Windows 11: first build leaked, here are some screenshots

Just over a week to go until the new Microsoft event, where "the new windows", Windows 11 , will be unveiled . In the score hours, however, the first screenshots of the new version of Windows began to circulate on the net first, and an alleged build later .

Both the screenshots and the build in question look real, so we can witness and try the new interface belonging to the restyling codenamed Sun Valley . And as many of us expected, it really looks a lot like Windows 10X!

The leak seems to be the work of BetaWorld , and concerns the Build number 21996.1. The build in question is part of the "Cobalt" branch, an internal Microsoft development branch.

windows 11

Windows 11: the main aesthetic differences

Looking at the screenshots, the first thing that catches your eye is the new Start menu. Completely renewed, both in the graphic style and in the layout, it takes its cue from the design that we find in Windows 10X. The complete list of all apps is accessible via the button at the top right, so we will have the suggested and / or favorite apps available in the foreground.

The taskbar is now centered , and we find new icons for Windows Search as well as for File Explorer. Rounded edges for application windows are also confirmed.

windows 11

According to some rumors, Microsoft may be delivering parts of Windows 11 via Feature Experience Pack, a mechanism currently used by Microsoft to provide OS components and apps that can be upgraded regardless of the base OS.

In addition, Microsoft is also expected to revolutionize the app store, making it an integral part of Windows 11. It is currently a separate Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Microsoft will likely make Windows 11 available to OEM partners as early as this month or next, and then publicly release it to us users starting this fall .

Under current plans, Microsoft is expected to support Windows 10 until 2025, and offer the upgrade to Windows 11 for free for those who already have Windows 10 installed on their PC.

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