Will the MagSafe external battery that has been “ridiculed by the group” be the next AirPods?

"Sense of technology" is a very imaginary adjective.

What kind of product is a product with a sense of technology? Have a faster running speed, longer battery life, or more cool decorative lights?

In Jobs's view, technological induction should be "simple."

Jobs once said in an interview with The New York Times: "Apple's core advantage is to know how to make complex high-tech understandable to the general public. As technology becomes more complex, this becomes more and more important."

You will find that each of Apple's successful products has a common feature-ease of use.

Take AirPods as an example. Open the lid and automatically connect to the phone, take off the music and automatically pause the music, and put it in the box to automatically recharge the battery. Even if you have never touched a Bluetooth headset, you can learn it right after you get started.

AirPods simplifies the cumbersome operations such as pairing and control, making the convenient performance of wireless headphones comparable to or even surpassing wired headphones, and successfully "cut" the audio cable of the headphones.

So, the MagSafe external battery that also wants to cut off the mobile phone charging cable (hereinafter referred to as the MagSafe battery) can make users shout "true fragrance"?

Those who were ridiculed by the group seemed to be the fate of Apple's new products

In September 2016, AirPods, which debuted with the iPhone 7, became the biggest "slot" on the night of Apple's press conference.

People don’t understand why they don’t use EarPods, but choose an AirPods that looks the same, sounds the same, needs charging, is easy to lose, and is also very expensive.

The sound quality is mediocre and the battery life is mediocre. These are the real shortcomings of AirPods.

However, no one expected that AirPods ushered in a counterattack two years after its release, and the explosion of true wireless headphones even reshuffled the headset circle that only focuses on "sound quality".

And this month, the MagSafe battery, which was quietly put on the Apple Store, is experiencing the same "Tucao storm" as AirPods.

Compared with the same type of wireless power bank, the capacity of the MagSafe external battery is too small, and it can only charge about 60% of the power of the iPhone 12 at a time. If you are an iPhone 12 Pro Max user, the charge will be less.

Compared with the charging treasure of Zhenger Bajing, the charging speed of the MagSafe battery is too slow, and the 5W wireless charging rate makes people unable to find the hope of being fully charged.

If you think of MagSafe battery as an ordinary power bank, then it will most likely disappoint you.

Too small, too slow, and too expensive. It can be said that the MagSafe battery is not dry at all when it comes to power banks.

It has only one advantage-easy to use.

Through MagSafe's magnetic connection, the MagSafe battery, like the previously launched chargers and other accessories, can be attached to the iPhone with a click and start charging immediately.

If you want to check its battery level, you don't need to turn your head to find the indicator light, the battery widget on the desktop will show it.

When the battery needs to be charged, connect the Lightning data cable, and it becomes a wireless charging pad, which can charge the iPhone while recharging itself (when the iPhone’s power reaches 80%).

And when you put the AirPods on it, it can also return blood to the headset. It can be said that the MagSafe battery is actually a portable wireless charging pad.

The ease of use of the MagSafe battery is not only reflected in the user experience, but also in its design.

The inner side of the MagSafe battery uses a more frictional silicone material. Whether it is as large as the iPhone 12 Pro Max or as small as the iPhone 12 mini, it can be firmly attached to the back of the phone, and it is not easy to slide when holding it.

And if you are an iPhone 12 mini user, you will find that the battery is exactly the same size as the frame of the phone, and the grip is very integrated.

When the battery is covered, the Apple logo on the front of the MagSafe battery happens to be in the same position as the centered logo of the iPhone.

At this time, you put it together with the smart battery case of the iPhone 11 series, and it seems that there is only one protective cover between the two.

Yes, the MagSafe battery is not a wireless power bank, but a "smart battery case" belonging to the iPhone 12.

A more technological “smart shell''

▲ The left is the iPhone XS model, and the right is the iPhone 6S model

In 2015, Apple launched a battery case for iPhone 6S users who are very concerned about battery life.

Users who like the battery case think it is simply the savior of small batteries, while users who hate the battery case think its design and weight are a nightmare.

The battery case is connected to the iPhone through the Lighting interface at the lower end. During use, the iPhone will give priority to using the battery case's power and then use its own battery, while the charging logic is just the opposite.

The battery cases of the iPhone XS series and iPhone 11 series have the same capacity, and both can provide 50% extra power to the iPhone, but there is a problem. The two generations of battery cases are not universal.

In other words, when you upgrade from the iPhone XS to the iPhone 11 Pro, you will find that the battery case that you bought for 1,000 yuan last year can only be eaten in the drawer.

If you want to continue to get extra power, you have to spend another 1,000 yuan to buy a new shell.

Weight has always been a disadvantage of battery cases.

The weight of the bare shell of 99g and the iPhone of about 180g puts the pressure on the wrist greater than ever, and the battery has been put on the back of the phone, which also means that you have to bear it all the time.

The MagSafe battery, which is almost the same in weight and capacity, sounds like a good solution: "stick" as you use it, so the phone doesn't have to be bloated all the time.

And when you change iPhone, MagSafe battery can also be used on another iPhone.

The battery case does not kill the wired power bank. When we need emergency charging, a wired power bank with more power and faster charging is still the first choice.

As the successor to the battery case, the MagSafe battery has not been able to achieve this feat, but it will at least expand the power and achieve it with a more technological sense.

When the MagSafe battery is attached to the iPhone, the inductive coupling generated by the two coils is a more technologically sensitive "power cord".

Do you need a MagSafe external battery?

If you are wondering whether you need to buy a MagSafe external battery, you might as well think from another angle. Do you need a battery case?

The battery case does not make you get rid of battery life anxiety, but provides a more personal charging experience, allowing you to stay away from the charging line a little bit, provided that you need to endure its weight gain.

The MagSafe battery makes you a little farther away from the charging cable. The "click it" wireless charging replaces the plug-in charging head, making the habitual operation of charging easier day after day.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about how long its 5W charging power can fill your phone. The meaning of MagSafe is to let you forget about charging and concentrate on using this "extra" battery.

Unlike AirPods, which pioneered the market, before the MagSafe battery was released, many third-party accessory manufacturers had produced magnetic charging treasures for the iPhone 12 series.

Compared with MagSafe batteries, third-party accessories have a lot less Apple ecological linkage experience such as iPhone reverse charging. This is the "moat" of Apple's official accessories, but this "moat" is not deep enough for Apple.

When you use the MagSafe battery, you cannot use the MagSafe charger. You must use the Lightning interface to charge both. You still cannot get rid of the wired interface.

If Apple can allow MagSafe chargers to charge MagSafe batteries and iPhones at the same time (heat dissipation warning), and truly achieve wireless, it may be able to make more consumers shout "true fragrance."

Higher, higher.

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