Windows XP: possible leak of the operating system source code

Apparently, today the news of a possible leak , on the 4chan forum, of the source code of Windows XP has emerged, and it is already around the internet available for download via torrent and Mega .

From some reports by independent researchers, it has also emerged that the source code in question appears to be legitimate , but no confirmation (for now) has arrived from Microsoft or other official sources.

The thread on the 4chan forum remained open for a few hours, only to be closed but still available online.

Windows XP Source Code Leak: Possible Consequences

Windows XP with its iconic wallpaper, said to be the most viewed image in history, has just passed its 19th birthday. However, it has reached the end of its life now in the distant 2014: this implies the non-support from Microsoft. It hasn’t received new critical security and compatibility updates with the most modern hardware for years. Regardless, some users remain loyal and some estimates show that 1% of computers still have one of the most popular operating systems in history installed .

For these users in particular, the leak in question presents no immediate danger : it is quite unlikely that hackers will start investing their time to create new exploits targeting the old operating system, simply because there are not enough users to make it a financial target. attractive to the bad guys.

However, as Windows has evolved as a continuous series of updates on older versions over the past two decades, it is possible that researchers may find clues to possible attack vectors still present , or at least with similarities, in more modern versions of Windows including Windows 10.

One of the things that can be done, and that certainly intrigues most. it is the use by independent programmers of the source code in question to add support to the latest hardware and possibly derive custom distributions , along the lines of what has always been done with Linux.