Windows 11: after the public event, here are the latest news

Finally, after a long wait, Windows 11 was presented to the public with an event that unveiled all the latest (many) news , after the leaked preview images. It begins with the release date in November, when all Microsoft customers with a Windows 10 operating system will be able to request a free upgrade to the new version.

Of course there are hardware compatibility requirements (especially for older computers) that must be respected . Furthermore, the tool to understand if the new operating system is compatible with our machine is already available on the Microsoft website . In any case, we start from more restrictive requirements than the old Windows 10: while for the processors there is a wide compatibility (minimum 1 GHz with 2 cores), the requests for RAM and HDD rise (respectively 4 GB and 64 GB ). But let's see together, after the presentation event, what will be the strengths and news of Windows 11.

Windows 11 and the new UI

As we had already anticipated, the new user interface , codenamed Sun Valley, is inspired by the previous Windows 10X project that has never seen the light. The Start menu for the first time goes to the center of the screen with semi-transparent content for many UI objects . The edges are rounded both in the context menus and in the windows when they are not maximized, greatly adapting the impact with the user through a more fluid and dynamic interaction.

Microsoft has also introduced the Snap Layout system which allows you to organize windows using predefined patterns in the system and very quickly . During the presentation there was a lot of talk about the attention to detail that the developers have put into the new OS. Among these, there is also greater space for the integration of light and dark themes that will go perfectly with the new interface.

The new UI designed by Microsoft for Windows 11: the Start menu moves to the center like the other icons, the edges are rounded and the windows semi transparent. (Source: Microsoft).

Android app on Windows 11?

Among the most striking innovations there is certainly the use of Android applications even on Windows 11 , so much so that for the ARM processors that will run the OS there is the possibility that the apps work natively. Instead, for all other processors their execution will be guaranteed by Intel Bridge technology. A revolution that winks at the mobile world where, moreover, the Redmond house had not managed to land with its Windows Mobile.

The Android applications will be downloadable directly from the Microsoft store and can be used freely on the desktop of the new Windows 11. Furthermore, multiple applications can be run simultaneously and can also be kept in the taskbar. The applications will in fact be those of the Amazon Store, a partnership that can give us interesting news in the future.

With Game Pass Windows 11 favors the full integration of the Xbox platform by incorporating all the related improvements and technologies developed in recent years. (Source: Microsoft)

Software management and full Xbox integration

Also changes the way in which developers will be able to approach Windows 11. From this version, in fact, the Microsoft store becomes completely free and all the proceeds from applications will be left to software producers .

Still on the subject of software, as a continuation of the pandemic, Microsoft has announced the integration of Teams as part of the operating system to facilitate remote communication. It remains to be seen whether this permanent presence will also lead to the definitive transition from the now antiquated Skype.

Last aspect, the game, with the Xbox platform that is the host in the new OS. New features such as auto HDR, to improve visual performance, and DirectStorage, which guarantees greater speed and fluidity of the game, will be the strengths of Xbox. Alongside these, the presence of GamePass, the subscription to a large catalog of selected games . Finally, the inclusion of other technologies specific to the platform and developed over the years.

In conclusion, we just have to wait for the long-awaited release of version 11 of the Windows operating system, hoping that alongside all these intriguing news it will also bring greater performance and great speed.

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