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"The Beginning", the first hit drama in 2022, and countless audiences are willing to be tap water, and Douban scored 8.2.

It made the famous song "Canon" become another "Divine Comedy" after "Little White Boat"; it also made countless bus passengers shiver when they saw the red bag with a pressure cooker; because the bus seat in this drama is even more There are different seat names such as the first brother seat, the asthma seat, the medicine aunt seat, and the knife seat.

Of course, there is also controversy beyond the heat. The rhythm issue at the beginning of the episode, whether the recurring theme belongs to the infinite stream, and some of the characters being too rigid have also become the shortcomings of the audience's criticism. It's just that in a piece of praise, such criticism was refuted by fans of the series, and critics were even more rebellious – what? Can't you say bad?

In the eyes of some fans, it really can't be. Some people in the circle of friends shouted ahead of schedule, and the "cutting leek method" that was scolded in the past has become a service that audiences are begging for Tencent Video to go online soon. The enthusiasm for anticipation and discussion of the episode has also reignited discussions about whether spoilers are justified.

Since Talk is cheap, Show me the Talllk, let's talk about the TV series "The Beginning".

Li Chaofan, deputy editor-in-chief of Aifaner:

When I saw that "The Beginning" was used by various Amway on social media, I didn't quite understand it. After all, there have been too many classic works in Hollywood with similar looping plots, and the setting of falling into the explosion cycle of public transportation is even more inconsistent "Source Code" is highly similar.

Unexpectedly, after a few episodes, this domestic drama has given some surprising places, and began to push the plot from the perspective of passengers, nesting the sensitive issues of revenge on society in recent years into a high-concept setting, not just Suspense films full of the protagonist's halo, such "old bottled new wine" might as well be more.

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

I read the original book "The Beginning" before, and recently I watched TV commentary on some video sites.

The original novel gave me the feeling that it was smooth and concise. The murderer was in the car, and there were only a few people in the car, and then they kept on trial and error.

Under this big setting, there are a lot of exquisite settings to break the inertia and intuition, such as "every time you wake up, it is not farther and farther from the explosion site, but the cycle time is getting earlier and earlier", think a little more One step adds interest to reading.

What I most want to know is not the identity of the murderer, but how they can prevent the explosion after finding out the murderer in this narrow space, and what is the root cause of the cycle.

The solution given by the author of the former question is very good, but the latter question has no explanation. It is probably that there is no cycle when the obsession is let go, which is a little regrettable.

Judging from the comments of netizens, the TV series portrays small characters well, and I also expect it to give a more convincing explanation to the cycle.

▲ The exploding bus. Picture from: "Beginning"

Unlimited stream lover Ya Ling:

Look, I quite like it myself. While I've read a lot of Infinite Stream novels, I haven't read The Beginnings before. Recently, this book has topped Jinjiang's VIP Gold List, and its popularity is like no other. But I watched the TV series first, and I plan to finish the novel after watching the TV series. After all, the two are actually not the same.

There are only a dozen episodes at the beginning, which is pretty good for me who is used to the fast pace. Although I have also seen some people say that it is procrastinating, but for me it is really not procrastinating. The rhythm of domestic dramas is really satisfying.

Because I like this kind of subject matter, I know that Xiaobai paid attention to it when he played it, but I didn't dare to watch it. I was very afraid that Chinese screenwriters could not make this kind of subject well. When someone around the eighth episode recommended me, I watched it and caught up to eight episodes in one day. The story can be told clearly, there are not many bugs, the characters can stand up, and the portrayal of some of the supporting characters is also very good, some of which make people cry.

It feels like this kind of subject matter has not been photographed much in China, so it is quite new. Overall, it exceeded my expectations, and the atmosphere in which everyone discussed the drama together made people feel the urge to chase the drama.

Science fiction suspense lover Yi:

I've seen it all, but the TV series is not over yet. I'm not sure how it is overall. There are still some bugs in the novel. I feel that the TV series has been improved very well, and some bugs in the novel can be avoided. There will be some bugs in the novel. For example, from the standpoint of this character, we think that they should not do this. In the novel, the uncle who sells melons and the two-dimensional people who love anime have some behaviors that I don't quite understand.

This drama is very "windy", and many people have commented on it. I think it is quite compact, and now I don't think there is any useless bedding. The TV series is intuitive and the casting is good.

In terms of novels, as a sci-fi online novel, it is a good thing to have brain holes. As long as you dare to think and shoot, and do not deviate from the real track, it is a good science fiction, and the reason is acceptable.

