WindTre down throughout the country: no Internet access

More and more users are reporting a downturn of WindTre services throughout the country without the possibility of accessing the Internet. As reported by the DownDetector website, as of 5:13 pm today there has been a surge in cases of malfunctions . Around 19 the peak, with over thirteen thousand reports that have triggered the unfortunate users. In fact, many have flocked to the helpline phone lines in search of support. Unfortunately, from the comments available on the net it seems that the 159 is unable to process requests and very few have been able to speak to an operator.

windtre down internet

WindTre down and the other operators

Going to analyze the other operators it seems that however there are other generalized problems. Both TIM and Vodafone report some reports, albeit to a decidedly reduced extent compared to WindTre. In addition, the affected services appear to be quite diverse and include landline and mobile telephony.

The magnitude of the problem that is afflicting the telecommunications giant WindTre is not the only recent episode , given that a similar case had occurred in April 2020. On social media, in the meantime, the hashtag #windtredown with which users are trying to report the difficult situation to the company is depopulating.

Other cases of related downs

Some reports also concerned the well-known social platforms Instagram and Facebook, probably targeted due to the difficulties of connecting to the Internet. However, there does not seem to be any correlation between the downturn affecting the WindTre line and other web services such as social media.

windtre down internet
The map of the reports from where it is possible to see the diffusion throughout the national territory.

Instead, there could be problems with the lines of other virtual operators that rely on WindTre for the provision of their services. It could be the case of VeryMobile and PosteMobile, the latter affected by another down during today's morning.

Therefore, in the absence of official communications from the company, our advice is to be patient while waiting for a resolution. In addition, you can always consult the Down Detector website for new updates on the status of the malfunction.

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