Windows 11 is officially released! The interface has changed a lot, Android apps can also run, and these heavy functions

Microsoft has been too exciting these days.

First, the Windows 11 preview image was leaked. Then Microsoft's market value broke through 2 trillion U.S. dollars, becoming the second US listed company to enter the 2 trillion club after Apple.

"Misfortune and good fortune depend on", Microsoft's mood is like a roller coaster. And this roller coaster drove to the next peak last night-the Windows 11 conference.

Although the press conference does not have Chinese subtitles, it is always stuck, and despite the distraction of the jewelry of the speaker, I have to admit that this is the most exciting press conference of Microsoft in recent years.

▲ Count how many kinds of jewelry he wears?

Brand-new design language, fully optimized touch experience, reborn store, direct running of Android applications, innovative game performance… It can be said that Windows 11 "killed crazy" this time.

Brand new design, how do you score?

Previously, when we experienced the Windows 11 preview version of the mirror, we have introduced its brand new design language in detail. Here is a brief review:

1. New logo, new wallpaper and new icon

The logo of Windows 11 has been changed to the word "Tian" of Founder. 5 sets of new wallpapers, all wonderful. Some icons are redrawn, such as recycle bins, various folders, etc.

2. A big change in the Dock

Windows 11 places the start menu and taskbar in the center, giving it a sense of sight of macOS.

The start menu has eliminated the tile design and replaced it with a software library.

Applications such as search and task view all adopt the style of a card, floating above the taskbar.

3. Extensive use of rounded rectangles and frosted glass effects

Windows 11 size windows and buttons all use rounded rectangular borders.

The frosted glass effect is used more. Especially in the dark mode, the sense of refinement of the system is doubled.

In an interview, Jobs once criticized Microsoft for "no taste". I don't know how he would comment on seeing the brand new Windows 11?

New features to unleash productivity

It's not good to look good, it has to be easy to use.

Windows 11 has introduced many new features around productivity.

1. Snap Groups

Users can integrate the applications they are using into a group. After these application windows are integrated, they can be minimized to the taskbar at the same time, or restored to the original layout with one click.

2. A better virtual desktop

Users can now create multiple desktops and customize settings such as wallpapers and theme colors to separate learning, work, and games.

3. More friendly to external displays

In Windows 11, when the computer is disconnected from the external monitor, the applications on the external monitor will automatically be minimized to the taskbar. When the two are connected again, the original appearance can be automatically restored.

4. Win version of FaceTime is here

During the epidemic, the demand for video calls has risen sharply. Microsoft integrated its own Microsoft Teams into the Windows 11 taskbar.

Click the icon of the application, and the frequently-used contacts will be displayed. You can use one-click video chat or create a video room.

Of course, you can also send information and various files. No matter what device the other party uses, as long as they download the Microsoft Teams app, they can connect in real time.

5. Widgets application, a bit familiar

In the taskbar of Windows 11, component applications have been added. After clicking it, a frosted glass card that occupies almost half of the screen will appear on the left side of the screen.

Users can customize the content of the components and sort them, and they need to log in to the Microsoft account to use.

6. Optimized split screen operation

Windows 11 windows provide a variety of arrangements, which are very convenient to operate. Just right-click the full-screen button, or move the cursor to its upper layer and pause for a while to trigger the split-screen mechanism.

The way of splitting the screen will be affected by the screen resolution. In other words, high-resolution screens can enjoy more split-screen modes.

Although Windows 11 has added a lot of features over the previous generation, it is 40% smaller in size. Microsoft also stated that this is the "most secure version of Windows to date."

Let the world have no hard-to-use Windows tablets

When experiencing the Windows 11 preview version of the mirror, we noticed that Microsoft attaches great importance to the tablet market.

Sure enough, at this conference, Microsoft used a lot of space to describe the progress of the Windows 11 touch experience.

1. Increased touch hot zone

Whether it is the Snap Group, or the redesigned icons or controls, the hot zone area for interaction has been increased, making it easier to click.

