Will the arrival of Google Store bring new thinking to offline retail?

When it comes to offline stores of mobile phone manufacturers, what do you think of?

Apple Store? Mi Home? Or OPPO's super flagship store?

Since Xiaomi's great online success and the rapid rise of e-commerce platforms, various manufacturers have been "beating" online. However, according to the Sino report, despite the decline in the impact of the epidemic, the offline market still accounts for 65% of China's smartphone market shipments in 2020.

This shows that the offline market is the "top priority" for shipments.

▲Apple Store, picture from: Engadget

Looking overseas, Google also understands this truth.

On May 20th, Google announced that they will open Google’s first physical retail store in one of the world’s largest cities: New York. According to Google, this Google Store in Chelsea will be a space for customers to better experience Google's hardware and services.

The store will open to the public this summer.

In this Google Store, you can experience all the Google products they are interested in, such as Pixel, Fitbit, or Pixelbook.

You can even place an order in Google’s online store and pick up the goods again here. (Waiting for express delivery is the most uncomfortable)

▲Google Pixel 5, picture from: Jioforme

Although you need to go there in person, compared to online shopping, offline shopping still has its advantages.

First of all, you can have an actual hands-on experience before buying this product. You don't need to refer to too many reviews or experience sharing on the Internet. In fact, after you get it, you will have a certain understanding of the product in your hand.

Secondly, you can enjoy more comprehensive services offline. Take the Google Store as an example. Google will arrange special personnel to help customers fully experience the product, or to solve problems, repair products, and so on. It is undoubtedly very convenient to solve the needs of users in a one-stop shop.

However, choosing to open an offline store at this point in time is still facing great challenges. Google needs to do its best in the prevention and control of the epidemic. After all, the safety of customers and staff is the most important.

▲Picture from: NBC News

However, I think that this Google Store’s offline store should be just the first step in Google’s offline retail road. For Google, which has devoted a lot of effort in the field of artificial intelligence, an unmanned retail store full of modern technology may be Is its ultimate goal.

When the real "smart retail" emerges, perhaps it will subvert our perception of existing retail stores.

In the future, what kind of answers will Google bring us? let us wait and see.

The picture comes from: Google

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