Windows Sun Valley: is the version 11 of the Microsoft OS coming?

Code Name Sun Valley : Is Windows 11 Coming Soon ? Almost everyone is now convinced that the expected Microsoft event on June 24 will present the successor of the company's operating system. Several clues lead to think of a big change coming , including the update of the page dedicated to support policies for Windows 10 . For the 10 Home and Pro versions, in fact, a "retirement date" appeared a few days ago, scheduled for October 14, 2025.

Windows 11 or Sun Valley? Here's what we know

In addition to the end of support date indicated on the site, there are several other clues that point to a new generation of Windows operating system. Microsoft itself has released a YouTube video of Slo-fi remixes of the OS power-up sounds lasting exactly 11 minutes (the new Windows version number?). Before that, the company had posted a job advertisement requesting a figure for application development in Windows 10 and Sun Valley, which was changed a few hours later. The Windows Latest team, however, had already identified this detail and the news had spread quickly.

It is now certain that Microsoft will release an important update in the second half of the year , as anticipated by Satya Nadella himself during the Microsoft Build 2021 conference. "One of the most significant Windows updates ", also expressing his enthusiasm for the " next generation ".

We still don't know if Sun Valley is just the code name for the update or the next operating system. However, it is reasonable to think that it will certainly be the starting point for a big news , if not for the new generation of Windows. The halo of mystery that has built Microsoft in recent months and the clues found on the web only increase expectations for next week's conference.

Sun Valley: the expected news

A few days ago Windows Central reported the news expected with the Sun Valley update, its alleged name. In anticipation of the event on June 24, the site has previewed some of the most important changes of the next update. First of all, there will be a renewal of the graphical interface to make it more modern . Buttons, icons of menus and applications, interfaces and windows will see rounded corners, so as to make the system look more modern. At the same time, the information in the dialog boxes will become more direct and simple to facilitate the user experience. An important change, albeit always only graphics, will be the movement of the icons of the taskbar to the center of the component and no longer to the left side. The bar will be higher, this to facilitate the use of the touch in devices that support it. Important changes are also expected for the start menu, for which a new layout is planned.

Sources very close to Microsoft have provided interesting previews for the next update.
Sources very close to Microsoft have provided interesting previews for the next update.

In addition to the graphics sector, there will also be several updates for the features of the operating system . Many of these will focus on increasing productivity, for example by adding various widgets to quickly access news and updates. Among the most interesting, however, there is a feature for monitoring battery consumption: it seems that it will be possible to access detailed information on which apps consume the most in a certain amount of time. Windows will allow you to optimize consumption based on the data collected , hour by hour. A whole new dashboard is also coming to manage calendar tasks, emails, documents, ToDo's and the events of your network of contacts.

The updates will also involve tablets , for which a more modern and simple gesture layer is provided. Users will be able to manipulate open applications, windows and notifications with immediate and intuitive gestures. The long-awaited update is expected to arrive, according to rumors, for next fall. Will it be the beginning of the new generation of Microsoft operating systems? We'll find out (maybe) at next week's press conference.

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