2. More gestures

Windows 11 introduced gesture actions for the Surface touchpad. Dragging the window, zooming in or out, and splitting the screen have all become easier.

In addition, the screen rotation is optimized, which can always ensure an excellent visual and interactive experience.

3. Better writing experience

When used with the stylus, there will be a series of vibration and sound feedback. It will be more realistic when drawing or writing.

4. It's time to say goodbye to the keyboard

Microsoft redesigned the virtual keyboard for Windows 11. The style and input method are more like a keyboard on a mobile phone.

Including sliding input, using the space bar to move the cursor, input Emoji expressions, etc.

In addition, voice input is optimized. The text converted by the system will automatically add punctuation, but it is currently unknown which languages ​​are supported.

Major changes to the store to run Android apps

Faster speed, more beautiful and easy to use, are the main features of the new Microsoft Store.

There are not only richer applications in the store, but also a new selection and collection list, including software programs, games, video shows, movies, etc.

More apps and services are joining the store, such as Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and Canva.

But the biggest highlight is that users can download and install Android apps from stores (including Amazon App Store).

Windows 11 uses Intel Bridge technology to allow Android applications to run directly on X86-based devices. (You can use Douyin to fish at work in the future).

However, we have no way of knowing more details of the technology at present, and Microsoft said that it will continue to disclose it in the future. This feature will go live later this year.

There is also a major change in the Microsoft Store, which is of greater significance to developers.

In order to provide creators and developers with more profitable opportunities, Microsoft said it will gradually reform its revenue sharing policy.

Developers can introduce their business model to the Microsoft Store and retain 100% of the revenue. Microsoft does not charge any fees. Of course, you can also follow the 85/15 revenue sharing model, that is, Microsoft takes 15%.

I cried into tears when I heard Windows Phone. Microsoft wakes up early and serves developers well. Perhaps it will be brilliant now.

Good news for game lovers

Games have always been the cornerstone of Windows. Windows 11 brings a series of cutting-edge gaming technologies, allowing the PC's hardware potential to be fully released.

1. Three major technology blessings

DirectX 12 Ultimate technology is designed to allow players to achieve a more immersive picture experience in high frame rate mode.

DirectStorage (direct storage) technology has been applied in Xbox Series S/X. Games can bypass the CPU and directly load into the GPU, thereby greatly improving the loading speed.

Auto HDR has become a native feature of Windows 11, providing a wider color gamut and more vivid colors than SDR.

2. Built-in XGP

The Xbox Games Pass game subscription service is directly built into Windows 11. Users can pay to activate and directly access the Xbox game library from the PC.

There are currently hundreds of selected 3A masterpieces in the Xbox store, which is indeed exciting for gamers.

When can it be updated?

Starting next week, Microsoft will provide an early preview version of Windows 11 through the Windows Insider channel.

The release date of the official version has not yet been determined, and Microsoft said rather vaguely-"later this year."

At that time, Windows 11 will provide free upgrades for eligible Windows 10 devices. Newly listed PCs will also be pre-installed directly.

It is worth noting that Windows 11 is the first system that Microsoft has abandoned 32-bit devices, and only 64-bit devices can be installed. However, it can be backward compatible with 32-bit applications.

The hard requirements of Windows 11 for devices can be seen in the figure below.


In the previous opening speech of the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) warmed up Windows 11, saying that this is one of the most important updates of Windows in the past ten years.

At this conference, Nadella said that Windows 11 marks the beginning of the next decade of Windows and is an important milestone in the history of Windows.

He did not exaggerate. The optimization and support for UI design, productivity, touch experience, game experience, revenue sharing, Android applications, etc. have given Windows a new life and vitality.

Faced with the menacing Windows 11, the Apple Store, which has been criticized for its excessively high rake, and the weak Android tablet market may be even more anxious.

No matter from which point of view, Windows 11 deserves applause. We will also share the experience with you immediately after upgrading the system.

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