Windows 11: Microsoft releases the first beta version

The long awaited moment has finally come for many of us: Microsoft has released the first beta version of Windows 11 . The release takes place after the announcement of the new Windows update during the month of June 2021 (which followed a leak a few days earlier ) and the release of the first preview versions in the Dev channel, where we usually find the less stable releases of the system. operating.

The first beta version of Windows 11 is instead released through the Beta channel , where we find releases not yet finalized, but which are nevertheless certified by Microsoft and should guarantee a satisfactory user experience .

Among the novelties of Windows 11 we find the introduction of a new user interface with a new Start Menu revolutionized in Windows 10X style, centered taskbar, a new Explorer, new Microsoft Store, availability of Widgets, redesigned virtual desktops, support to Android apps (with perhaps native support on ARM processes), but not yet implemented in preview builds.

Microsoft also introduced the Snap Layout system that allows you to organize your windows by default pattern in the system and much rapidament and. During the presentation there was a lot of talk about the attention to detail that the developers have put into the new OS . Among these, there is also greater space for the integration of light and dark themes that will go perfectly with the new interface.

Windows 11
Windows 11

How to install the first beta version of Windows 11

The release in question is identified as Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 . For those currently in the Dev channel, Microsoft offers the ability to switch to the Beta channel without requiring a clean installation of the operating system (usually required). It is not well specified for how long this possibility will be made available, so it is recommended to hurry up for those who want to do so.

For those who are still stuck in Windows 10, they can decide to switch to the Build channel. But be careful, as the name suggests , beta builds are certified by Microsoft technicians to offer an acceptable user experience, but they are not 100 % stable . It is therefore not recommended to install it on your daily work system, since it is possible to encounter bugs not yet resolved, or compatibility problems with software or with device drivers and hardware peripherals.

If you are ready then, sign up for the Windows Insider program with your Microsoft account and then select the Beta channel. Once this is done, go to Windows Update installed related available updates and then force it to search for new updates. This will make the Windows 11 build in question available for download and installation.

The update will be available only for those who respect the minimum requirements of Windows 11 , which necessarily require (and unfortunately) TPM 2.0 and a CPU among the few compatible ones listed by Microsoft itself. The Redmond company stressed that it will not be possible to bypass the block due to incompatibility . For everyone else, Windows 10 will be supported with updates until 2025.

"Windows Group Policy will not allow you to bypass the hardware requirements required to install Windows 11. We will continue to block updating the device with unsupported status because we want to make sure that all devices remain supported and protected"

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