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

"The Beginning" should not be an infinite stream, at least not the original. I understand Infinite Streams are worlds with different backgrounds and settings, and there may be a thread that ties them all together. The Beginning is more of a quest to accomplish a definite mission, in which a small world is constantly stuck in a time loop.

In fact, I am looking forward to the visual adaptation of Infinite Stream novels, but I feel that the cost is huge. After all, a set of scenes cannot be solidified, and a different world view needs to be presented.

Unlimited stream lover Ya Ling:

I didn't think this was an infinite flow before, it just felt like a kind of loop. However, I have seen popular science on the Internet saying that reincarnation time and space is also a kind of infinite flow… It's just that there are many themes of reincarnation time and space.

I have read some well-known infinite-flow novels in China, such as Doomsday Paradise and Death Kaleidoscope. Compared with the infinite flow of novels I have read, the story of "The Beginning" is very simple, but perhaps because of its simplicity, it is easier to shoot and easy to accept.

But most of the infinite stream novels I read should be very difficult to shoot. They will travel between different worlds, not only shooting the real society, but also shooting the protagonist into some very fantasy worlds. Many infinite stream protagonists will have some special abilities or props, which are more malleable and have various wonderful settings. I think this is the "infinite" stream.

I heard that the original work of the beginning is very simple, not so attractive to me. But if it is made into a TV series, it will add a lot of details. It is not the infinite flow that I know, but it still has merit.

▲ "Kaleidoscope of Death" has many derivative clips at station B

Science fiction suspense lover Yi:

I don't think the beginning can be called a completely infinite flow, it can be called a cyclic flow or reincarnation.

The concept of unlimited streaming is too broad, and I feel that other countries have taken more shots.

Li Chaofan, deputy editor-in-chief of Aifaner:

Speaking of domestic sci-fi, it is the special effects of fifty cents. After a glimpse of "The Wandering Earth", it seems that nothing has changed, but compared with Hollywood, domestic sci-fi is not only at the level of the film industry, but also at the level of drama. This "Beginning" is a good attempt at domestic soft sci-fi. Even if the special effects level is not good, it does not mean that a good sci-fi work cannot be made.

But the soft sci-fi work that amazes me the most is "This Man From Earth". The plot is a group of people chatting in a room. The cost is only ten thousand dollars, but I feel as if I have traveled for tens of thousands of years, and I can actually play in a single-act drama. It attracted me to watch the whole movie.

Ai Faner editor Zhang Chengchen:

It seems that it is difficult to absolutely distinguish between soft and hard science fiction. I think the difference lies in whether science and technology and the laws of physics are strong. Humanistic care and imagination should be common to both.

"The Beginning" is to express the relationship between people under the setting of time loop. It should be regarded as a popular soft science fiction work, but it also depends on whether the cycle of science fiction factor can be well rounded. But the judgment of "start" is a bit arbitrary. Does it count as "start" if it has a sci-fi setting and public discussion? It also can't afford a sci-fi genre.

I look forward to more kinds of domestic sci-fi works, including the sea of ​​stars, artificial intelligence, and apocalyptic imagination, both large-scale and small-cost. In fact, there are many excellent works in science fiction, but it is very difficult to make solid film and television adaptations, and we are still waiting.

Unlimited stream lover Ya Ling:

I don't think so, because I heard about a movie called "Tannao" before, which is also an infinite streaming theme. But he doesn't start talking about the real world, it's more brain-intensive, and the accident setting is more fantastical. However, the beginning may be the first film that has truly entered the public eye, which is regarded as a film and television with an infinite stream of subjects.

▲ "The Beginning" promotional poster

Science fiction suspense lover Yi:

It's really hard for me to say if this is the beginning. Just like the theme of Bawang Yuji, everyone thought it was the beginning, but later found that it was the peak. I'm afraid that too many people will randomly shoot some mindless because they think sci-fi works are easy to fire, and there are few screenwriters with brains now…

Don't talk about science fiction, I can vomit when I watch a romance movie. So I think if you really want to break through or innovate, you must have a certain strength. First of all, there must be a very reasonable script. Now most of the scripts of TV dramas are adapted from novels. I can understand it very well. It may be that the screenwriters really can't write good scripts. This requires a certain brain hole, hard and soft science fiction is the same, good film and television works need good scripts, good actors, and good directors.

There are really too many examples. If you have a good script, don't change it. You think it's not sci-fi enough to attract attention, and the change is outrageous? Chinese people can't accept the existence of too outrageous at present, because our science fiction started too late, most people have no concept of science fiction, nor can they accept it. It may be feasible in other countries, but I think it is more important to adapt to the habits and appetites of Chinese people.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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