Windows releases major update, Microsoft brings “Jarvis” for workers

Microsoft ended its Microsoft Surface launch event in the early hours of the morning. This conference not only includes hardware updates, but also many powerful software updates for Windows 11. The most important thing is, of course, that Microsoft used the latest version of image generation AI – DELL-E 3 for the first time.

After two years, Microsoft finally launched the new Surface Laptop Studio 2. Microsoft calls it "the most powerful Surface yet" because it comes with Intel's 13th generation i7 H-class processor, 4060 graphics card and 64 GB of RAM as standard. Surface Laptop Studio 2 is priced at US$1,999 and will be officially launched on October 3.

The second piece of hardware is Surface Laptop Go 3. Compared with the previous generation, Surface Laptop Go 3 is 88% faster and equipped with a 12.4-inch touch screen. It weighs about 1.2 kilograms, which is basically the same as the 13-inch MacBook Air. There are no eye-catching updates in other aspects. Surface Laptop Go 3 is priced at US$799 and will be officially released on October 3.

The two new Surface products are just the "dessert" before the meal. The "meal" of this conference is the major update of Windows 11 with the blessing of AI.

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Windows Copilot to the public, which is an AI tool integrated within the system. Although consumers have very strong interest in this feature, Windows Copilot is still in the testing stage. Finally, Microsoft announced at the press conference that Windows Copilot will officially meet consumers on September 26.

Microsoft plans to make Windows Copilot a system-level tool to provide a unified experience across different interfaces. Whether on the desktop, Edge or Outlook, Windows Copilot helps users seamlessly. Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi described it as "a handshake between users and technology."

At the same time, Microsoft has opened appropriate permissions for Windows Copilot, allowing it to extract data from users' calendars, mailboxes, and documents, and assist users in drafting text content such as emails. Microsoft did not explain in detail how to ensure the security of user privacy data after opening up permissions. It only mentioned in the press release that "Copilot will integrate the network environment in a unique way and put your privacy and security first."

As the largest shareholder of OpenAI, Microsoft naturally wants what OpenAI has. The day before, OpenAI just launched DALL-E 3 (OpenAI's latest version of image generation AI), and Microsoft couldn't wait to put it into its own Bing Chat. among. DALL-E 3 has enhanced picture fidelity compared to its predecessor. At the same time, in order to avoid infringement, DALL-3 cannot generate images of public figures, nor can it generate images in the style of living painters.

In addition to adding DALL-E 3, Microsoft has also further upgraded the capabilities of Bing Chat. Now Bing Chat can generate personalized answers based on the user's situation. How personal is it? For example, when a user seeks purchasing advice from Bing Chat, it will proactively ask the user about their specific needs and usage scenarios to provide more accurate advice.

The official announcement of the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot was the last part of Microsoft's press conference. Microsoft had already conducted a wave of publicity for it in July. Simply put, Microsoft 365 Copilot is like the workplace version of "Jarvis." Ability to assist users at every stage of their workflow. It can draw up an outline, automatically generate PPT, and even produce a SWOT analysis report based on Excel data.

Currently, about 600 companies have experienced the beta version of Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Microsoft said that "all those who have used it say it is good." Microsoft 365 Copilot will be officially launched to consumers on November 1. It should be noted that users need to pay a monthly subscription fee of US$30 (approximately RMB 220) to use all the functions of "Jarvis in the Workplace"

In fact, the reason for the high subscription fee of Microsoft 365 Copilot is not difficult to guess. In order to seize the opportunity in the AI ​​era, Microsoft not only invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, but also purchased Nvidia AI chips and developed its own AI chips. The expenses are not a small sum. And these expenses are eventually shared evenly among consumers.

At the end of the press conference, Microsoft emphasized the tool properties of Copilot and frankly stated that Copilot is currently easily affected by error messages, so it hopes users can actively check some content generated by Copilot.

"This type of experience helps reduce users' over-reliance on AI and treat it as a powerful tool rather than relying on it to do everything," said Sarah Bird, Microsoft's head of AI technology.

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