Windows 11 Early Access: In addition to the design of “Fruit Fruity”, we also found these details

Yesterday, when we were still immersed in the happiness of "speaking and speaking", Microsoft encountered a bad thing:

The next-generation Windows conference will be held soon, but the Windows 11 preview image has been leaked ahead of time.

This is busy with Microsoft's public relations. Its official Windows account tweeted urgently overnight, saying, "This is just the beginning, and the good show has to wait for the press conference on the 24th." It smells like "I'm so angry, but I still have to keep smiling."

Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked. When Microsoft was in desperation, I had already downloaded the Windows 11 preview image and started to experience it happily.

The version number of this experience is OS build 21996.1, and the name in the system interface is "Window 11 Pro". Note that this version is not the official version of Windows 11. According to the source @Zac Bowden, more UI updates can only be seen on the official version.

After a day of experience, we found these interesting changes from the Windows 11 preview image.

1. New logo, new wallpaper, new icon

The logo of Windows 10 has a strong sense of perspective, but Windows 11 canceled this design and replaced it with the square character "Tian", which is the same as the logo of its own Suface computer.

The official wallpaper that comes with Window 11 is pretty good-looking. The landscape painting is very fresh, the color saturation is not so high, and it feels like Morandi. The other pieces are more artistic, and they are probably all real shots.

In the color setting, you can select the theme color of the system. The dark mode of Window 11 is beautifully done, with bright levels and advanced colors, which should become a favorite of many users.

Perhaps to match the Founder’s logo, the icon of the recycle bin was replaced with a frontal perspective. In addition, the image, music, video and other icons in the file manager and the icons in the setting center have been redesigned, and the spacing has been adjusted to make the vision clearer.

2. The task bar of "Guoli Guoqi"

The start menu and taskbar of Windows 11 are placed in the center by default, and this change seems "fruitful".

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can also manually change it to the left. With the frosted glass effect, it looks like a refined version of Windows 10.

By default, there are five permanent icons in the taskbar. On the right side of the start menu are search, multitasking view, new components (Widgets), file manager and Edge browser.

Among them, the functions contained in the search bar have not changed, but the layout has been changed, and it is suspended above the task bar in the form of a card.

The multi-tasking view, the new desktop function is more conspicuous, other changes are not big. Not to mention the file manager and Edge browser, there is nothing new.

The most notable is the new components (Widgets). After clicking it, a card that occupies half of the screen will appear on the left side of the screen, which looks and functions familiar. The default widgets include finance, NBA, hot news, etc.

It should be noted that this feature can be used only after logging in to a Microsoft account. In the personalized settings, you can add your own areas of interest and media accounts. It looks a lot like today's headlines.

3. The start menu has changed a lot

To be honest, I have always disliked the tile design of previous generations of Windows, and the changes in Windows 11 are just what I want.

Click the start menu and you will find that the tile design has completely disappeared. From top to bottom are software library, suggestions, personal accounts, and switch options.

In the upper software library, you can manually add and hide commonly used software, change the order of the software, and swipe up and down to turn pages.

Click "All Software" in the upper right corner, you can see all the software in alphabetical order. Click on a letter to quickly jump to the alphabet for easy search.

The suggestion column is to recommend applications or programs that you may currently use based on your usage habits. Click "More" to see the recently added files and other resources.

4. Enhance the ease of use of the tablet

You will find that the form of two-in-one PC and tablet laptops has become less and less in the past two years.

This is a pity, the two-in-one itself is a good form, but the poor touch experience of the Windows system pulls its hind legs, making this type of product seem a bit tasteless.

Therefore, enhancing the ease of use of the Windows system on tablet products is a very important task for Microsoft. We can see many improvements related to this on Windows 11.

Microsoft is very confident. In the notification center of Windows 11, the "tablet mode" has been removed. This means that in the "normal mode", you can enjoy an excellent touch experience.

First look at the changes in split-screen operation. Windows 11 windows provide a variety of arrangements, which are very convenient to operate. Just right-click the full-screen button, or move the cursor to its upper layer and pause for a while to trigger the split-screen mechanism.

This is undoubtedly a good change for the multi-tasking operation of the tablet.

Secondly, the gesture operation of Windows 11 is richer. If you swipe in from the left, you can call out the Widgets page. The hot zone for control interaction is larger, which is convenient for tapping operations.

In addition, "Ink Space" has also been optimized. Users can customize its menu, such as adding frequently used programs. Stylus users should be happy to see this change.

5. Other small details

In addition to the more obvious changes mentioned above, Windows 11 has many subtle changes.

The first point is the large number of applications of rounded corners. Both the large and small windows and buttons use rounded rectangular borders.

Second, there are more application scenarios for the frosted glass effect. The newly added component functions, status bar, and various cards all use the frosted glass effect, which makes the system look younger. Especially in the dark mode, the sense of fashion is doubled.

Third, the shadow effect of the window is more obvious. This makes the hierarchical relationship of the interface clearer, which is a beautiful and practical change.

Fourth, many light and dynamic effects have been added. Including transitions, zoom in and zoom out, etc., it is visually gorgeous and the experience is very smooth.

Fifth, the new sound effects are very pleasing, softer and gentler than Windows 10, with a slightly slower rhythm.

Sixth, the upgrade coverage is wide. When we installed the new system, we used the Windows 10 key.

According to foreign media XDA reports, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 product keys can also be registered with Windows 11. This means that Windows 11 will at least allow users of Windows 7 and newer systems to upgrade for free.

6. Upgrade Notes

As mentioned above, the system leaked this time is a Windows 11 preview image. Therefore, the above new features do not represent all the features of Windows 11. More information needs to be announced at the press conference on the 24th of this month, and APPSO will bring you a summary of the press conference as soon as possible.

As a preview version of the mirror, the system stability of this experience is not bad. In the past day's experience, we did not encounter problems such as crashes, freezes, and crashes. WeChat, QQ, WPS and other software can also be used normally.

The biggest problem lies in the inability to install and input Chinese normally. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the main engine after the official version is released. If you can't wait to experience the new system, you can consider installing it in a virtual machine.

7. Summary

At the beginning of the release of Windows 10, Microsoft executives made it clear that "Windows 10 will be the last major version of Windows."

The arrival of Windows 11 makes this sentence seem similar to the physicist William Thomson's "Physics Building has been completed, only some retouching work is left."

However, according to the image of the Windows 11 preview version, Windows 11 does not have very heavy new features over the previous generation, mainly the optimization of design and layout. Low EQ is like downloading an exquisite theme for Windows 10.

In addition, many pages and icons still use the design of the past, which looks like a "hodgepodge". It can be said "upgraded, but not fully upgraded."

▲ Picture from: Sugar Paper Fan Group

But more important than visual freshness, may be the progress of the touch experience. The optimization of Windows 11 for touch screen operation has improved the dilemma of Windows tablets. We have reason to believe that two-in-one electronic products will gradually pick up, and the tablet market may usher in a new round of competition.

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