stuck, but ColorOS 12’s quantum animation engine 3.0 and AI self-smooth engine 2.0 make the system smooth and smooth from animation to actual performance . As a result, the ColorOS post bar has also changed from a single complaint post to a calm exchange post.

While Yuan Chengfang was tinkering with his mobile phone while studying in graduate school, high school student Kim Jong Woo was lying on the bed in the dormitory thinking about the first-generation Reno phone that was just released—he had never seen such a mobile phone so satisfying in terms of aesthetics and functions. Phone on request. This thought continued for many days, until he finally bought a Reno 10x zoom version.

After getting a new phone that he took care of, he began to frequently browse OPPO's official website, looking forward to seeing information about the next generation of products, and also wanted to find some language inspiration from the copywriting. The copywriting of "Borderless" and "Creativity" was copied into the notebook.

▲ In the ODC20 OPPO Developer Conference, the concept of creation without boundaries was proposed

He also didn't expect that the phrase "no boundary" would come true.

In his second year of high school and his third year, Jin Zhengyu recruited a few classmates to form a team and participated in the national elementary and middle school student creation contest. The theme of the competition was "The Beauty of the Forbidden City." Seeing that other teams use traditional methods to reproduce cultural relics or build models of the Forbidden City, and then make models, it is unlikely to stand out.

▲ National Middle School Student Creation and Creation Competition

When brainstorming with the team, the concept of "borderless" suddenly appeared before his eyes: Why must we stick to the model of reality? It is not necessarily a model, and it does not have to be confined to the real world. For example, the AR augmented reality that I learned when I watched the video not long ago may be a great idea.

Therefore, a few students set out to prepare and learn 3D modeling, AR engineering and software packaging from almost zero basis. After several months and their love for new technologies, they created an AR Forbidden City introduction project and won it without any suspense. First in the country.

▲ Forbidden City AR Project

With the same mentality, Kim Jong Woo, whose network nickname is "OneTouch", joined the "Creation Club" of ColorOS Co-Creator Planet, a small organization that relies on creative content to introduce ColorOS to the outside world.

AR and programming are nothing to him, but graphics and copywriting are indeed areas where he is completely bad at it. However, he did not intend to set limits for himself. As soon as he joined the agency, he would chat with his seniors every day to learn the skills of drawing, collecting materials, writing copywriting, etc., and soon he found a form that no one in the community had tried at the time-the information graph "One Picture Stream".

"Yi Tu Liu" with a distinctive personal style quickly became popular in the community. What made him more pleased is that other creative club members also improved their technology under his lead, and strengthened the "Creation Club" on the entire planet of co-creators. Influence in.

Create together

It is easy to realize that the most prominent feature of user co-creation is the sense of interaction and accomplishment. In the traditional product release model, there is a one-way relationship between manufacturers and users: users can only passively accept the "cake" that has been baked, but have no right to decide on its taste. At best, they can only complain through limited channels.

The birth of the user co-creation model has rewritten this situation. Through co-creating projects, users can change their tastes in the form of feedback before the product is officially launched on the market, and can even take the initiative to put forward functional suggestions to the engineer. In the automotive industry that is keen on user co-creation, there are precedents such as adding the Sugon logo projection and highlighting the Sugon steering wheel, and Chery’s "QQ Ice Cream" adding 11 standardized interfaces for user-defined modules.

Although OPPO is not the first manufacturer to do user co-creation, and it will not be the last to do so, it is one of the best. As early as 2015, when Yuan Chengfang first started contacting the ColorOS community, OPPO has established a preliminary user participation mechanism; by 2020, this mechanism will be upgraded to "Co-Creator Planet", so as to introduce more fans to build ColorOS together.

▲ Winners of ColorOS 2021 Fan Award

Regarding the role of ColorOS co-creation, "Sugar Wolf" mentioned such an example: He once received feedback from users that he wanted to quickly start the application in the state of the screen, so he relayed this demand to the engineer. Soon, there will be an additional feature called "Fingerprint Quick Start" on ColorOS 12-long press the fingerprint unlock area in the screen state, and up to five quick function entries will appear around the finger while the screen is on. Move your finger up to activate the corresponding function.

As of today, the "ColorOS Co-Creator Planet Annual Ceremony" has been held for the third time, and the community creates more than 100,000 co-creation messages each year. Compared with peers, the breadth and depth of OPPO's co-creation are extraordinary. Even some unannounced new features and new products will be tested by the co-creators before the official release, because the official trusts the co-creators. Professionalism.

▲ 2021 ColorOS Co-Creator Planet Ceremony

As Hegel mentioned when discussing rights, the most satisfying thing is not material enjoyment, but the recognition of status and dignity. As a cooperation model, user co-creation puts consumers and manufacturers on an equal position, turning the product development process into an adventure for both parties to grow together, thereby acknowledging user value and increasing fan stickiness; on the other hand, ColorOS also From the process of co-creation, we have learned more about user needs, and have developed into one of the few Android custom systems with good reputation today.

▲ ColorOS has specially added an entrance to the system to commend co-creators

The mobile phone system is a vast software project, which also means that it should not be controlled by the chef in charge like a restaurant’s dishes. Consumers only need to passively taste it; on the contrary, its scale and complexity make it impossible. It’s done perfectly, so every average user has the opportunity to notice the unsatisfactory experience. The existence of the user co-creation model gives all consumers the opportunity to participate and speak up, and spontaneous improvement and innovation are therefore possible.

Obviously, the essence of "co-creation" is not just "co-creation," but "co-ownership."

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